Greene County Sheriff Sale Listing
7/19/2019 2:25:28 PM Last updated: Choose Sheriff Sale Date:
Case No.Case ParticipantsAttorneyProperty AddressJudgmentStatus
ED-34-2019 AD-838-2018Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Carl Brown a/k/a Carl Scott Brown a/k/a Scott Brown a/k/a Carl L. Brown, in His Capacity as Heir of Mildred L. Minor a/k/a Mildred Lorraine Minor a/k/a Mildred Lorraine Brown Minor, Deceased Timothy B
Phelan Hallinan Diamond & Jones
239 2nd Street
Mather, PA 15346
Morgan Township
UPI#: 17/11/355
( 8/23/2019 )
ED-59-2018 AD-725-2015Citimortgage Inc.
Romanakis, Paul M
Powers, Kern & Associates, LLC
389 Locust Drive
Waynesburg, PA 15370
Washington Township
UPI#: 24-05-144-B
$126,184.06Active (P)
ED-14-2018 AD-642-2016Kondaur Capital Corporation as Separate Trustee of Matawin Ventures Series 2015-1
Smith, Samuel D
240 2nd Street
Mather, PA 15346
Morgan Township
UPI#: 17-11-312
$106,098.42Active (P)
ED-3-2019 AD-277-2016U.S. Bank National Association, (Trustee for the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, pursuant to a Trust Indenture dated as of April 1, 1082)
Van Divner, Ralph
Vitti Law Group Incorporated
265 Ferncliff Rd.
Rices Landing, PA 15357
Jefferson Township
UPI#: 15-02-134C
$190,504.10Active (P)