The Greene Gazette E-Newsletter for November 2017 from the Greene County Board of Commissioners, Greene County, Pennsylvania

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GREENE COUNTY, PA — Thursday, November 30, 2017

Greene County Commissioners
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County Office Building, 3rd Floor
93 East High Street
Waynesburg, PA 15370

For Immediate Release
Ruth Thornberg, Webmaster

Compiled by Kelli Rishell
Administrative Assistant &
Ruth Thornberg, Webmaster

Edited by JoAnne Marshall
Communications Director

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Happy Holidays

Christmas Day Holiday schedule

FMI, call HR at x200.

Christmas Holiday schedule

FMI, call 1-877-360-7433

Choose Joy for the holidays

December 9

A Community Christmas Celebration

FMI, call Dawn at 724-499-5487.

FMI, call 724-319-2043

FMI, call GCTPA at 724-627-TOUR

2017-2018 Skate & Dance

FMI, call Department of Receation
at 724-852-5323

New Years Day Holiday schedule

FMI, call HR at x200.

New Years Day Holiday schedule

FMI, call 1-877-360-7433

"Words of Wisdom"

Reminder: Personal heat-producing equipment is prohibited in/on County property.
Make sure flammable items such as boxes and papers are not in contact with Radiators and other County heating devices.
Don’t overload outlets. Discard damaged cords. Don’t run cords across areas where people walk.

"Don't Be Stupid"

Holiday, driving and drinking.
Have a designated driver if you drink, and drive defensively if you don't!

"Word to the Wise"
Black Walnut Risks in Horse Pastures

Always remove moldy walnuts from pastures and other horse areas, because the nuts may contain a fungal toxin.
Read more HERE

Washington EAP Services
(1,211 KB)

Greene County Tourist Promotion Agency

Visitors Guide

2017 Official Visitors Guides. This full-color, 35-page guide features events, attractions, and photos of your friends and neighbors! To request a copy, call 724-627-8687 or e-mail tourism.

New Greene County Gifts:
The Greene County Tourism office acquired new merchandise for purchase.
— A pink, green or gray t-shirt featuring the names of locations that form the letters of "GREENE" designed and produced by Direct Results.
— A Carmichaels Covered Bridge Crock designed by Colleen Nelson and Adamson Pottery also joins the selection.
— To purchase your Greene County Gift, stop by the office at 19 S. Washington Street, Waynesburg or purchase online at

American Education Week

The Greene County Commissioners proclaimed the week of Nov. 13-17, 2017 as American Education Week. The proclamation recognizes public schools as the backbone of our democracy as they provide young people with the tools they need to maintain our nation's precious values of freedom, civility and equality.

Public schools equip young Americans with both practical skills and broader intellectual abilities that give them hope for, and access to, a productive future. Furthermore, schools are community linchpins, bringing together adults and children, educators and volunteers, business leaders and elected officials in a common enterprise.

The proclamation also recognizes the education employees that work tirelessly to serve our children and communities with care and professionalism. Education employees include teachers, custodians, bus drivers and librarians.

"Public education is important, especially in Greene County," said Missy Brant, Central Greene School District teacher and Central Greene Education Association president. "On behalf of all education providers in Greene County, we thank you for your support of public education."

Pictured, from l. to r., are Commissioner Dave Coder; Commissioner Archie Trader; Missy Brant, CGSD teacher and CGEA president; and Commissioner Blair Zimmerman.

Ribbon-cutting for PA CareerLink Greene County - new location

CareerLink Greene County has relocated to 200 Greene Plaza in Waynesburg. In celebration of the move, they hosted a grand opening celebration with a ribbon cutting on Tuesday, October 31.

The PA CareerLink is a one-stop job center that provides an array of employment and training services in a convenient, easily accessible location.

Services include job counseling, testing and assessment; resume preparation assistance, interview training and other pre-job guidance services; job matching and referral; unemployment insurance and job registration; labor market and career information; information on financial aid for education and training; and referral for job training, transportation, child care, personal and financial counseling, health care and other human services resources in the community.

Blue Knights present check
November 14, the Blue Knights' Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club Chapter 16 in Greene County presented a check for $1,200 to the Greene County Children & Youth Services Foster Parent Program for their annual Christmas skating party for the children in the program.

The money was part of the proceeds from their 14th annual Blue Ride that is sponsored by the Blue Knights chapter Pennsylvania XVI and the Blue Lodge # 164 of the F&AM. In the 14 years that the ride has gone on the Blue Knights have donated more than $460,000.00 to local charities in southwestern Pennsylvania.

The Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Inc. is a non-profit fraternal organization consisting of active and retired Law Enforcement Officers who enjoy riding motorcycles. There are more than 640 Blue Knight Chapters with approximately 20,000 members in 26 counties throughout Pennsylvania (PA Chapter XVI).

Participating in the check presentation, pictured l. to r., p: Stacey Courtwright, MSW Director with Greene County CYS, Fran Suppok, Blue Nights secretary/treasurer; Pat Lemley, CYS Advisory Board president; Commissioner Archie Trader, and Dave Richards, Blue Ride Chairman.

Annual Veterans' Recognition Ceremony

The Harveys-Aleppo Grange held this annual Veterans' Recognition Ceremony on November 15, recognizing veterans from West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Veterans from all branches of the military, the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Marines, U.S. Navy, Veterans of World War II, Korean War, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, and other conflicts – as well as peacetime.

Commissioner Dave Coder was one of the veterans recognized during the ceremony. He was presented with a certificate and pin from Mary Jane Kent, Harvey’s-Aleppo Grange president. Nate Regotti, representing Representative Pam Snyder, also presented Dave with a certificate of recognition. Dave is a 4-year Veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard.

The eldest Veteran in attendance was from World War II – Bill Harris, a member of Cameron American Legion; and the youngest Veteran is a current soldier – Chase Owens, a member of Waynesburg VFW.

The local West Greene Cub Scout Pack opened the meeting by leading the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag.

Pictured in group photo, front row l. to r.: Chase Owens, Rick Black, Gary Milovac, Jim Lang and Mary Jane Kent; back row, l. to r. Ron Hampson, Dave Logan and Jack Blair. Article and pictures compliments of Mary Jane Kent, Harveys-Aleppo Grange President (see more at: #HarveysAleppoGrange144)

This Month in Greene County Government...

Board of Commissioners:
During the commissioners' regular board meeting on Thursday, November 16, the Commissioners approved the following motions:
  • Under Proclamations, the Commissioners approved the following:
    • American Education Week, November 13-17, 2017.

  • Under Finance & Administration, the Commissioners approved the following:
    • Adopt the proposed 2018 general fund budget and direct the Chief Clerk to advertise final action on the same for December 14, 2017 and to make the proposed budget available for public inspection for a period of 20 days during normal working hours in his office
    • Community Bank’s proposal for the 2018 TAN Loan in the amount of $3,5000,000.00 at 1.28% and the adoption of the 2018 Tan Resolution
    • Proposal for professional architectural and engineering services from EADS Architects, Inc. for a children and youth services facility layout plan in the amount of $12,000 and Courthouse law library conversion study in the amount of $4,000.
    • Change order #1 from Jesse L. Fiske, Sr., LLC for column replacement at the Greene County Courthouse in the amount of $31,760.00 and change order #2 for patching of fluted columns in the amount of $40,539.59.
    • Allocation to the Greene County Humane Society in the amount of $15,000. Vote unanimous.
    • Allocation to Catnip Acres Clinic in the amount of $10,000.
    • Service agreement between the County of Greene and Encartele, Inc. for telephone services at the Greene County Jail in the amount of $62,700 pending Prison Board approval.
    • Comcast Enterprise service sales order in the amount of $573.75 per month.
    • Appoint Mark Krupa to the Workforce Development Board of Directors.
    • Dual Enrollment Agreement between the County of Greene and Community College of Beaver County
    • Surface use license agreement and a prepaid release agreement between the County of Greene and Equitrans, L.P. for pipeline maintenance work at the waterpark pending Solicitor approval.
    • Access Agreement between the County of Greene and Emerald Contura, LLC to mitigate certain stray methane gas in an area near the tennis courts in Franklin Township pending Solicitor approval.
    • Agreement between the County of Greene and Buck Ridge Surveying, Inc. for location of a waterline near the Greene River Trail extension

  • Under Tax Claims, the Commissioners approved the Real Property Tax Summary Certification.

  • Under Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities, the Commissioners approved the FY2017/2018 contract with Chatham University.

  • Children & Youth Services (CYS), the Commissioners approved the FY2016/2017 contract with Community Specialist Corporation.

  • Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG), the Commissioners approved the following:
    • Resolution to submit the application and approval of the three-year CDP
    • Fair Housing Action Plan
    • Fair Housing Resolution
    • Proclamation for Fair Housing Month
    • Adopt a Residential Anti-Displacement and Relocation Plan
    • Adopt the 504 Plan
    • Contract between the County of Greene and Southwest Pennsylvania Legal Services Fair Housing Law Center

Prison Board:
During the Prison Board meeting on Thursday, November 16, the Commissioners made the following motions:
  • Security:
    • Institutional misconduct reports for October are ten (10) major infractions and ten (10) minor infractions. Reportable Extraordinary Occurrence Reports (EOR) for October Zero (0).

  • Treatment:   On 11-13-17, Mr. Derek Foreman from Career Link interviewed and registered three (3) female inmates that are due to be released in the next several weeks. Mr. Foreman is attempting to find some level of employment within the community that will allow the inmates to support themselves. He is returning tomorrow and plan on starting this process with selected male inmates also,

  • Training:   completed the Remington Armorers Course for the 870 Police model shotgun conducted at the PA DOC Training Academy.

  • Maintenance:
    • The heat exchangers for G-Unit have failed to function, during the last two days lost heat from one unit and upon inspection the other unit will have to be replaced also. Huckestein has been on site the last three days with the determination that both heating units should be replaced with a replacement cost on one heat exchanger being $6,000.00 with labor included. Huckestein is also providing a quote for the cost of the complete system replacement in lieu of just replacing the heat exchangers at $18,500 which includes labor with our providing built in "Economizer&334; for air cooling purposes and which I am told is a code requirement not present in the old units.
    • Sheriff Tennant made a motion and Marge Fox seconded to declare an emergency and move forward on the furnace.

  • Financial Report:
    • Fayette County currently owes $4,850.00 for the month of November in regards to rental fees and still owes $16,350.00 for the month of October.
    • Deposits totaling $2,660.00 have been made with the Treasurer’s office for October work release and weekend inmates.

  • Population Report:
    • Full-time males: 52
    • Full-time females: 20
    • Total: 72 (This includes 4 Fayette County, 1 Westmoreland, and 7 Washington County inmates)

  • General Discussion:
    • The proposed phone service contract from Encartele has been reviewed and adjusted by Solicitor Cowen.
    • Sheriff Tennant made the motion and Commissioner Coder the second to approve pending Solicitor approval.
    • Looking at the replacement of the small washer and dryer in the facility laundry. These units are residential type machines that were purchased locally and not designed for the load capacity that we require. Would like to replace these with heavy duty laundry mat type units that can withstand a typical 12 hour daily operation.
    • Sheriff Tennant made the motion and Commissioner Coder the second to have the Warden look for replacement washer and dryer.

Retirement Board:
During the Retirement Board meeting on Thursday, November 16, there was no new business to discuss.

Salary Board:
During the Salary Board meeting on Thursday, November 16, the Commissioners also approved the following personnel actions:

    Correct Hire Date:
    • William Efaw, Casual Corrections Officer to 10-22-17 and accept resignation effective 10-31-17.

    New Hires:
    • Zachary Burger to RPT Corrections Officer
    • Eric Ryan Hurd from probationary to regular status County Caseworker I, CYS
    • Alex Sielski to RPT Corrections Officer I

    • Glenn Perry from probationary to regular status Caseworker I, CYS

    • Jennifer Trader, CYS Caseworker I

    • Violet Lawless, IDD

    • Theresa Huffman, Administrative Assistant, Courts

County Commissioners welcome new county employees

The Commissioners would like — to take time to welcome our new employees that were hired, and introduce each new hire to the rest of our county employees. Welcome to the county and we hope that you are happy in your new position. We have an open door policy for all our employees, and hope that you feel comfortable to drop in should you have any concerns.

The County Employee Handbook can be accessed through our intranet website for employees only, or you can obtain a copy of the handbook at the Human Resources office at any time. We expect all of our employees to abide with the rules and regulations stated in the employee handbook; but should you have questions, please contact Becky Harris, our HR Director at 724-852-5200.

Listed by appointment date, last name, first name

Dana Romonosky
Casual Corrections Officer
Greene County Prison
Department of Law & Order
Appointment eff. Oct. 23
Alex Sielski
Casual Corrections Officer
Greene County Prison
Department of Law & Order
Appointment eff. Oct. 23

Andrew Danko
Regular Full-time
Casework Supervisor
Children & Youth Services
Department of Human Services
Appointment eff. Oct. 30
(MG PG9)
Angela Whoolery
Regular Full-time
Caseworker II
Children & Youth Services
Department of Human Services
Appointment eff. Oct. 31

Sarah Eddy
Casual Van Driver
Department of Human Services
Appointment eff. Nov. 2
Michelle Harvey
Regular Full-time
Fiscal Assistant I
Children & Youth Services
Department of Human Services
Appointment eff. Nov. 15

Wedding Bells for Allicia Basinger Mairs:

On Saturday, October 21, 2017 Allicia Basinger, a radiant & beautiful bride, and Tim Mairs, a handsome groom as well, were united in holy matrimony at a picturesque location in Wrightville, Pennsylvania.

They honeymooned in Hawaii, visiting two islands, Oahu and Maui. They hiked Diamond Head, visited Pearl Harbor, took surf lessons, went to a luau, explored the beaches and took a helicopter tour and landed in the rain forest.

The happy couple arrived on November 2 at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu, Hawaii and stayed at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa in Lahaina, Hawaii.

Allicia has been employed with the county for several years, in our Human Services Department, she currently works in the Early Intervention Services Program as an EI Caseworker.
Congratulations are extended to Allicia and Tim from the County Commissioners and all county employees.

Employees Awards Ceremony:

The county commissioners enjoyed handing out the gift cards for our annual awards ceremony for the 2017 Wellness Rewards Program, held just in time for Thanksgiving, on November 17th.

For the 2017 Wellness Rewards Program, we had a total of 99 employees who completed the program!! Please join us in congratulating the following list of employees (listed alphabetically by last name):
    1. Amy Anderson 34. Rachel Gillispie 67. Maureen Myers
    2. Marci Ayersman 35. Carol Gooden 68. Amie Nehls
    3. Mitzi Bailey 36. Megan Goodwin 69. Karen Pettit
    4. Christine Barnhart 37. Rebecca Harris 70. Leon Price
    5. Crystal Barrett 38. Jessica Harrison 71. Vicki Rankin
    6. Karen Bennett 39. Bradley Hartman 72. Patricia Reynolds
    7. Deshawnda Bissett 40. Tammy Henderson 73. Robert Rhodes
    8. Pamela H. Blaker 41. Lisa Hillsman 74. Holly Riffle
    9. Pamela Blaker 42. Richard Hopkins 75. Kelli Rishell
    10. Richard Blaker 43. Michelle Howard 76. Mimi Ritenour
    11. Sarah Braddock 44. Jessica Huggins 77. Jennifer Rizor
    12. Cherie Brasile 45. Susan Imhoff 78. Nicole Roberts
    13. Christine Brottish 46. Shelby Jeffrey 79. Linda Rush
    14. Candice Buchanan 47. Kayla Jeffries 80. Colin Sargent
    15. Rosanna Burris 48. David Jones 81. David Shaw
    16. Lisa Cultuna 49. Jennifer Jones 82. Lucinda Sheaffer
    17. Lauren Chambers 50. Zabryna Karnes 83. Alison Shipman
    18. Randi Chambers 51. Jeremy Kelly 84. Lisa Snider
    19. Deneen Chulick 52. Tina Kiger 85. Jackie Sponaugle
    20. Kathy Cipcic 53. Janette Kline 86. Vickie Steinmiller
    21. Lisa Cogar 54. Lindsay Kozlowski 87. Tina Stewart
    22. Cara Cox 55. Marge Kurilko 88. Thomas Stimaker
    23. Eugene D'antonio 56. Janice Lahew 89. Tracie Sypin
    24. Katherine Daugherty 57. Tricha Leary 90. Maribeth Tarpley-Garrett
    25. Richard Davis 58. Gregory Leathers 91. Lindsay Teagarden
    26. Stacey Dikun 59. Lisa Main 92. Paul Tedrow
    27. Mary Ann Dispenza 60. Marcy Maletta 93. Laurie Thomas
    28. Beth Downer 61. Janine Mansell 94. Kimberly Thompson
    29. Marilyn Dubos 62. Shanna Meyers 95. Melanie Trauth
    30. Ricky Eitner 63. Ginelle Michael 96. Crystal Walters
    31. Toni Ferencak 64. Lisa Milan 97. Martin Wilson
    32. Jenna Freund 65. Ashley Milcheck 98. Ruthie Thornberg
    33. Brean Fuller 66. Lisa Murdock 99. Brandy Yekel
  — Thanks and congratulations to all, Rebecca Harris, HR Director (x200)

Fall, Pumpkins, Halloween and Thanksgiving
Fall pumpkins, changing foliage, and Trick-or-Treat, and giving thanks, a special time of year. Enjoy our photos fun photo collection:

Most Entertaining Group - "The California Raisins"
from the Clerk of Courts Office,
Crystal Walters, Janice Lahew, Megan Goodwin, Lisa Murdock & Candace Buchanan ($100 Cash Prize)

3rd Place Group - "Pittsburgh Perogies"
from the Treasurers Office,
Christine Brottish, Darlene Humble, Marge Kurilko & Vickie Steinmiller
Photo courtesy of Greene County Chamber of Commerce

Bodie Cowboy's Trunk or Treat at his preschool
Bodie is the son of Katie Daugherty, an Auditor in our Controllers Office.

Meet IzzyJ, a four-legged, furry, 1-year old Jack Russell Terrier.

Posing nicely beside Shelby's pumpkin display wearing her Steeler jersey! She belongs to Shelby Jeffrey, Department Clerk, Register & Recorder's Office.

Lindley Reed (age 7 in her cat mask)
with her ballet and tap teacher, Ms Victoria Bruno at Moschetta's Performing Arts Center in Waynesburg for dress up night.
Lindley is the daughter of Rachel Gillispie, Department Clerk in our Elections Office.

"NERDS" from our R&R Office

Winners of the Spooktacular
L. to R.: Jessica Harrison, Shelby Jeffrey, Annette Tharp, Kim Spence, & Donna Tharp.
Photo courtesy of Greene County Chamber of Commerce.
Spooktacular - 2nd Place Individual, Shanna Meyers
with "One Night Stand", Shanna is a Prevention Specialist in our Drug & Alcohol Program, HS
Photo courtesy of Greene County Chamber of Commerce.

Kaiden our Trick-or-Treating
with mommy

Kaiden is the son of Kelli Rishell, Administrative Assistant,
Chief Clerk/Commissioners Office.
Kaiden Rishell
"a young football player!"

Grammy Pam Pocahontas with grandson, Iron Man Robert. Robert turned 3 years old on November 1st. Grammy Pam Pocahontas Blaker is our Program Specialists in the County Transportation Office, HS.

Photos 1 & 2: Shanna and Duke Meyers. Duke is the 10-month old son of Shanna and Tip Meyers. Shanna works as a Prevention Specialist in our Drug and Alcohol Program, Human Services Department.

Ellie is dressed as the princess Poppy from Trolls, one of her favorite movies. Ellie is the 2-year old daughter of Amie Nehls, Administrative Assistant in the County Elections Office.

Thanks for sharing your fall, pumpkin patch, and halloween photos with us. If you would like to be featured in the next Greene Gazette, please send your pictures and a short caption to either Kelli Rishell or Ruthie Thornberg.

Town Hall Meeting - Drug & Alcohol Addiction:

The third annual town hall meeting to focus on drug and alcohol addiction was held on Oct. 26 at the Greene County Courthouse. Roughly 100 residents, officials, educators, law enforcement officers and representatives from various community services agencies and organizations gathered at the Greene County Courthouse on Oct. 26 for the third annual town hall meeting held to focus on drug and alcohol addiction.

Featuring the theme of "Mental Health-Substance Abuse Linkages," the meeting offered four special guest speakers with varying levels of expertise and experience in addressing and dealing with drug and alcohol addiction who focused on connections between mental illness and substance abuse.

The town hall meeting was overseen by Greene County President Judge Farley Toothman, who welcomed the crowd and panel of guest speakers and thanked them for coming together to address the epidemic. Toothman also expressed his gratitude that the courts served as sponsor for this annual discussion on addiction. Click HERE to read the whole story (Herald Standard, by Steve Barrett, 11/3/2017).

Commissioners File Lawsuit in Response to Opioid Emergency
Greene County Commissioners announced today that the County has filed suit against the following pharmaceutical companies, distributors, and physicians to recoup local costs associated with the deadly opioid epidemic that is ravaging the entire country and particularly Southwestern Pennsylvania: Purdue Pharma L.P.; Purdue Pharma Inc.; The Purdue Frederick Company, Inc.; Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc.; Cephalon, Inc.; Johnson & Johnson; Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc n/k/a Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Janssen Pharmaceutica, Inc. n/k/a Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Endo Health Solutions Inc.; Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Allergan PLC f/k/a Actavis PLC; Actavis, Inc. f/k/a Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Watson Laboratories, Inc.; Actavis LLC; Actavis Pharma, Inc. f/k/a Watson Pharma, Inc.; McKesson Corporation; Cardinal Health, Inc.; AmerisourceBergen Corporation; Russell Portenoy, M.D.; Perry Fine, M.D.; Scott Fishman, M.D.; and Lynn Webster, M.D.

The lawsuit accuses the defendants of misrepresenting the risks of prescription opioid painkillers that have fueled a sky-rocketing drug addiction crisis and seeks to recover associated costs borne by the County taxpayers, including payments for eligible residents for prescription opioid pain killers which were manufactured, promoted, and sold by the defendants. Damages also include excessive costs to public healthcare services, criminal justice system, emergency medical services, law enforcement, foster care, and increased incarceration in addition to lost productivity and lost tax revenue.

The Pittsburgh law firm of Robert Peirce & Associates, working with the New York firm of Marc J. Bern and Partners, has been representing other counties across the state and was retained by the County. The Peirce law firm will pay upfront all costs of the litigation. If the suit is unsuccessful, the County will not be responsible for any costs. The attorney fees are 25% of any proceeds recovered.

The complaint indicates that the defendants knew these drugs were addictive and deliberately misled the public and medical community. The lawsuit accuses the companies and distributors of fraud, negligence, deception, creating a public nuisance, and unjust enrichment and seeks return of compensatory damages, punitive damages, and the County’s legal costs.

"Although this battle with the pharmaceutical industry will be challenging, Commissioners Dave Coder, Archie Trader and I believe that we must pursue this opportunity to recover taxpayer funded expenses,” said Commissioner Blair Zimmerman. “Simultaneously, we will be doing our part to hold these defendants accountable for their roles in opening the floodgates of deadly and costly opioid use while destroying families."

Getting the pharmaceutical industry to halt their deceptive practices and stopping them from continuing to pump these addictive drugs into our small towns and communities is critical, Zimmerman stated.

"The industry has downplayed the addictive nature of these drugs, and should be held legally and financially responsible for the consequences," he said.

Rec Department presents Youth Christmas Activities:
Santa Claus and Christmas will be the focus of the upcoming activities hosted by the Greene County Department of Recreation.

Letters from Santa
Local children may send a letter to Santa in care of the Department of Recreation and receive a personalized letter from Santa just before Christmas.

Parents are requested to send a completed letter request form with the child’s letter by Tuesday, Dec. 12 to Greene County Department of Recreation, ATTN: Santa Claus, 107 Fairgrounds Road, Waynesburg, PA 15370. The form includes the child's contact and basic information including gender, age and any gifts requested from Santa. "Dear Santa" templates and letter request forms are available online at (or see below list).

There is no fee for Letters from Santa as funding has been provided through various sponsors and fundraising efforts the Department of Recreation holds throughout the year. Requests are limited to one per child.

The holiday activities are sponsored by the Greene County Commissioners, Department of Recreation, Hartley Inn, Lola Energy and Rice Energy.

(Click HERE for event brochure). For more information on Breakfast with Santa or Letters from Santa, call the Department of Recreation at 724-852-5323.

List of templates for letters to Santa:
  1. Santa & Christmas trees template
  2. Snowman template
  3. Winter Sledding template
  4. Candy cane template
  5. Christmas Scroll template
  6. Mistletoe template
  7. Christmas presents template
  8. Stripes & Santa template
  9. Dots template
  10. Snowflakes template

Christmas Wreath Class:

Sunday, December 3rd at 2:00 p.m. at the Greene County Fairgrounds, 4-H Building (downstairs), with instructor Ashlee Grandstrand. Ages 8 and up!

Holiday decorating does not seem complete until the wreath is hung on the front door! Join in an afternoon of fun and merriment as we gather to create a beautiful holiday wreath. You will learn how to create a gorgeous holiday piece to display in your home or you may want to give as a gift.

Pre-registration and payment of $35 is required for each class, by Wednesday, Nov. 22 - call 724-852-5323. Click HERE for event brochure.

Holiday Escape 2017

Free skating and escape for the holidays will be held at the Mon View Skating Rink in Greensboro, on Friday, December 29th from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

All children must be accompanied by an adult!


Sponsored by the Greene County Commissioners, Greene County Human Services, and the Greene County MAGIC Collaborative, Family Stability Community Team. FMI, contact HS at 724-852-5276.

Rogersville townhouses under construction

October 27 — construction on the new town homes in Rogersville is moving along rapidly. The townhouses will be duplexes, and each housing unit will contain approximately 1,400 square foot of space with three bedrooms.

The units will be sold by the authority with a starting $165,000. Funding for the townhouse project had come from a $150,000 grant from Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Act program. The grant was expected to cover the cost of purchasing the land and getting it ready for construction. However, because the land was donated by the McNays, the authority will be able to use some of the grant money for construction, Calvario said. The township also is contributing in-kind services.

The authority hopes to recoup its costs when it sells the units. Any potential profit would be rolled back into the housing program to build or rehabilitate other homes.

The authority obtains properties through donations or by purchasing them at judicial or tax sales. It rehabilitates houses that can be rehabilitated and demolishes those beyond repair to make room for new housing. Houses that are repaired are sold with the proceeds used to cover the reparis and to continue purchasing and repairing additional homes.

Visit Greene County Redevelopment Authority (RACG) webpage for a current listing of rehabilitation projects underway and homes/properties FOR SALE in Greene County. FMI, contact Dave Calvario, RACG Executive Director.

Recipe Box: Pumpkin Chili

Fall is in the air, which means everywhere you turn there is a pumpkin-flavored this or that on the shelves. So, we thought we’d get in on the action with a healthy pumpkin dish of our own.

This pumpkin chili recipe makes four servings and is easily prepared on the stovetop. But, if you want to set it and forget it, you can prepare it in the slow cooker instead!

  • 1 medium green pepper, diced
  • 1 can of pumpkin puree (15-ounce)
  • 1 can of tomato soup (12-ounce)
  • 1 can of diced tomatoes (14.5-ounce)
  • 1 tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice
  • 1 tablespoon of chili powder
  • 1 tablespoon of hot sauce
  • 1 medium onion, diced
  • 1 pound ground turkey*
  • 2 cans of dark red kidney beans, drained (15-ounce each)
  • 1/4 cup of brown sugar
*If you’d like a vegetarian option, add tofu or an extra can of beans in place of the ground turkey.
Stovetop Directions:
  1. In a medium-sized pot, sauté turkey, onion, pepper, chili powder and pumpkin pie spice for 5 minutes, or until turkey is browned.
  2. Add tomato soup, diced tomatoes, chili sauce, pumpkin, kidney beans, hot sauce and brown sugar.
  3. Simmer for 45 minutes to an hour, stirring occasionally.
  4. Serve hot with a dollop of plain nonfat yogurt.

Nutritional Information (per serving):
    Calories: 153
    Fat: 3.8 g
    Saturated Fat: 1.2 g
    Sodium: 323 mg
    Fiber: 3.3 g
    Protein: 13.4 g

Slow Cooker Directions:
  1. In a medium-sized pot, sauté turkey, onion, pepper, chili powder and pumpkin pie spice for 5 minutes, or until turkey is browned.
  2. Place in slow cooker.
  3. Stir in tomato soup, diced tomatoes, chili sauce, pumpkin, kidney beans, hot sauce and brown sugar.
  4. Add lid and simmer on high for 3 – 4 hours, or on low for 6 – 8 hours, stirring occasionally.
  5. Serve hot with a dollop of plain nonfat yogurt.

(Source: Highmark Recipe Box: Pumpkin Chili by Trish Imbrogno)

Calendar of Community Events
Be sure to check out the many upcoming events Greene County has to offer!

December 6th | Holiday Open House — 3:30-6:30pm at Eva K. Bowlby Public Library. The Friends of the Bowlby Public Library would like to invite you to attend the Holiday Open House featuring the Friends' Cookie Walk/Cookie Raffle at the Bowlby Public Library in Waynesburg. Cookies will be for sale for $4 per dozen (box container) or $6 per dozen (Christmas Tin provided by the Friends). Pictures with Santa will also be available from 3:30 'til 6:30p.m. that day; the cost is $10 for two 5x7 photos. The Library is also offering a Holiday Story Time from 5:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. Raffle tickets are on sale now for $1 per ticket or 6 tickets for $5 for a Cookie Basket (filled with 12 different cookie-filled tins), a Children's Christmas Basket (filled with toys, games, books, etc.). Also joining us will be Pittsburgh artist Isaac Bower sharing his current project, Cojiform. Join Isaac for a hands-on play shop experience, and see what you can create using multiples of these unusual sculptural forms. Cojiform encourages trial and error experimentation, toward an ever-expanding catalogue of three-dimensional patterns and compositions. FMI, call the library at 724-627-9776.

December 7th | Essentially Yours: Thankful Thursdays — 6-7:00 pm. Come learn different ways to add essential oils to your everyday hygienic routines. We will discuss many ways to incorporate more natural methods daily. Make and take Essential Oil-based Deodorant or Body Wash. 6-7 PM at the 4-H Building, upper-level, Greene County Fairgrounds, hosted by Kelly Mackey. FMI, call the Department of Rec at 724-852-5323.

December 8th | Christmas Buffet — Join the Greene County Career and Technology Center for its Annual Christmas Buffet Friday December 8th. 11:30am till 1:30pm. Enjoy the food prepared by Dan Wagner and his future chefs.

December 8th | Holiday Craft & Vendor Show — from 10am-3pm at Rolling Meadows Nursing & Rehab Facility. Local vendors and crafters will be set up at Rolling Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation for holiday shopping. Lunch and baked goods will be available to purchase. All proceeds from food sales will benefit The Homestead Memory Care Unit and The Rolling Meadows Alzheimer’s Walk Team. Please stop by and support your local businesses. FMI, contact Deb Hull at 724-627-3153.

December 9th | Mt. Morris Christmas Parade — Gather your friends and family to start a new holiday tradition! All groups are welcome to join; great prizes for the judges' top 3 favorite floats! Lineup at 3:30 pm at the United Methodist Church at 256 Mt. Morris Road. Parade starts at 4:00 pm. Deadline to sign-up is Dec. 1st. Register online at Click HERE for event flyer.

December 9th | Center Township Community Christmas Celebration 4pm in Rogersville, PA. Click HERE for event flyer.

December 9th | Music Program Christmas Concert — at Waynesburg University. FMI, call the university.

December 10th | Holiday Craft Blast — 10am-5pm at the Greene County Fairgrounds. Shop from the finest crafters in this region! Enjoy homemade soups and sandwiches too! For vender information, please visit Sponsored by the Nathanael Greene Community Development Corporation.

December 13-15th | Toys for Tots Donation Drive — Lisa Brown Allstate Agency is collecting new, unwrapped toys for Toys for Tots. All toys collected will stay in Greene County. Donations will be accepted from Oct. 13th - Dec. 15th at their office at 140 Bill George Drive, Waynesburg. FMI, call 724-710-3101 or email

December 16th | Santa is coming! — 5-7:00 PM, free to all ages! Santa, games, cooking decorating, prizes for the kids. Take pictures with Santa. Held at the Mason-Dixon Historical Park on Dec. 17th. FMI, visit or call, 304-879-4101.

December 16th | Wreaths Across America — The Wreaths Across America program is happening in Greene County! We have started with one cemetery this year and hope to add at least one more cemetery each year, to eventually get every Veteran in Greene County a Wreath for Christmas. A Ceremony will be held on Saturday December, 16th, 2017 at noon for all to attend. For more information on Wreaths Across America, please visit


January 1, 2018 | New Year's Day — County Government holiday. FMI, call HR at 724-852-5381.

February 14, 2018 | Symphonic Band Mid-Winter Concert — Enjoy Waynesburg University's Free concert. FMI, call 724-627-8189 or toll free at 1-800-225-7393.

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