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Office of Economic Development

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Geographic Information System (GIS)
Department of Economic Development for Greene County

Contact Persons: David Craft, GIS Coordinator (724-852-5300)
Scott Kelley, Director, Information Technology (724-852-5298)

49 South Washington Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370
Phone: 724-852-5300 / FAX: 724-852-5319
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m.—4:30 p.m., Monday—Friday

A Geographical Information System (GIS) is an analytical tool that allows an operator to view map layers on a computer screen while accessing databases of the map features. By viewing the map layers simultaneously, one can analyze relationships within and between the different layers. GIS is used on a daily basis for operations in many departments throughout the county.

Frequently Asked Questions:
The following frequently asked questions will hopefully answer concerns and help with the understanding of the GIS services.
    Question #1: Why is GIS Important?

    Answer: Geographic information systems (GIS) are widely recognized as essential public policy and management tools that enable more informed decision making, greater efficiency, increased accountability, and better management. Geospatial data plays a critical role in public administration of emergency management, monitoring public health and public safety, crime control, tax assessment, traffic, facilities and municipal infrastructure management, environmental assessment, and economic development. Accordingly, County officials have a significant interest in improving access to accurate, current, and immediately accessible geospatial data to improve their decision making. This enables commercial, academic, private organizations, and all levels of government to:
    • Empower and serve the public
    • Protect our homeland
    • Foster economic growth
    • Advance science
    • Manage our resources
    • Prepare for and respond to emergencies
    • Govern our county and our country

    Question #2: How is GIS used?

    Answer: A GIS map usually consists of several layers or themes. Examples of map layers are:
    1. Image base: aerial photography, topographic maps
    2. Surface overlays: land cover, Land use, soils, geological
    3. Transportation: roads, highways, rail, river and transit infrastructure
    4. Hydrography (surface water): streams, rivers, ponds, lakes
    5. Hypsography (surface contours): Contours-digital Elevation Models (DEM’s) from Lidar, Shaded relief
    6. Administrative/Legal Boundaries: Municipal boundaries, Parcel boundaries, Residence and Commercial Structures, School Districts, Voting precincts, Census demographics
    7. Utilities/Industrial: natural gas pipelines, water pipelines, sewer Lines, water and sewer service areas, electric transmission lines, Oil and Gas Drilling Sites, Coal related
    8. Recreational: parks, gamelands, swimming, fishing, walking-running-bicycling trails
    9. Environmental: agricultural security area’s, hazardous material sites, water discharges and withdrawals, impacted streams, wetlands, watersheds
Pictometry for Aerial Imagery: (geometry on images)
Greene County has contracted with Pictometry International Corporation© since 2006 to provide aerial imagery of the county; currently providing datasets for 2006, 2008 and 2010. These data are in use in our county offices; our licensing agreement with Pictometry allows us to only give webusers access to view the imagery and layers but not use the tools associated with Pictometry, but the county itself and any of the county subdivisions (i.e., municipalities, school districts, authorities, etc.) will be given that capability. Following are our forms associated with aerial imagery:
Web-based Property Assessment Online Database:
The Greene County Online Assessment Database is available to licensed professionals at a fee. Greene County reserves the right to change the fee and/or the way the site is accessed, as well as the content of the site, at any time. The current fee structure allows for unlimited access for up to two concurrent users in an organization. First time applicants must request an Application for Access from the Department of Economic Development of Greene County (724-852-5300). Click here for more information on accessing property records online.

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