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Multi-Municipal Planning & Zoning
Department of Economic Development for Greene County

Robbie Matesic, Executive Director of Economic Development
Contact: Jeremy Kelly, Planning & Business Development Manager

49 South Washington Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370
Phone: 724-852-5300 / Fax: 724-852-2944
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m.—4:30 p.m., Monday—Friday

The Department of Economic Development (GCDED) serves as the administrative body for the Greene County Planning Commission, Greene County Conservation District, Solid Waste & Recycling Office, grant services and Industrial Development Authority.

Municipalities Comprehensive Plans:
Planning is alive and well in Greene County and local municipalities are ahead of the game. Over half of the 26 municipalities have adopted single or multi-municipal comprehensive plan or are currently in the process. As of 2008, 12 municipalities had enacted zoning ordinances to regulate future growth and land use. And by mid-year 2010, more than half of our 44 municipalities have enacted zoning ordiances.

Greene County municipalities are leading the charge to implement multi-municipal planning and shared service arrangements. Starting first as a community-based initiative, the Jefferson-Morgan Council of Governments is recognized in a groundbreaking partnership that is realizing cost savings for partners through shared purchasing and code enforcement activities.

Next came the Southeastern Greene County Cooperative Communities Comprehensive Plan that included two boroughs and six townships joining in the cooperative plans for the future.

Jefferson-Morgan Regional Council of Governments (JMCOG):
The Jefferson Morgan Regional Council of Governments was created in 2004. The JMCOG consists of Jefferson Township, Morgan Township, Jefferson Borough, Clarksville Borough and Rices Landing Borough. The council was created to allow the municipalities to purchase equipment and materials at a lower cost as well as pull their resources in times of need.

The JMCOG engaged in the first Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan in Greene County and subsequently in August 2008, enacted the County’s first ever Multi-Municipal Zoning Ordinance.

The JMCOG ordinance covers Clarksville Borough, Jefferson Borough, Jefferson Township, Morgan Township. to view a copy of the zoning ordinance, click here. Even though Rices Landing Borough is a member of the Jefferson Morgan Regional Council, they have their own zoning ordinance.
Click here to view the JMCOG Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan.

Southeastern Greene County Cooperative Communities Comprehensive Plan:
Nestled in the southeastern corner of Greene County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the eight municipalities that comprise the Southeastern Greene Cooperative Communities Comprehensive Plan have joined for the first time in an effort to set a guide to their futures. Realizing that they are all historically, economically and culturally linked, Carmichaels Borough, Cumberland Township, Dunkard Township, Greene Township, Greensboro Borough, Monongahela Township, Perry Township and Wayne Township have come together to lay a course towards greater cooperation in dealing with a changing population make-up and economic base.
Click here to view the Southeastern Greene County Cooperative Communities multi-municipal Comprehensive Plan.

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