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Carmichaels Borough
Municipality within Greene County, Pennsylvania

Public Request Contacts: David Jack, Mayor; Kayla Longdon, Borough Secretary

Carmichaels Borough Building
100 West George Street, Carmichaels, PA 15320
Phone: 724-966-5506 / Fax: 724-966-5518

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Office Hours: Monday & Friday, 9am-5pm; Wednesday, 10am-6pm
Carmichaels/Cumberland Township Fire Department: 724-966-5700 — or dial 911

Carmichaels Borough was settled in 1767 and incorporated in 1855 from Cumberland Township. Carmichaels was laid out by James Carmichael, who was a scout and woodsman. He obtained the title of the land in a trade with Thomas Hughes who went to Jefferson. Carmichaels covered bridge which crosses Muddy Creek was built in 1889 and continues to be used today. Cumberland Village was built by the government during World War II to house industrial workers. The first post office in Carmichaels began operating in 1822. Prior to that time, the building was a private residence that was constructed between 1795-1804. Turkey Knob which is five miles south of Carmichaels was so named because of an abundance of wild turkeys and the area was an excellent hunting ground. The borough is in 9th Congressional District, the 46th Senatorial District, and the 50th Legislative District of Pennsylvania.

Carmichaels Borough Officials: (Updated 01/30/2018 per Elections Office)
MAYOR: David Jack (Term: 1/1/20118-12/31/2021) TAX COLLECTOR: Glenda Beal
Marianne Gideon
Charles Walker III
David Antonini
Josephine Gresko
Kayla Longdon, Municipal Secretary
Michael Gyurke, Police Chief
Craig Miller, Part-time Officer
Eric Teegarden, Maintenance & Roads
David Antonini, Administration
Charles M. Walker III Roads
Michael Dohanich, Community Development
Mayor David Jack, Police
AUDITORS: vacant

CONSTABLE: Bryan K. Bird
SOLICITOR: Jeff Grimes SEWAGE: 100% public sewage
Scheduled Meeting Dates: 5:00 pm, second Wednesday of each month, held in the Borough Building.
Board Meeting Minutes: Click HERE or contact the borough office at 724-966-5506.
Permits and Ordinances: Click HERE or contact the borough office at 724-966-5506.

More about Carmichaels Borough:
  • Children living within Carmichaels Borough attend schools within the Carmichaels School District (Carmichaels Elementary and High School).

  • Voting Precinct for Carmichaels Borough residents: is located in the Carmichaels Borough Building at 100 E. George Street, Carmichaels, PA (Building Phone: 724-966-5506). For more information, contact the Greene County Elections Office at 724-852-5304.

  • Borough Coordinance: Latitude: 39.89667, Longitude: -79.97472, Elevation: 1000 ft.

  • Deed Transfers: A deed is the document that transfers ownership of real estate. It contains the names of the old and new owners and a legal description of the property, and is signed by the person transferring the property. Property Deeds for Greene County are recorded in our Office of Register and Recorder, located in the Greene County Courthouse, Room 100, 10 East High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370 (Phone: 724-852-5283). For more information, go to: Recorder of Deeds. Click here for deed transfers recorded within Carmichaels Borough of Greene County, Pennsylvania.

  • Comprehensive Plan with Demographics: Almost two years after beginning the process, eight municipalities in southeastern Greene County held a final public meeting Monday, October 27, 2008 on a draft of their multi-municipal comprehensive plan. Municipalities participating in the effort included Carmichaels and Greensboro Boroughs and Cumberland, Dunkard, Greene, Monongahela, Perry and Wayne Townships. Click here to view the Southeastern Greene County Cooperative Communities Comprehensive Plan. For more information, read the News Release (10/28/2008)

    Also see the Greene County Comprehensive Plan prepared by the Department of Economic Development.
Notable Mentioned within Carmichaels Borough:
  1. Carmichaels & Cumberland Township Fire Company: To report a fire, 911 / Business calls only, 724-966-5700.

  2. Cumberland Municipal Authority:
    • Water Business Office, 104 N. Pine Street, Carmichaels (Phone: 724-966-2250)
    • Water Pumping Station, Carmichaels (Phone 724-966-5487)

  3. Historical Sites & Happenings:
    • The historical Greene Academy (on National Register Listed Properties since 1976) is a center for the arts located in Carmichaels, PA and is directed by a group of people who are dedicated to promoting the arts in Greene County and southwestern Pennsylvania. Established in 1810 by Act of Legislature, aided by a State grant of $2,000 and public subscriptions, until 1860, it was a leading academy west of the mountains. The Greene Academy building serves as a center for the Greene County Council on the Arts and the group provides leadership in establishing a calendar of arts events throughout the year.

    • The Carmichaels Covered Bridge (on National Register Listed Properties since 1979) is one of the seven covered bridges that remains standing within the boundaries of Greene County. It was built in 1889 and restored by the county in 1987 and spans Muddy Creek. It is covered with white vertical board and batten siding on both sides and portals, has a roof of sheet metal, covered with raised seam tin, and a deck of lengthwise planking in the tire track are laid over crosswise planking. It rests on cut stone-and-mortar abutments that are extended to road-level wing-walls. One of these abutments has been reinforces with concrete. The queen-post truss is reinforced with additional diagonal timbers, but there is no evidence of additional steel reinforcement. The Carmichaels Bridge is still open to vehicular traffic and is part of the annual Covered Bridge Festival.

      The Covered Bridge Festival is a celebration of the abundance of historical covered bridges in Greene and Washington Counties. The festival is held every September and includes music, food, old fashioned games and covered bridge history. An abundance of the activities takes place in Carmichaels and Garards Fort.

    • The annual Bituminous Coal Show/Festival is an annual event founded in 1953 that showcases the cultural heritage of coal and its importance to the entire Southwestern Pennsylvania region. The week long celebration includes the King Coal Parade, Coal Queen Pageant, State Mine Rescue Contest, vintage car show, and other fun and commemorative events.

    • Flenniken Public Library located at 102 East George Street, Carmichaels, PA 15320 (Phone: 724-966-5263 / Fax: 724-966- 9511).

    • Mining Disaster in Carmichaels: Robena Coal Mine Explosion, December 1962

  4. Organizations & Recreational:
    • American Legion Cumberland Post No 400 ( - 205 E George Street);
    • VFW Post 3491, 500 W. George Street (724-966-5965)
    • Carmichaels/Cumberland Twp. VFC (724-966-5700);
    • Carmichaels Drive-In (Rt 88);
    • Carmichaels Grange No 1389 (724-966-2727)
    • Community Action Senior Center in Carmichaels (approximate attendance: 164), site counselor, transportation provided for medical, shopping as well as to and from the senior center. Transportation must be scheduled 24-hours in advance.

  5. Churches:
    • Family Faith Ministries — 550 West George Street, Carmichaels, PA
    • First Baptist Church of Carmichaels — Rt 88, Carmichaels, PA
    • St. Hugh Roman Catholic Church — 408 Route 88, Carmichaels, PA
    • Greene Valley Church of God — Carmichaels, PA
    • First Christian Church of Carmichaels — 235 S. Market Street, Carmichaels, PA
    • St. Paul's Lutheran — 224 South Market Street, Carmichaels, PA
    • First United Methodist Church of Carmichaels — 104 W. South Street, Carmichaels, PA
    • Fairdale Free Methodist Church — 208 Nemacolin Road, Carmichaels, PA
    • Greene Valley Presbyterian Church — 104 E. Greene Street, Carmichaels, PA
    • St. George Serbian Orthodox Church — 296 Old Route 21, Carmichaels, PA
    • Greene Valley Presbyterian Church — 104 E. Greene Street, Carmichaels, PA
    • New Hope Worship Center — 1309 E. Roy Furman Hwy, Carmichaels, PA (724-966-5843)
    • CMB Ministries, Inc. — 381 Willis Road, Carmichaels, PA (724-966-9157)

  6. Cemeteries: Laurel Point Cemetery, Greene Academy Old Burial Ground
Pennsylvania Local Government:
(Information Source: (Wikipedia, the Free Online Encyclopedia))
Local government in Pennsylvania is a mosaic of 5,334 individual units. All were established by the State or provincial government and operate under laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Each unit is distinct and independent of other local units, although they may overlap geographically and may act together to serve the public. (Carmicheals Borough) is located within Greene County, Pennsylvania, United States; its population was 7,694 at the 2000 census.

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