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Jefferson Township
Municipality within Greene County, Pennsylvania

Public Request Contacts: Richard Tekavec, Supervisor and Kimberly Cottle, Secretary

Jefferson Municipal Building
173 Goslin Road, Rices Landing, PA 15357
Phone: 724-883-4900 / Fax 724-883-3629

Jefferson Township was settled in 1799 and incorporated from Cumberland Township. Boroughs and villages within Jefferson Township area map include: Braden Plan, Clarksville, Dry Tavern, Jefferson, Pitt Gas, Rices Landing. Of historic value is the Thomas Hughes House, the William Cree House, and the John Rex Farm, all located in Jefferson Township. The township is in 9th Congressional District, the 46th Senatorial District, and the 50th Legislative District of Pennsylvania.

Jefferson Township Officials: (Updated 01/30/2018 per Elections Office)
Richard Tekavec
Mickey Dikun
Richard Tekavec
Kimberly S. Coles
121 Coolspring Street, Jefferson, PA 15344
Phone: 724-883-2168
Kimberly Cottle 724-883-4900
SOLICITOR: David Pollock
54 South Washington St, Waynesburg, PA 15370
Phone: 724-627-6156
Timothy Faddis
Timothy D. Cottle, James L. Goslin
Donald D. Sellers
Eric Burwell — 724-833-2442
Timothy Neil — 724-966-9295
Brian Sokol — 724-833-4376
Frank Monak
(see below for Jefferson Morgan Multi-Municipal Zoning Ordinance)
Scheduled Meeting Dates: 4:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month, in the Township Building.
Board Meeting Minutes: Please contact the borough office regarding their meeting notes.
Permits and Ordiances: Please contact the township office at 724-883-4900.
  1. Click here for Jefferson Township's Unconventional Gas Well Fund Usage Report (2012)
  2. Click here for the Jefferson Morgan Multi-Municipal Zoning Ordinance (Clarksville Borough, Jefferson Borough, Jefferson Township, & Morgan Township in Greene County, PA)

More about Jefferson Township:
  • Children living in Jefferson Township attend school in the Jefferson-Morgan School District, which includes:
    • Jefferson Morgan Elementary School (724-883-2310)
    • Jefferson Morgan Jr-Sr High School (724-883-2310)
    • Greene County Career & Technology Center (724-627-3106)

  • Voting Precinct: residents of Jefferson Township vote in the following precincts:
    • Jefferson 1 — serving Jefferson Township (outside of Jefferson Borough); vote at the Jefferson VFD Building, 1483 Jefferson Road, Jefferson, PA 15344 (VFD Phone: 724-883-3901)
    • Jefferson 2 — serving Clarksville residents; vote at the Clarksville First Baptist Church, 171 First Street, Clarksville (Pitt Gas), PA 15322 (Church Phone: 724-377-2176)
    • Jefferson 3 — serving Rices Landing, Jefferson Township (outside of Jefferson Borough); vote at the Jefferson Township Supervisors Building, 173 Goslin Road, Jefferson (Rices Landing), PA 15357 (Building Phone: 724-883-4900)
    • Jefferson 4 — serving Clarksville residents; vote at Hirosky's Garage, 63 Pine Street (Braden Plan), Clarksville, PA 15322

    For additional elections and/or voting questions, contact the Greene County Office of Elections at 724-852-5304 or 5230, located in Waynesburg, PA.

  • Township Coordinance: According to the United States Census Bureau, the township has a total area of 21.8 square miles (56 km2), of which, 21.6 square miles (56 km2) of it is land and 0.1 square miles (0.26 km2) of it (0.55%) is water.

  • Deed Transfers: A deed is the document that transfers ownership of real estate. It contains the names of the old and new owners and a legal description of the property, and is signed by the person transferring the property. Property Deeds for Greene County are recorded in our Office of Register and Recorder, located in the Greene County Courthouse, Room 100, 10 East High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370 (Phone: 724-852-5283). For more information, go to: Recorder of Deeds. Click here for deed transfers recorded within Jefferson Township of Greene County, Pennsylvania.

  • Jefferson Morgan Regional Council of Governments (JMRCOG): was created in 2004 and includes Jefferson Township, Morgan Township, Clarksville Borough, Jefferson Borough and Rices Landing Borough. The council was created to allow the municipalities to purchase equipment and materials at a lower cost as well as pull their resources in times of need. Click here for the Morgan Township JMRCOG information (JMRCOG address: P.O. Box 3 Mather, PA 15346 / Phone: 724-883-2150 / Fax: 724-883-3044 and/or Email:

    Effective August 12, 2008, the Jefferson Morgan Regional Council of Governments enacted a new Multi-Municipal zoning ordinance. The ordinance covers Jefferson Township, Jefferson Borough, Morgan Township, and Clarksville Borough. Rices Landing Borough has it's own ordinance. Click here for the Jefferson Morgan Multi-Municipal Zoning Ordinance document.

    The JMRCOG meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 10:00 a.m., at the Morgan Township Municipal Office Building located at 1019 Third Street Extension, Mather, PA 15346.

  • Comprehensive Plan: For questions about the comprehensive plan, contact the township office. Also see the Greene County Comprehensive Plan prepared by the Department of Economic Development.
Notable Mentioned within Jefferson Township:
  1. Jefferson Fire Department — 724-883-3901

  2. Post Offices serving Jefferson Township:
    • Clarksville Post Office — located at 541 Center Street, Clarksville, PA 15322 (Phone: 724-377-0516)
    • Jefferson Post Office — located at 1422 Jefferson Road, Jefferson, PA 15344 (Phone: 724-883-2973)
    • Rices Landing Post Office — located at 113 Rices Landing Road, Rices Landing, PA 15357 (Phone: 724-592-5555

  3. Southwestern Pennsylvania Water Authority — located at 1442 Jefferson Road (PO Box 187), Jefferson, PA 15344 (Phone: 724-883-2301)

  4. Dry Tavern Sewer Authority — PO Box 194, Rices Landing, PA 15357 (Phone: 724-966-2278)

  5. The American Legion - Filer Sadlek Post 954 — PO BOx 407, Jefferson, PA 15344

  6. Hughes House (1814) — listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Greene County, Pennsylvania. Located on Hatfield Street, the two story structure was built in 1814 by Thomas Huges and recently housed a library operated by the Greene County Library System. In 2014 the library was no longer funded and the property was placed up for sale in February 2014.

  7. John Rex Farm (1874) — listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Greene County, Pennsylvania.

  8. William Cree House (1847) — listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Greene County, Pennsylvania.

  9. Jefferson Township Community Park: located on Hatfield Street in Jefferson. The park is 7.38 acres and has 2 ball fields, 2 pavilions, a basketball court, playground, and restrooms.

  10. Churches: Muddy Creek Church, Clarksville First Baptist Church, Clarksville Missionary Church, Jefferson Church of the Nazarene, Jefferson United Methodist Church, First Baptist Church of Jefferson, Jefferson Baptist Church, Mt. Olive Holy Temple, Little Lion Baptish Church, , Little Zion Missionary Baptist, Free Methodist Church, Mather Christian Church

  11. Cemeteries: (Source:
    Cline Cemetery Jefferson Presbyterian Cemetery Roseberry Cemetery
    Cree Cemetery Leonard Cemetery Scott Cemetery
    Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery Love Cemetery Vandruff Cemetery
    Estel Cemetery McClain Cemetery Villers Cemetery
    Hewitt Church Cemetery Milliken Cemetery Waters Cemetery
    Jefferson Baptist Cemetery Moredock Cemetery Waychoff Cemetery
    Jefferson Cemetery (new) Moredock Cemetery Vanmeter Cemetery
    Jefferson Cemetery (old) Muddy Creek Cemetery
Pennsylvania Local Government:
(Information Source: (Wikipedia, the Free Online Encyclopedia))
Local government in Pennsylvania is a mosaic of 5,334 individual units. All were established by the State or provincial government and operate under laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Each unit is distinct and independent of other local units, although they may overlap geographically and may act together to serve the public. (Jefferson Township) is located within Greene County, Pennsylvania, United States; its population was 7,694 at the 2000 census.

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