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Duties of the Board of Commissioners ...
Greene County Government, Pennsylvania

Public Request Contacts: Jeffrey Marshall, Chief Clerk | Charlotte Popielarcheck, Assistant Chief Clerk (724-852-5210)

Greene County Office Building, 3rd Floor, 93 East High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m.—4:30 p.m., Monday—Friday

In January 1876, Greene County first began electing three (3) commissioners vs. one commissioner to constitute the chief governing body of Greene County. Statutory authority of the commissioners is primarily of an administrative nature with legislative or policy-making powers. Our Greene County Board of Commissioners are elected to serve for a term of four years. During this time the Commissioners are responsible for the fiscal affairs of Greene County including the annual budget, levying of real estate taxes and the investment of county funds.

Our County:
Pennsylvania has 67 individual governmental units designated as counties. Counties are distinguished into different classes based on their population, ranging from the first class county of Philadelphia to eighth class counties like Cameron, Forest, Fulton, Montour, Potter and Sullivan. Greene County is designated as a sixth class county (population of 45,000 to 94,999). Under Pennsylvania law, there are four types of incorporated municipalities: cities, boroughs, townships, and towns.

Unlike most other states, Pennsylvania's counties geographically overlap municipalities such as boroughs, townships and cities, but they provide a different set of services. Therefore, every Pennsylvanian is both a resident of their county and their city, borough or township at the same time.

Greene County is located in the most southwestern corner of Pennsylvania, and is considered the cornerstone of the keystone state. Greene County is made up of 26 municipalities (20 Townships and 6 Boroughs), is 89.2 percent rural; with a population of about 41,000 residents; and a land area of 579 square miles. The county seat is the borough of Waynesburg, located at exit 14 of interstate 79, about 60 miles south of Pittsburgh.

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Three County Commissioners constitute the chief governing body of the county; forming the legislative and executive branches of the county; and they are authorized to administer human service programs, conduct land-use planning, and operate the county jail(s). They also pass ordinances, access all real and personal property for tax purposes, register voters, and maintain county buildings. Because of their large size, counties are also able to hand various programs on an areawide basis, such as domestic relations, programs for senior citizens, and training and employment.

The county commissioners are vested with selective policy-making authority to provide certain local services and facilities on a county-wide basis. Our Greene County Board of Commissioners is elected to serve for a term of four years. During this time the Commissioners are responsible for the fiscal affairs of Greene County including the annual budget, levying of real estate taxes and the investment of county funds. Administrative powers and duties of county commissioners encompass registration and elections, assessment of persons and property, human services, veterans' affairs, economic growth & development, appointment of county personnel and fiscal management.

The Board of Commissioners also oversees the entire operation of the County and represents the best interests of the citizens. Other officials are also elected to perform certain functions: the Controller, Treasurer, Coroner, Recorder of Deeds, Prothonotary, Clerk of Courts, the Register of Wills, Sheriff, District Attorney, and Jury Commissioners. Under the direction of these elected officials, the county maintains important legal records such as real estate deeds, marriage licenses, adoption papers, court records, etc.

Through the organizational structure of Greene County the Commissioners approve the employment of the county staff. Daily operations of county government are administrated via five primary departments: Finance & Administration, Law & Order, Human Services, Economic Development, and Recreation. Each of these departments manages a number of offices which provide direct services to the residents of Greene County. County business is conducted at public meetings held in the County Office Building (first floor meeting room) located 93 E. High Street of Waynesburg, PA.

Counties are required by law to provide certain services to their citizens. Each county performs a wide range of different functions:

  • Judicial administration, corrections and justice related activities: The Court of Common Pleas is administered by the county. Each county has one or more judges who are elected to sit on the bench and hear criminal and civil court cases. Counties support the courts with corrections and criminal justice programs such as the county prison, juvenile detention center, probation, and/or criminal investigation units.

  • Community development and environmental planning: Our county is closely involved in economic development and planning to improve our communities. Our county plays a role in locating a new economic growth and creating jobs, repairing or replacing bridges in a local municipality or planning for recreational facilities.

    Greene County are also interested in protecting our environment. Taking responsibility for comprehensive land use planning, storm water management planning, and planning for the proper disposal of solid waste and recycling.

  • Public health and safety: Greene County works cooperatively with the Pennsylvania Health Department on medical issues.

    Greene County has an emergency management (9.1.1) agency responsible for the creation and implementation of plans to respond and recover from emergencies such as storms, floods, explosions or other disasters. They also plan for what to do if hazardous materials are spilled or released into the environment and/or acts of terriorism.

    Our county also provides 9-1-1 emergency dispatch service to everyone in the county, making sure the police, ambulance or fire companies get to where they are needed.

  • Public Welfare: Greene County, like other Pennsylvania counties, is required to provide protective services for children and youth; mental health and mental retardation programs; drug and alcohol awareness programs; and services for the aging. A large part of the funding for these programs comes from grants from the state and federal government. Each year counties help thousands of families in need of assistance.

  • Elections: Our County also oversees all elections, the basis of our democracy. We keep a registry of voters, ensure election equipment is in good working order and also that polling places are accessible to everyone who wants to vote.

  • Real Estate Tax Assessment: To fund all these important programs, our County relies on taxes based on the value of real estate in the community. Real estate includes the buildings and land of our homes and businesses. Your local city, borough or township, and your school district also rely on the real estate tax information.
Greene County has a commitment to their citizens. Our County is a very important part of our community. Contact your county commissioners to find out more about what your county is doing.

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