News Release, Treasurer's Office to Accept Credit Cards for Tax Payments, Greene County, Pennsylvania

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News Release: April 29, 2010
Contact: Elizabeth Menhart, Communications Director (724-852-5210)

WAYNESBURG, PA — Beginning Monday, May 3, the Greene County Treasurer’s office will accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards as a form of payment for county property taxes.

County taxpayers who wish to use a credit card to pay their taxes will be charged a convenience fee of approximately 2.3 percent of the total payment, said Treasurer Cory Grandel, adding that the fee will be paid to the credit card company, not the county.

"We decided to make credit cards an option to give taxpayers the ability to pay their taxes on time," Grandel said. “This will give the taxpayer an option to pay their taxes during the discount or face period and help avoid additional costs associated with the penalty period."

"The taxpayer will then be responsible to the credit card company for paying off that balance," Grandel added. “While we realize this may not be the most traditional way to pay your taxes, this can be a good option for individuals who have limited choices in satisfying their tax bills to the county. This can also be viewed as a valuable resource for individuals who are trying to prevent their property from being transferred to the Tax Claim Bureau, which subjects their existing tax bills to additional costs and fees."

Currently, residents who pay county property taxes by May 31 will receive a 2 percent discount on their property tax bills. From June 1 through July 31, taxpayers making payments during this period will be responsible for the stated face value of their tax bills.

After Aug. 1, the 10 percent penalty already calculated and displayed on a tax bill will be enforced and due to the county as well. Collection of 2010 county property taxes will continue until Dec. 31, at which point all unpaid tax bills will be handed over to the county Tax Claim Bureau.

For more information, call the Treasurer’s office at 724-852-5225.
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