Archaeological Sites
Eighteen Archaeology Sites have been previously recorded within the watershed in both Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The majority of the 18 known sites fall within the Monongahela Culture--this is a Native American culture that dates from 1000-1700 AD. Other prehistoric sites date as far back as the Archaic Period, as early as 5000 BC.
There are hundreds of undocumented archeological sites in the Dunkard Creek Watershed. Below are the sites registered with the WV Department of Culture and History:
Osage USGS Quadrangle
1. 46Mg15, Pyle Farm, Late Prehistoric Village Site
2. 46Mg18, LaPoe, Stone Burial Mound
3. 46Mg20, LaPoe, Prehistoric Monongahela Village Site
4. 46Mg21, LaPoe, Village Complex
5. 46Mg55, Vannoy Farm, pictograph "turkey track" carved on a large stone
6. 46Mg57, (Location?), possible camp or village site
7. 46Mg69, Vannoy Farm, village site containing components dating from the Early Archaic/Middle Woodland
Blacksville USGS Quadrangle
1. 46Mg23, Worley, village complex ca. AD 900 that was thoroughly excavated (and is now the location of a large housing development)
2. 46Mg56, (Location?), village site containing some projectile points
3. (No Number), Wana, large village site located by infrared photography, not yet studied; field test confirmed pottery, shell, flint present
There are also a large number of Early Historic log homes, many of which have not been properly recorded. An effort can be made to locate and record these homes. With some guidance this can be done by interested volunteers.