Recreation Data
The following is a list of township parks or community centers found in the Dunkard Creek Watershed.
1. Dunkard Township, PA 724-839-7273
Supervisors Chairman - Michael Chory
Bobtown Municipal Park
--Baseball Field
--Playground Area
--2 pavilions with kitchen rented out in summer only Private community building in Bobtown, for bingo etc.
2. Perry Township, PA 724-324-2861 Robert Pyles, Secretary
Perry Park & Community Center in the old Mt. Morris elementary school, Mt. Morris, PA.
--Basketball Court
--Tennis Court
Boating access in Perry Township to Dunkard at the mouth of Shannon Run.
3. Wayne Township, PA 724-435-7316
Supervisors Chairman - Tim Chapman
There are no existing recreational facilities in Wayne Township. People can get access to Dunkard Creek anywhere along it. Lots of fishing and a little canoeing. Popular spot is where Hoover's Run meets Dunkard Creek near Brave.
Major Recreational Facilities
1. The Warrior Trail - A path used for 5,000 years by Native Americans from the east going to Flint Ridge, Ohio to obtain supplies of flint and to conduct commerce. The eastern terminus of the trail is on the Monongahela River, the trail runs about five to six miles north of the Mason Dixon line following the northern divide of the Dunkard Creek Watershed along the ridgelines.
Contact: Warrior Trail Association
RR 1 Box 35
Spraggs, PA 15362
2. The Catawba Trail - A prehistoric Indian trail that was the route from New England to the Carolinas that was said to make Warriors out of the young men of each tribe. Unlike the Warrior Trail, which stays on one ridge between watersheds, the Catawba Trail does cross Dunkard, Whiteley and other streams of necessity.

Contact: Bob & Connie Ammons

Route #1, Box 18-A

Core, WV 26529

(304) 879-5500

3. Mason and Dixon Historical Park - A monument at the point where the Indians insisted that Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon end their famous Mason-Dixon survey line in 1767. The line settled a boundary dispute between the Penn family of Pennsylvania and Lord Calvert of Maryland. The line started in Brunswick, New Jersey and proceeded west to the monument. A swath was cut 24 feet wide to mark the line over rough, often wooded, terrain and unbridged streams. To complete the survey required over two years and the labor of a crew of from 40 to 100 men. Park is 270 acres (half in PA and half in WV) it is owned jointly by Greene County, Pennsylvania and Monogalia County, West Virginia.
Annual events at the park include:
--Ramp Fest, third Saturday of April
--Annual picnic and business meeting, second Sunday in June
--Dunkard Valley Frontier Festival, fourth weekend in August
--Buckwheat Cakes and Sausage Feast, second Saturday in October
--Fall Covered Dish Social, second Saturday in November
--Combat Mountain Road Race, 52 mile USCF Road Race, 32 mile citizens
Park shelters, 2 activity or social rooms, ballfields available by reservation. Basketball courts, hiking trails throughout 270 acres of park. Amphitheater, museum and courses available
Contact: County Administrator
County Court House
Morgantown, WV 26505
(304) 291-7257
Jim Shepherd 304-292-7557
Richard Little 304-291-9026
For Reservations:
Bob & Connie Ammons
Route #1, Box 18-A
Core, WV 26529
(304) 879-5500
4. High Point Raceway, Perry Township, PA Motocross racetrack