Whiteley Creek — is a 3rd order stream that has a total drainage area of 54.4 square miles. It originates in Whiteley Township and flows east to the Monongahela River. The PADEP has classified this stream under Chapter 93 Water Quality Standards as a TSF from the source to S.R. 2011 bridge and a WWF from the bridge to the mouth (the Monongahela River). According to PADEP’s Internet website, no TMDLs have been approved for Whiteley Creek watershed to date, although PADEP will have an approved plan at the end of 2008. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) has officially approved this stream (from the headwaters downstream to S.R. 0088) as “approved trout waters.”

A watershed mitigation plan for Whiteley Creek (Foundation for California University, 1999) was implemented in 1999 to mitigate impacts incurred by RAG Emerald Resources Corporation during coal mining operations. Mitigation measures included planting 110 acres of warm seasons grasses, construct 23 border edge cuts, and restore 7.2 miles of stream bank (7.2 miles of fencing, 5 acres of wetland restoration, construction of 7 cattle crossings, 5 ramps, 1 watering trough, 2 H-braces, 26 spring gates, and 4 wire gates) along Whiteley Creek. Implementation measures and monitoring is ongoing. In addition, the Greene County Conservation District implemented a best management practices (BMP) for the watershed.