Dunkard Creek — is a 3rd order stream that has a total drainage area of 235 square miles. Pennsylvania Fork Dunkard Creek and West Virginia Fork Dunkard Creek converge to form Dunkard Creek along the Pennsylvania West Virginia border near the town of Brave, Greene County. The stream flows east along the PA/WV for approximately 10 miles and then heads northeast into PA until it empties into the Monongahela River at Poland Mines. The PADEP has classified this stream under Chapter 93 Water Quality Standards as a WWF. According to PADEP, TMDLs were approved in April of 2007 for Dooley Run, which drains into Dunkard Creek approximately a mile south of Mt. Morris. Dooley Run is impaired by metals specifically total iron, total manganese, and total aluminum from abandoned mine drainage (AMD) and resource extraction. A remediation plan will need to be developed for Dunkard Creek Watershed in order to meet the water quality objectives outlined in the report.

A Rivers Conservation Plan was completed in 2000 for the Dunkard Creek Watershed. Biological, physical, and social/cultural characteristics of the watershed were discussed in the report and several major concerns were identified with AMD labeled as the number one problem and first priority in the watershed. Other issues listed in descending order of priority by the Plan include: Solid waste/trash dumps, erosion/sedimentation, education, sewage, water quality, and recreation/heritage. Since the publication of the Plan, a Pennsylvania based "Friends of Dunkard Creek" group was developed through the assistance of the Greene County Watershed Alliance and a partnership with Greene County Conservation District. The purpose of the development of this association was to unify the Dunkard Creek watershed.