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Greene County Prison
855 Rolling Meadows Road, Waynesburg, PA 15370
Department of Law and Order for Greene County

Contact Persons: John Kingston, Warden
Michael Kraus, Deputy Warden and
Jennifer Gumbarevic, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 724-627-7780 / Fax: 724-852-2536

Policies and Procedures:
The Greene County Prison adopts and follows policies and procedures that are in keeping with existing Commonwealth of Pennsylvania state laws (CHAPTER 95. COUNTY CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTIONS).

The Pennsylvania Code website reflects the Pennsylvania Code changes effective through 47 Pa.B. 1900 (April 1, 2017).

Information included at PA Code website has been derived directly from the Pennsylvania Code, the Commonwealth's official publication of rules and regulations. Cite all material in the Pennsylvania Code by title number and section number (Example: 1 Pa. Code § 17.51.) Published and distributed by Fry Communications, Inc. In cooperation with the Legislative Reference Bureau under the policy supervision and direction of the Joint Committee on Documents Questions?

Prison Visitation Information:
Inmates are permitted to select eight (8) adult persons (must be 18 years of age or older) and one (1) religious advisor that he/she wishes to have visit while incarcerated at the Prison. An inmate's natural and/or adopted children will be permitted to visit when accompanied by one (1) of the authorized adults. No other persons will be permitted to visit any inmate. Previous Greene County Prison inmates will not be permitted to visit an inmate unless they have received written permission from the Warden. ALL VISITORS MUST PRESENT A PHOTO ID BEFORE BEING PERMITTED TO VISIT ANY INMATE.

Inmates are required to fill out an authorized visiting card that lists each person whom they wish to have permitted to visit. The following information must be listed for each visitor:
  • Visitor's name
  • Age of visitor (approximate age is acceptable)
  • Address of visitor (street, city and state)
  • Telephone number where visitor can be reached
  • Relationship to inmate
Inmates may update their visiting cards on the first Wednesday of each month.

Visiting days and times are set as follows:
  • Visiting Hours (beginning March 15, 2017):
    • Regular Male Visiting:     8:30-10:30am
    • Restricted Housing Unit Male Visiting:     10:30-11:00am
    • Protective Custody Visiting:     11:00-11:30am
    • Regular Female Visiting:     1:00 -3:00 pm
    • RHU Female Visiting:     3:00-3:30 pm

  • MALE Inmates:
  • Last names beginning A through M:
    • Sunday, Monday & Wednesday
    • Children’s contact (aged 10 years and younger): Tuesday, 8:30 a.m. — 11 a.m.
      (Note: Proof of identification is needed for children)
    Last names beginning N through Z:
    • Sunday, Thursday, & Saturday
    • Children’s contact (aged 10 years and younger): Friday, 8:30 a.m. — 11 a.m.
      (Note: Proof of identification is needed for children)

  • FEMALE Inmates:
  • Last names beginning A through M:
    • Sunday, Monday & Wednesday
    • Children’s contact (aged 10 years and younger): Tuesday, 1 p.m. — 3:30 p.m.
      (Note: Proof of identification is needed for children)
    Last names beginning N through Z:
    • Sunday, Thursday, & Saturday
    • Children’s contact (aged 10 years and younger): Friday, 1 p.m. — 3:30 p.m.
      (Note: Proof of identification is needed for children)
Inmates are permitted one (1) 30-minute visitation period each assigned day and two (2) visitors per visiting period, including children. Proof of identification is needed for children (such as a birth certaificate or adoption papers). Contact visits are for children 10 and under and must be a natural or adopted child only.

Prison Regulations and General Information:
  • Bail: Bail is set by the District Magistrate at the time of arraignment. Bail may be posted at the office of the arraigning Magistrate, during normal business hours. Inmates should discuss their bail with their attorney.

  • Legal Representation:
    Inmates are responsible for obtaining the services of an attorney to represent them. Inmates who are indigent or have a low income may qualify to be represented by an attorney from the office of the Public Defender at no cost. Applications are available at the Prison and may be requested from any staff member. Inmates who wish to contact the office of the Public Defender may do so by the telephone located in the cell block. The telephone number is 724-852-1258.

  • Sentence Computation: Inmates who are sentenced to serve their sentence at Greene County Prison are informed of their projected minimum and maximum release date upon initial receipt of the sentencing order by the Prison. Since, in most cases, actual release authority must be received from other agencies, these projected dates are subject to concurrence and, therefore, may be changed. If a change occurs, the inmate will be informed.

    Prison personnel are not responsible for resolving discrepancies that an inmate believes may exist in any sentencing order or other type of detention authority. Therefore, Prison personnel are prohibited from contacting judicial authorities on behalf of an inmate.

    Inmates must pursue legal matters concerning their detention and/or sentence either personally or through their counsel. Only Prison personnel the rank of shift supervisor and above are authorized to calculate and inform inmates of their projected release date. Only Prison personnel the rank of shift supervisor and above are authorized to discuss any other detention or sentence concerns with inmates.

  • Detainers: It is the Prison's policy to inform inmates when a detainer is lodged against them. Inmates are given a copy of the detainer when it is received by the Prison. Inmates will be released to the detaining authority when their local legal obligations are met.

  • Parole/Release: Inmates receiving a sentence with a minimum and maximum release date must make application for parole. Prison personnel shall initiate the application process prior to an inmate's minimum release date. Inmates applying for parole are responsible for payment of Acts 96 and 139 costs ($60 combined) prior to a parole application being completed and subsequently submitted. The Prison requires a receipt from the Clerk of Courts office verifying payment of the same.

    Generally, it takes one to two weeks for parole applications to be processed through the parole/probation office, district attorney and the sentencing judge. Inmates should, therefore, ensure these costs are paid as soon as possible. Inmates will not be released on their minimum release date if parole has not been granted by the sentencing judge.

    Those incarcerated for parole/probation violation(s) do not have to re-apply for parole. They will be released upon completion of their sentence. District Magistrates issue flat sentences with no probation period following incarceration. Inmates are released upon completion of the sentence.

    NCIC (National Crime Information Center) checks are conducted on all inmates prior to release. Inmates will be detained if a detainer or "person wanted" status is discovered, regardless of sentence completion.

  • Commitment: When an inmate first arrives for commitment, he/she is administratively and physically processed. The inmate is interviewed by the intake officer to determine the inmate's medical and mental condition. The inmate is required to provide basic routine information necessary to complete the intake process.

    During the intake process, inmates are pat-searched, strip-searched (if sentenced OR if arraigned on violent, weapons or drug charges, OR if their demeanor indicates that they may be concealing contraband), deloused, showered, photographed and fingerprinted.

  • Property: Personal property is inventoried and documented on an Inmate Property Inventory form. Inmates are required to sign the form indicating agreement with the inventory. The inmate is issued a copy of the inventory as a receipt for their property. An additional receipt is issued for cash when applicable. The receipts should be retained by the inmate as they are his/her only record of property received by the Prison.

    The below listed items of personal property may be retained by an inmate in general population. All other items (including shoes) are placed in storage for safekeeping. Property considered dangerous or contraband by the Prison administration shall not be stored. The inmate must arrange for these items to be removed from the Prison within three (3) days, or they will be disposed of in an appropriate manner.

    • Religious material (subject to approval)
    • Eye glasses, contact lenses and related paraphernalia
    • Dentures and denture storage cases
    • Pictures (no more than 10)
    • Personal letters
    • Jewelry (wedding ring, chain with religious medallion no larger than a 50-cent piece, wrist or pocket watch, medical alert bracelet or necklace)
    • All legal material (restrictions in quantity may be made)
    • Footware will be issued
    • Six (6) pairs of socks, white only
    • Six (6) pairs of underwear, white only
    • Six (6) T-shirts, white only (must be sleeved)
    • Two (2) thermal tops and bottoms, white only
    • AM/FM radio with headphones (purchased from commissary only)
    • Other items as specifically authorized by the administration

    During the first seven (7) days of incarceration, cash will be accepted at the front office by Prison personnel. After that time, money orders MUST be sent to the inmate via the U.S. Postal Service. Personal checks will NOT be accepted. Packages will not be accepted for inmates.

  • Telephone Calls: Upon completion of the initial processing, inmates are permitted to complete collect or debit calls (if they have monies on their account) from their assigned housing unit. If they are unable to complete calls, inmates will receive paper, pen and envelope to make notification of their whereabouts. Postage will be provided by the Prison.

    All housing units have telephones that can be accessed from 6:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. daily. The telephone system allows for calls to be collect or for the cost to be automatically deducted from the inmate’s commissary account. Inmates are given a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access the phone system. This number shall not be shared with other inmates. Inmates should request a new PIN if they believe their current PIN has been compromised.

  • Partial Confinement/Weekend Sentence: Individuals who have been sentenced to the Prison with the condition that the sentence be served in increments of less than seven (7) days will be partially confined or will serve on weekends. Inmates are assessed a charge of $20 for in-processing and $20 for out-processing for a total of $40 for each period of incarceration. The Prison's policies and procedures apply to these inmates, and they are held responsible for conduct as prescribed insofar as it applies to their unique confinement status.

    Partial confinement inmates shall adhere to the following rules of conduct and restriction:

    • Inmates who will require medication during their incarceration should bring only the amount needed and in current prescription containers.
    • Inmates shall report for each period of incarceration between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Friday evenings unless court ordered differently.
    • Inmates shall report in physically clean condition, including clean clothes.
    • Inmates shall report with and remit the appropriate fee at each period of incarceration (MONEY ORDER ONLY, CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED). If an inmate fails to bring the appropriate amount, they will be detained until it is paid.
    • Reporting while under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs is prohibited. Inmates will be detained if they report in this condition.
    • Inmates are prohibited from bringing items of excessive value. Do not bring keys, wallets, cell phones or other unnecessary items.
    • Inmates are permitted to maintain a commissary account and purchase items from the commissary.
    • Inmates are prohibited from receiving mail or other articles while at the Prison.
    • Inmates are not permitted visitors.
    • The attempted introduction of contraband into the Prison may result in additional charges being filed, initiation of disciplinary action and/or the inmate may be detained pending further action from the court.
    • Inmates are required to read and sign a "Rules and Regulations for Weekend Inmates."


  • Work Release: Inmates who have been granted work release as a condition of their sentence through the Court of Common Pleas shall adhere to the following court-ordered work release rules:

    • Inmates are required to produce a work schedule on company letterhead to include address, phone number, supervisor's name and the work site location, if different from the company's office.
    • Approved work days are Monday through Friday unless the court order allows otherwise.
    • Inmates are responsible to pay a $20 administrative fee for each day worked. Work release inmates are REQUIRED by statute and Greene County Prison policy to relinquish their paycheck (or a money order in the same amount) for disbursement of funds to the County of Greene, Clerk of Courts, entities or persons who have an ordered judgment(s), and to the inmate for travel expenses and support for maintaining their home while incarcerated. Inmates who are delinquent about paying the fees may have work release privileges suspended until the balance is paid in full.
    • Inmates must arrange for their own transportation to and from work. Inmates are not permitted to park vehicles on Prison grounds.
    • Inmates will be released prior to their scheduled start time to allow for travel time to their work site. Inmates must return to the Prison within the allotted travel time after the completion of the shift.
    • Inmates must go directly to and from work, with NO stops between, unless their court order allows for such.
    • Inmates may store three (3) sets of work clothes in their assigned lockers. Work clothes will be laundered by the trustees.
    • Inmates are required to notify Greene County Prison staff, in writing, if their employer or schedule changes.
    • If requested, a bagged lunch will be provided by the Prison.

  • Counseling Services: The counselor's responsibilities do not include mental health treatment or advising on legal matters. The counselor can assist with:

    • Prison work release programs
    • Referal to C.A.R.E. (drug and alcohol counseling) and the GED programs
    • Obtaining information regarding employment, continuing education and available community resources
    • A parole plan to address upcoming release needs such as housing, transportation, drug/alcohol treatment and other supportive services
    • Emergency clothing for those who will be released without proper attire to ward against exposure to elements
    • Having documetns notarized
    • Obtaining PennDOT and public assistance forms
    • General information which could be easily obtained on the internet.

    The counselor DOES NOT:
    • Provide character and/or behavioral evaluation to submit to the court
    • Grant special phone privileges
    • Give legal advice
    Requests for any of these services must be written on an Inmate Request Form.

  • Inmate Personal Property: It is the Prison's policy to account for and safeguard all personal property of inmates. Items of personal property that are permitted to be retained at the Prison, but not permitted to be possessed in population, are stored in the Prison's property room or safe. Inmates are permitted to store only one (1) set of clothing and a reasonable amount of small items. Inmates are required to dispose of excessive stored property at their own expense or have the item(s) released to a visitor. The inmate should request a Property Release form from Prison staff. This form is to be completed before any item is released to a visitor.

    Inmates are required to take all of their property with them when they are released. It is the responsibility of the inmates to ensure that they have had all property returned to them. Property that is not removed and remains unclaimed will be disposed of at the end of three (3) days.

    INMATES ARE NOT PERMITTED TO SELL, TRADE, GIVE OR TRANSFER, IN ANY MANNER, PROPERTY TO ANOTHER INMATE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Disciplinary action may be initiated against an inmate found in possession of property that is not legitimately obtained. Such property will be considered contraband and confiscated for subsequent disposal.

  • Inmate Commissary Account: The Prison maintains an individual commissary account for each inmate. All cash held by inmates at the time of commitment is credited to their account. While at the Prison, inmates may utilize funds from their commissary accounts to purchase items from the Prison commissary account vendor. Upon written request, funds may be sent to individuals. The Warden or his designee shall make a decision on a case-by-case basis.

    Inmates are permitted to receive funds through the mail to replenish their accounts. The Prison accepts only cashier’s checks or money orders. These are to be made payable to the inmates. Inmates must properly endorse such for the funds to be credited to their account. The Prison does not accept responsibility for cash sent through the mail. Cash will be accepted at the front office during the inmate's first seven (7) days of incarceration.

    Inmates are permitted to spend no more than $100 per week in commissary purchases. Commissary items may be ordered by phone, utilizing an assigned Personal Identification Number (PIN), between 6:30 a.m. Tuesday and 9:00 p.m. Sunday. Orders cannot be placed on Mondays. Commissary orders are usually delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday and are distributed as soon as possible without interfering with other ongoing activities. Holidays may affect the deliver day.

    Upon release, inmates are issued a check for the remaining balance in their account. If inmates are released after normal business hours or on a weekend, a check will be mailed to the inmate's address of record on the next business day.

    NOTE: Inmates housed in disciplinary, restricted or segregated housing are permitted to purchase only hygiene items and writing materials.

  • Indigent Inmates: Inmates are considered indigent when they have a commissary account balance of less than $2 for seven (7) consecutive days. Indigent inmates may request an indigent packet (contains shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, paper and pen) or selected hygiene items as needed. The cost of this packet will be deducted from any future funds received. All inmates, regardless of need, will be given a bar of soap every other week.

  • Magazines & Books: Inmates are permitted to have only two (2) personal magazines and/or books in their possession at any given time. Nudity is not permitted. Books and magazines in excess of two (2) are considered contraband and will be confiscated and disposed of accordingly. Such books WILL NOT be placed with the inmate’s stored property. All books, magazines and newspapers MUST be sent directly from the publisher.

  • Mail: There is no restriction concerning the number of letters an inmate may receive or send. Outgoing mail must contain a complete return address as follows: Inmate's name, Greene County Prison, 855 Rolling Meadows Road, Waynesburg, PA 15370. Letters not containing a proper return address will not be accepted for mailing. Outgoing mail is to be forwarded for processing UNSEALED.

    Incoming mail is received by the Prison Monday through Saturday (except for holidays). Mail is distributed to inmates upon receipt. All incoming mail is opened and inspected for contraband, cash and negotiable items. Contraband will be confiscated and held as evidence for any disciplinary action. Negotiable items are credited to the inmate's commissary account. A receipt will be issued to the inmate.

    The Prison does not read or censor mail in any form except when there is reason to believe that it contains information that would jeopardize the security of the Prison. Inmates are prohibited from sending mail to or receiving mail from a former Greene County Prison inmate or another inmate of any prison or correctional facility except when prior approval has been granted by the Warden via an Inmate Request form.

    Photos received in excess of 10 photos shall be placed in the inmates property bag. Photos shall not contain nudity or vulgar material.

  • Legal Mail: All incoming legal mail (courts, attorneys or public officials) is logged and must be signed for by the inmate. The mail will be opened by a staff member, in the inmate's presence. The mail will be inspected for contraband (not content) and given to the inmate. If the inmate refuses to sign, the legal mail will be returned to the sender.

  • Telephone Usage: Telephones are provided in each cellblock for the unlimited use of inmates for outgoing calls — hours of availability/access is 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. However, the telephones are provided with an on-site cutoff that may be utilized during meals, medication distribution and other times as deemed necessary to ensure the security of the Prison. The Prison inmate telephone system is equipped with a computerized monitoring system to record, track calling patterns, prevent telephone fraud and enforce the Prison's rules for telephone use.

    THE USE OF THREE-WAY CALLING and/or other devices and methods that permit the making of non-direct calls IS PROHIBITED. Any action that is intended to bypass or overcome the Prison's telephone security system is prohibited.

  • Law Library: The Prison maintains a Law Library for use by inmates. Inmates who desire to utilize the Law Library must submit a request form to the counselor and will be scheduled to attend the law library. Approval will be based on whether scheduled activities requiring the use of the library are in process. Library time will be approved in an equitable manner. The assistance of another inmate may be approved.

    Such approval requires that the requesting inmate demonstrate a legitimate need for assistance and the requested inmate has the ability to provide assistance. Inmates who have a legitimate need for legal material that is not in the library may obtain such material upon request to the Warden. The Warden will determine if the request if legitimate. Inmates must submit an Inmate Request form indicating the specific legal resource needed.
Inmate Lookup:
Emergency Alert System:
In July 2013 following a prisoner breakout, the Greene County Prison implemented a alert system that will notify county residents in the event of an emergency situation at the prison.

AMG Alerts of Chicago will offer mass emergency notifications to anyone who subscribes to the service. The agreement will cost $895 a year, but the service is free to the public. County residents, especially those living within one to two miles of the prison on Rolling Meadows Road in Waynesburg, are encouraged to register for the alert system. Click HERE to read more about the system, and/or click HERE to register for the alert system.

Prison Board Members & Meeting Notes:
  • Click HERE for current board members
  • Prison Board meetings are held every third Thursday of each month at 11:45 a.m. following the Commissioners Public Meeting in the first-floor meeting room of the Greene County Office Building, 93 East High Street, Waynesburg. The last meeting of each quarter is held at noon at the Prison.
  • To view the meeting notes, click HERE
General Information & News:
  • coming soon
Administrative & Food Service Staff: (03/21/2017)

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