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Building Security
Greene County Sheriff's Office
Department of Law and Order for Greene County

Public Contact Persons: Brian Tennant, County Sheriff
Deborah Stockdale, Department Clerk

Greene County Courthouse, 1st Floor
10 East High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370
Phone: 724-852-5218 or 724-627-7207 / Fax: 724-852-5318
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m.—4:30 p.m., Monday—Friday

Our building security provides guidance and physical security of most County facilities and employees.
Office Overview:
Our security office is a fairly new entity for our county government. A consultant was hired to provide needed security over all our county office buildings and those employed by the county. Security to enter the courthouse and offices within the Human Services Department are the main focus of security to personnel. During high profile trial proceedings, the courthouse is considered of higher risk, and main doors are locked to the general public. Employees wearing their government identification badges are permitted to enter through security scanners set up at the lower-level door; all other persons entering the courthouse during a high-profile trial will need to walk through our security scanners, relinquishing any weaponry or other devices considered harmful to other persons or our building. For additional information, please contact our security consultant listed above.

Government Building Security:
Also recently implemented is our county office building security; uptown offices are being patrolled three times daily by two security guards. These guards walk each floor of each of the county office buildings in uptown Waynesburg. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Sheriff's office at 724-852-5218 during normal business hours listed about.

In June 2014, proximity/ID cards for county building entrance was also implemented for added security. Approximately 180 ID cards will be issued to county employees to replace building keys. The cards serve both as a County ID and to open the doors to the uptown offices, including the courthouse, county office building, Ben Franklin, Fort Jackson, and 911. Once individual employees have received and tested their card, they are to turn in their building keys. Using a key to enter a door will be considered a forced entry and the logs need to be kept clean for actual problems. Card use will be explained to the department heads when the cards are handed out and the information will be filtered down to their staff. For questions on the id cards, contact the IT office at 724-852-5296.

Ordinance 2014-01 — Facilities Rules and Regulations regarding Security Ordinance:
  • NOTICE OF ORDINANCE (2014-01) County of Greene — Facilities Rules and Regulations Regarding Security Ordinance: Pursuant to Sections 509 and 2326 of the County Code, Act of August 9, 1955, P.L. 323, as amended. Notice is hereby given that the Greene County Board of Commissioners will adopt at their public meeting, in the Commissioners Meeting Room on the 1st floor of the County Office Building, on Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 10:00 am. Click here for Ordinance 2014-01 Public Notification for Facilities Rules and Regulations Regarding Security Ordinance. —— Jeffrey A. Marshall, Chief Clerk, County of Greene (724-852-5210)
Identification Badges: (Employee Handbook, pg. 44, sec. 10.5)
The County of Greene will supply all employees an Employee Photo Identification Badge during their orientation process including their photo, name, title, work department, signature and the County logo. Employees and/or their supervisors are responsible for ensuring that employees id badges are current; persons with an expired date of issue on their id badges will not be permitted to enter the public county buildings unless entering through security scanners.

Employees shall wear the Identification Badges at all time when performing work functions. The Identification Badges shall be visible and in plain view at all times and not hidden by any clothing article (i.e., coat, jacket, or shirt, etc.) unless authorized by directive by the Department Head for safety reasons.

Identification Badges shall not be worn after work hours or for non-work related activities.

Employees should immediately report lost or stolen Identification Badges to their Department Head and the Human Resources Director. The County will assume responsibility for replacement of the first lost or stolen Badge. Subsequent occurrences will become the financial responsibility of the employee.

Upon employment separation from the County, employees shall return their Identification (ID) Badges to the Human Resources Director for inclusion into the Personnel File of the departing employee.

Request a Security Escort:
County employees can request a Security Officer from the Sheriff's Office to escort them to their vehicle or other area if they are concerned for their safety. Arrangements should be made ahead of time to ensure that an officer will be available at the time you need the escort, call the Sheriff's Office at 724-852-5218.

Reporting Acts or Threats of Violence: (Employee Handbook, pg 59, sec. 12.3, pt. C)
An employee who is the victim of violence, or who believes he or she has been threatened with violence, or witnesses an act or threat of violence towards anyone else shall take the following steps:
  • If an emergency exists and the situation is one of immediate danger, the employee shall dial *4 which is a direct line to 911, or push the department panic button or contact the local police officials by dialing 9-1-1, and may take whatever emergency steps are available and appropriate to protect himself/herself from immediate harm, such as leaving the area.
  • If the situation is not one of immediate danger, the employee shall report the incident to the appropriate supervisor or manager, or to the Human Resources Department/Chief Clerk’s Office, as soon as possible.
Employees who have reason to believe they, or others, may be victimized by a violent act sometime in the future, at the workplace or as a direct result of their employment with Greene County shall inform their supervisor immediately so appropriate action may be taken. The supervisor shall inform the Human Resources Director/Chief Clerk, who may inform the local law enforcement officials.

Violence and Weapons on County Property: (Employee Handbook, pg 59, sec. 12.3)
Greene County strives to provide a safe workplace for all employees. To ensure the safety of employees, clients, contractors and the citizens of Greene County, and to reduce the risk of violence, the Greene County Board of Commissioners adopts the following Workplace Violence & Weapons Policy.
  1. Definitions:
    • Workplace — when used in this policy, is defined as any county-owned or leased buildings, any county premises, any county work location, any county vehicle, any county-controlled site, or an area that is associated with county employment.
    • Workplace Violence — is defined throughout this policy as behavior in which an employee, former employee or visitor to the workplace inflicts or threatens to inflict damage to property, serious harm, injury or death to others at the workplace.
    • Threat — is defined throughout this policy as the implication or expression of intent to inflict physical harm or actions that a reasonable person would interpret as a threat to physical safety or property.
    • Intimidation — is defined throughout this policy as making others afraid or fearful through threatening behavior.

  2. Weapons include any of the following:
    • Firearms, including but not limited to handguns, rifles, pellet guns, and similar devices
    • Knives, with the exception of pocket knives
    • Instruments capable of inflicting a heavy blow, including but not limited to nightsticks, clubs, and similar devices
    • Explosive devices, including but not limited to bombs, grenades, and similar devices; and
    • Other devices whose primary purpose is the infliction of bodily harm
The possession of firearms or other dangerous weapons in court facility is prohibited and defined under 18. Pa.C.S.š 913. For additional information, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 724-852-5218 or our Human Resources office at 724-852-5200.

County Parking Lots: (Employee Handbook, pg 44, sec. 10.4)
The County of Greene has available Restricted "Employee Only" Parking sites for ALL Elected Officials and County employees. The Restricted "Employee Only" Parking sites are as follows:
1. County Office West Lot
Located next to the County Office Building
Employees — GREEN
Elected Officials — PINK
2. Courthouse South Lot
Located in the south rear of the County Courthouse
Employees — RED
Elected Officials — RED
3. Greene County North Lot
Located at the corner of Morgan Street & Strawberry Alley
Employees — GREEN
Each of the Restricted “Employee Only” Parking lots will have color-coded rear view mirror parking passes.

Parking Permits will be issued to ALL Elected Officials and Employees. The Parking Permits will be required to be on the vehicles rear view mirror when using the restricted lots. Employees may not park in a reserved Elected Official parking spot within the restricted parking sites without the authorization of the designated official.

Parking Permits will be issued and recorded by the Human Resources Director. Parking Permits must be returned upon separation of employment with the County. Parking Permits may not at any time be transferred or reassigned by anyone other than the Human Resources Director.

The County Sheriff’s Department will be responsible to patrol each of the Restricted “Employee Only” Parking Lots and ticket vehicles who do not have a visible County Parking Permit.

Employees will not be permitted to violate local street parking restrictions (i.e., two (2) hour maximums). Employees shall not be at any time permitted to leave their work site to move vehicles to avoid local street parking violations. Employees may park in the local street parking areas to load or unload vehicles or when only reporting to worksite for less than one hour.

Employees who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension or discharge.

Building Security Officers:
  • Mark Grimes, Security Officer 1
  • Nicholas Gustovich, Security Officer 1
  • Lisa Jordan, Security Officer 1
  • Robert Lahew, Security Officer 1
  • Joshua Sifuentes, Security Officer

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