May 22, 2014 News Release: 'Canary Library' to take flight at Greene County pools, Department of Recreation, Greene County Government, Pennsylvania

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News Release

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‘Canary Library’ to take flight at Greene County pools
FOR RELEASE — May 22, 2014

WAYNESBURG, PA — The Greene County Commissioners and the Department of Recreation are partnering with the Greene County Library System to pilot a new summer reading program called “Canary Library."

Throughout the summer, carts containing library books for all ages will be available at each of the three Greene County pool sites – Alpha Aquatic Center in Waynesburg, Carmichaels Pool in Carmichaels and Mon View Pool in Greensboro. Children and adults alike will be encouraged to take a book, read and enjoy it, then either return it to the pool or keep it – all for free and without a library card. The carts will host a variety of book interests for adult and child readers.

"Canary Library" will also serve as an additional learning experience for the Recreation department’s summer Day Camp program, which provides free activities for county children ages 5 to 15. This year, Day Camp will be held June 16 through July 25 at various locations across the county. County children attending Day Camp pay a discounted rate of $2 per day to visit any of the pools during the camp hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Along with an afternoon swim, campers will now have access to a variety of books provided by the Greene County Library System.

Literacy is one of the best predictors of a child’s future success, according to numerous studies. Research shows that children and adults who have low literacy skills have poor educational, employment and health outlooks. Many of these children will not graduate from high school, will earn barely enough to stay above poverty levels and will be more likely to engage in criminal and anti-social behaviors, according to the First Book organization.

Literacy involves a continuum of learning in enabling individuals to achieve their goals, to develop knowledge and potential and to participate fully in their community and wider society.

The use of "canary" in the Greene County program’s name symbolizes an early warning that the often fast-paced lives of families today are leaving less time for reading and access to books, creating the absence of a family literary tradition and deteriorating children’s reading skills. "Canary Library" is a reference to the one-time use of canaries as early-warning systems in coal mines for detecting any dangerous gas build-ups.

To further promote literacy and the love of reading, the program organizers are searching for sponsors to help them become stewards of a Little Free Library, and purchase hand-crafted book houses to be placed throughout the county for public access.

Little Free Libraries began in Wisconsin in 2009, when a son built a model of a one-room schoolhouse as a tribute to his mother, a former school teacher who loved reading. Filled with books, he placed the model house on a post in his front yard. His neighbors and friends loved it, and the concept soon spread across the region and the country. For more information on the Little Free Library, visit

To donate books, money or time to these projects and help create a generation of lifelong readers and achievers, call the Greene County Library System at 724-852-5396, or the Department of Recreation at 724-852-5323.

For general information, please contact the Information Services
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