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To make rental arrangements, contact the Greene County Department of Parks & Recreation at 724-852-5232
Jake Blaker, Director

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107 Fairgrounds Road
Waynesburg, PA 15370

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Fairgrounds Administration Office
Department of Parks & Recreation for Greene County, Pennsylvania

Public Contact Persons: J. Allen (Jake) Blaker, Director
Mario Barchiesi, Recreation Facilities Manager

Greene County Fairgrounds
107 Fairgrounds Road, Waynesburg, PA 15370
Phone: 852-5323 / Fax: 724-852-5356 / Maintenance Building: 724-852-5326

Office Hours: 8:30 a.m.—4:30 p.m., Monday—Friday
Click HERE for our Greene County Fairgrounds Informational Brochure.

The ultimate goal of the Office of Fairgrounds Administration is to create a clean and safe environment that will enable the fairgrounds facilities to be fully utilized to their maximum potential.

Greene County Fairgrounds:
The Greene County Fairgrounds covers approximately 40 acres consisting of 12 buildings, two outside arenas, one baseball field and one half-mile track. The office is attempting to maximize the usage of all facilities, specifically ensuring consistent and regular usage of all buildings, the horse barns, the baseball field and the track.

In addition to maximizing the existing buildings and grounds, the office continues to evaluate any nuances that might be able to be adapted to the present facilities. In order to attain all of these goals, the office must have particular maintenance schedules that will enable current staffing to maintain a clean and safe environment for the general public. Maintenance schedules have been developed by the Fairgrounds Manager.

Location of the Greene County Fairgrounds:
From I-79, take Exit 14 to Waynesburg and head west on Route 21. The fairgrounds are less than a mile ahead on the right. The fairgrounds have three entrances, two from Route 21 (Roy Furman Highway) and one from Jefferson Road. Click HERE for additional travel information.

Scheduling Fairground Events:
The Greene County Fairgrounds and facilities are available year-round for meetings, activities and special events.

All arrangements are open to negotiation based on group, requirements and availability, and are subject to approval by the Department of Recreation.

The following regular events are open to the public:
  • Bi-Weekly Flea and Farm Market — held each Tuesday and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Rental fee is $6 per space. For reservations, call 724-852-5323.
  • Greene County Fair — held annually during the first full week of August.
  • Department of Recreation physical fitness programs and other scheduled events
Fairground Venue Rentals:
  • 4-H Building (#10) (Wi-Fi Available):
    • Reunions, Birthday Parties, Bridal & Baby Showers:
      • Upstairs: $70 per day (Occupancy 125)
      • Downstairs: $80 per day (Occupancy 100)
    • Wedding Receptions:
      • Upstairs: $300 per day
      • Downstairs: $325 per day ($100 security deposit required)

  • Auction Building (#9) (Wi-Fi Available) (Occupancy 250):
    • For Event: $250 per day
    • For Event Set-up: $50 per day

  • Shop/Maintenance Building (#8):
    • For Event: $175/day
    • For Event Set-up: $50/day

  • Arena Barn (#6):
    • 3 sets of bleachers
    • For Event: $600 per day
    • For Event Set-up: $200 per day ($300 security deposit required)

  • Pole Barns:
    • $25 per day

  • Stalls (#2 & #3):
    • Horse stalls: $70 per month
    • Horse stalls for 4-H Members: $45 per month

  • Show Rings Events: (Small/Large (Daily) Individual/Event)
    • $100 per day / $250 Event-sm, $300/event-lg
    • Tack Stalls: $45 per month

  • Track/Grandstand Area:
    • $1,500 per day (Occupancy 1900)

  • Concession/midfield Building (#11):
    • $25 per day
PLEASE NOTE: All prices listed are subject to change.

If you're not in need of of the venues at the Greene County Fairgrounds for one of your own event, come to one of ours! The Greene County Fair is an annual August tradition in this corner of Southwestern Pennsylvania. There is so much to do you couldn't possibly leave disappointed. The fair offers carnival rides, market and 4-H shows, a demolition derby, tractor pulls, live music, food vendors, a competition for fair queen, auctions, harness racing, baking contests and home & garden exhibits.

In addition to summertime fun at the fair, the fairgrounds serve as the site for the Flea Market held each Tuesday and Saturday. Several other local festivals, auctions, and markets are held at the fairgrounds as well. Click here for a listing of events being held at the fairgrounds and elsewhere in the county.

Building Structures:
  • In 1912, the mammoth Grandstand, which seated 2,500 people, along with the Race Track were built with the help of mules and wagons.
  • After the war ended in the 1945's, the wooden bleachers were condemned and torn down.
  • The present grandstand, with the seating capacity of 1,800, was erected at two separate times with the first half, next to the Agriculture Building, being built in 1987. The second half of the grandstand and the roof were constructed in 1990 by the Dant Corporation. The funding to build the grandstand came from a bond issue and the Fair Board donated twenty-two thousand dollars ($22,000) to complete the job.
  • In 1946, and the grounds featured two new cattle barns. Since then, a new addition has been made to the cattle barn; two new pole buildings have been added and the grounds have been restructured to be multi-purposed.
  • Other buildings include a Grange Hall, an Exhibition Hall, a two-story Community Building, an Electric Building and an office for the Fair Secretary. The softball field was built in the late 1940's, early 1950's.
  • The office on the fairgrounds was originally the blacksmith shop. In the late 1940's, it was renovated into a residential house for a grounds caretaker. The first family to reside in the house was a Hewitt family, then Walter Smith with his family in the 1960's. William Oliver Whoolery and Rebecca Marie Whoolery lived in the fairground house during the 70's and 80's and were the caretakers for the Greene County Fairgrounds. Mr. Whoolery managed the fairgrounds; taking care of the buildings, racetrack, ball fields, etc. While Mrs. Whoolery took care of the paperwork; collecting the stall rents, scheduling events, etc. This was a 7 days a week, 24 hours a day job. They have both passed on now but they loved working and living at the fairgrounds for many years. Since then, it has been used as the office for the fairgrounds.
  • The Greene (Race) Barn, which houses harness horses, and has fifty-eight (58) stalls was built in 1971 at the cost of thirty-five thousand dollars ($35,000) financed by the county. An additional fourteen (14) outside stalls were attached to the west side of the barn in 1993. The barn that originally stood on this site burned down several years before.
  • In 1974, an Agriculture Building with an indoor arena measuring 100 feet by 190 feet, and a grandstand with the seating capacity of 500 was built to replace several other small barns on the same location. These smaller barns were housed by cattle, sheep and pigs. The funding for this barn was financed from revenue sharing.
  • In 1975, the 4-H Barn was built and has one-hundred-four (104) stalls. Prior to 1975, there was a wooden barn with approximately fifty (50) stalls on this site that was torn down in order to build a larger barn. The funding for this barn was financed through revenue sharing. By 1978, there were so many horses stabled there, that in order to rent a stall, your name was placed on a waiting list and notified when an opening occurred.
  • There are six (6) barns that were equipped to stable approximately two-hundred-forty (240) horses. Two of these barns (the L-Barn and Sonny Barn) were originals. The Orndorff Barn, formerly known as the Draft Horse Barn, was originally an all wood structure that was renovated sometime in the late 1940's—early 1950's, and then again in the late 1970's-early 1980's to its present state.
  • The second show arena in the infield was built in 1986-1987.
  • The ball field was relocated to its present location since it was where the horse rings are now. The original show rings were in front of the grandstands and when anyone would have an event they would have to tear out the ends of the rings to do any shows. So people decided that to move the ring and add an additional ring to its present location would be the only solution for having multiple usage as doing an event in front of the grandstand and doing something in the horse rings and even having a ball game or soccor game and even using the buildings a multi-purpose facility.
  • A Race Trailer, purchased by the Fair Board and the County, was installed around 1990-1992 to replace a small wooden building.
  • In 1994, two pole barns were built for the purpose of housing rabbits and goats during the Greene County Fair week. The cost to construct these pole barns was partically funded through grant money to the Fair Board, with the county contributing the remaining costs. The construction of these barns was done by employees of the fairgrounds.
  • On April 23, 1996 a severe windstorm hit the fairgrounds causing major damage; completely destroying the L-Barn and rendered the Sonny Barn inhabitable. The Blacksmith Shop was partially destroyed, 87 trees were lost, the caregiver's house was slightly twisted and minor damage was sustained to other buildings within the grounds. There were no injuries to either humans or animals present on the grounds during the storm, which lasted approximately three (3) minutes. The Blacksmith Shop was refurbished the summer of 1996.
  • In November 1996, the office was moved to Building #6 (the former Blacksmith Shop) and a security guard was moved into the house (the building that is now known as the Blacksmith aka Building #6).
  • On August 11, 2009, the Greene County Commissioners dedicated a newly constructed building at the fairgrounds in honor of John Gapen, a former Greene County extension agent for Penn State Cooperative Extension. Earlier in 2009, the county completed construction on the 4,000-square foot pre-stressed fabric building, located on the eastern end of the fairgrounds. The new building will house the county’s emergency response vehicles and trailers, emergency lighting equipment and other supplies to be used in the event of an emergency or disaster. A Red Cross trailer will also be housed in the building, which was paid for with a combination of funds from the Greene County 911/Hazmat fund, the Greene County Fair Board and the county.
  • Click HERE to read about the history of the Greene County Fair.
Office Staff:   (updated 9/8/2016)
  • James Scott, Working Supervisor 2
  • Steve Shultz, Working Supervisor 2
  • Charles Haring, Jr., Maintenance Worker 3
  • Raymond Lockart, Jr., Custodial Worker 2

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