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Public Trails . . . throughout the county
Department of Recreation for Greene County, Pennsylvania

Public Contact Persons: Jake Blaker, Director

Greene County Fairgrounds
107 Fairgrounds Road, Waynesburg, PA 15370
Phone: 852-5323 / Fax: 724-852-5356
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m.—4:30 p.m., Monday—Friday

Greene County is home to many parks, pools and recreation facilities, all offering residents and visitors numerous spots to spend their leisure time. Active-duty military personnel and their immediate families may swim for free at any of the county pools under a resolution passed by the Greene County Commissioners.

Public Trail Warnings:
"If you're used to walking Greene County or bicycling here, you know it's a whole lot of up and down". Our trails are all available for public use but be aware that the trail paths do contain steep slopes, creating a potential for falling on natures debris. Also as in any natural environment, be aware of hazardous plants and animals. We ask that everyone using these trails be cautious and never go alone... the buddy system works well for all ages. These warnings are meant for your own protection, please stay safe and enjoy all of our trails.

Local Area Trails:
Greene County has several public trails across vast acreage, not necessarily owned, operated, and/or maintained by the Department of Recreation, but has been listed as a courtesy to our visitors and residents (this list may not be a comprehensive listing). The Greene River Trail is totally maintained by our Recreation Department; summer interns help in keeping the trail clean and cleared of debris. It follows the path along the Mon River and is ideal for walking, hiking/running, and biking. See below for additional information about our trail or for more information, call the Department of Recreation at 724-852-5323.
Greene River Trail:
The beautiful Greene River trail parallels the Monongahela River as it winds through the coal mining region of Greene County. The 5.1-mile trail starts in Millsboro at the Greene Cove Yacht Club trailhead Jefferson Township. From there, the trail runs south along the river through a stretch of peaceful, scenic woodlands.

Once on the trail you will follow Ten Mile Creek for under a mile to where it flows into the Monongahela River. From there, the trail runs south along the river through a stretch of peaceful, scenic woodlands. The smooth trail surface is well maintained, and the trail is enclosed by rustic wood fencing along much of the route. At about the 2 mile mark you’ll enter the town of Rice Landing. You can also to begin your ride from the Rice Landing trailhead. After Rice Landing, the trail continues to wind along the Monongahela River for another two miles until you reach the end point along Crucible Road in Crucible. The trail currently comes to an abrupt end in Crucible but will eventually extend another nine miles to Nemacolin, PA.

It is ideal for walking, running, and biking. No motor vehicles are permitted. It offers scenic views of the Mon River and surrounding wooded areas. Those who travel the trail will also be able to view several of the county's coal communities.

Parking is available at the two trail heads at Greene Cove Yacht Club and Rices Landing Borough, across from Pumpkin Run Park. Walkers, joggers, runners and bikers will find several local eateries along the trail where they can stop for a bite to eat.

Local historical landmarks can also be viewed from the trail, such as the W.A. Young & Sons Foundry & Machine Shop in Rices Landing. The shop provided machine parts for steam boats and mine machinery, which is why its location on the Monongahela was so convenient. The river served as a water highway for the coal industry and played an enormous part in establishing the economy of our region.

Please contact the Department of Parks & Recreation for more information (724-852-5323). Click here for directions to the River Trail and click here for a brochure on our public trails.

Warrior Trail:
Those who have studied the Warrior Trail predict that it was used for over 5,000 years by Native Americans for flint and fur trading, hunting, and warefare. A large section of the trail's 67-mil lenght passes through Greene County. The 45-mile Greene County section begins in the east in Greensboro and ends at Pennsylvania's border with West Virginia, six miles north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

As it winds through the county, the Warrior Trail passes through the towns of Aleppo, Nettle Hikll, and kirby. It follows a stream divide that separates the watersheds of Whitely and Dunkard Creeks. The trail is marked by conspicuous yellow dots on trees and posts, as well as both sides of any road crossing.

Warrior Trail Association
P.O. Box 103
Waynesburg, PA 15370
Contact: Llew Williams

Click here for additional information about the Warrior Trail or here for the Warrior Trail Association website.
The trail can be entered at any of its intersections with a road. There are no streams to ford and tour guides are available by contacting the Warrior Trail Association. Guides also point out local and historical points of interest.

Contact information is listed above on the right. Much of the trail passes through private property, so it is important that trail users respect the rights of property owners.

The trail is maintained by service groups from local high schools in conjunction with the Warrior Trail Association. Though it is a marked and voluntarily-maintained trail, hikers hike at their own risk.

Greensboro Borough Hiking and Biking Trail:
Come visit the old historic pottery manufacturing town adjacent the beautiful Monogahela River (Two public parking lots and a large gazebo site). This 1.5 mile of bituminous and concrete paved urban hiking and biking trail extends from Greene County's Mon View park through Greensboro Borough to the historic Lock Master's House.

The trails are maintained by the Nathanael Greene Historical Society.
For more information call 724-953-3645 or visit Foundation website.

Also, a concrete historic walking trail with amenities such as steel benches, a concrete audience plaza, kiosk, bicycle racks, billards, post and rail fencing, pavement markings, guiderail, signing, landscaping, paved and aggregate parking lots; a large 50' hexagonal steel gazebo, share the road bituminous roadway paving.

For information about the upper Monongahela Water Trail Association, go to

Catawba Trail:
Catawba Trail: runs in a north-south direction from New York through Pennsylvania to Morgantown, West Virginia. The path then continues on to the Carolinas, Kentucky and Tennessee. Within Greene County, the Catawba Path is approximately 17-miles long and is located entirely on private property and not marked or defined. Outside of the Mason-Dixon Park, there is no clear path or maintained trail in the County. Within the park, the trail's surface is grass and used for hiking only.

At the southern most portion of the Catawba Trail in Mason-Dixon Park there is a mounment located in the center of the trail indicating the Mason Dixon line that was dedicated in 1883 between Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Just north of the monument is an Adirondack shelter with a grill made of stone. Those hiking the trail can spend a comfortable night in the shelter protected from the elements.

Public Bike Trails:
Six great planned routes give riders a glimpse of the county seat, local towns, covered bridges, Mail Pouch barns, restaurants and natural scenery throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania.
  1. Waynesburg Workout Ride (11 miles, somewhat difficult)
  2. The road to Prosperity (35 miles, moderately difficult)
  3. Crucible Cruise/Greene River Trail (12.6 miles, moderately difficult)
  4. The Ryerson Roundabout (19 miles, moderately difficult)
  5. The Brave Ride (34 miles, moderately difficult)
  6. Mt. Morris to the Monongahela (37.5 miles, challenging) -- see Map

For information about BicyclePA Route A, which route stretches from Erie, PA to Greene County, PA, just north of Morgantown, WV. FMI, go to or Also, contact the Greene County Tourist Promotion Agency at at 724-627-TOUR (click here to download the Greene County Bicycling Map in PDF format.)

Ryerson Station State Park:
The hiking trails allow visitors to explore the park on foot and on cross-country skis in winter. The trails traverse many habitats, like mature forests, wet valley bottoms, evergreen plantations and fields in ecological succession. Most trails are wide, easily followed and therefore not color-blazed. Where deemed necessary, blazes are yellow. Contact the park office for detailed trail descriptions. Hikers will be able to witness a large number of different habitats: from open fields and mature forests, to marshy valleys and evergreen plantations.

Trek these paths on-foot throughout the spring, summer, and fall—then strap on your cross-country skies for a winter hike.

The part offers over two-hundred picnic tables for hungry hikers to stop for lunch. There is also a playground and public pool located at the park, and pavillions are available for rental and everyday use. Ryerson also has restrooms for public use, as well as campgrounds for both tents and trailers.
Sean Benson, Manager
Ryerson Station State Park
361 Bristoria Rd,
Wind Ridge, PA 15380
Click here for more information about Ryerson Station State Park or email or call 724-428-4254.

You can reach Ryerson Station State Park directly with questions or reservations by using the contact information provided above.

For general information, please contact the Information Services
at 724-852-5399 / Toll Free: 1-888-852-5399
Greene County Office Building, 93 E. High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370

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