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"A Village Called Brave"

The book “A Village Called Brave” has been reprinted and is ready for immediate shipping. This 382-page, hard-bound book is a history of the area with emphasis on the People's Natural Gas Company's Brave Compressor Station (1906-1959). It includes over 500 pictures in addition to biographies and genealogical information.

Books can be purchased at the Tourism office, at 724-852-tour

"Greene from the Blue"

by Jerry Hardy is now available!! This 77-page book features aerial photos of Greene County and its communities. Soft cover editions are $25.00 and hardbacks are $40.00. Stop in at the Tourism Office and get your copy today!!

Books can be purchased at the Tourism office, at 724-852-tour
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Noteworthy Facts about Greene County
Greene County, Pennsylvania

Contact Persons: JoAnne Marshall, Communications/Tourism Director

Greene County Tourism Office, Fort Jackson Building
19 South Washington Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370
Phone: 724-627-TOUR (8687) / Fax: 724-627-8608
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m.—4:30 p.m., Monday—Friday

In a fast-paced world where communication is instantaneous, you can slow down a bit and relax in Greene County. In our many communities, as well as in our county seat of Waynesburg, folks pass you on the street and call you by name. Friends chat on the courthouse steps or at the local grocery store. But the high-speed connection to the world is alive and well here and can be accessed at a moment's notice. The best of both worlds can be found in our communities, with a small-town atmosphere and a sense of belonging to a community. We welcome visitors and newcomers with open arms and quickly become old friends.

Our County's Natural Resources:

Our County's Economy & Economic Generalities:
Pennsylvania State Flag:

The first Pennsylvania State Flag to display the Pennsylvania Coat of Arms was authorized by the General Assembly in 1799. The state Coat of Arms was embroidered on a blue field on both sides of the flag. The State Coat of Arms, containing the emblems of the official state seal, was that of Provincial Pennsylvania's Penn family. It first appeared on paper money issued by the state in 1777 and two years later was adopted for display on the state flag.

Greene County Flag:

The Greene County Flag contains the county seal, which represents the county courthouse and our motto: "Cornerstone of the Keystone State".
The extreme southwestern corner of Pennsylvania> Greene County is considered the cornerstone of the keystone state. Forming the dividing boundary of the Mason and Dixon Linewestern boundary.

    North: Washington County
    East: Monongahela River separates it from Fayette County
    South: West Virginia
    West: West Virginia, known as the Panhandle.
Greene County Song:

Words and Music by James "Fuzzy" Randolph — composed in 1976 for the National Bicentennial and dedicated to all those who love and preserve Greene County's history.

    Chorus: Oh The County of Greene with its high rolling hills; Do you love it enough to share all of its thrills: Look to the sunset, wherever you are; you'll take Greene County with you, no matter how far.

    Click HERE for the complete song with sheet music by James Randolph, 2008.

    Also on June 5, 2008, the Greene County Board of Commissioners proclaimed a Greene County Song, and presented Mr. Randolph with a distinguished service to Greene County award; click HERE to view the Commissioners proclamation.
Greene County Tourist Promotion Agency (GCTPA):
The Greene County Tourist Promotion Agency extends “Southern Hospitality” to you on your next visit here. In our “rural wilderness”, we’ll show you natural trails shimmering with perfect specimens of endangered biological species. We’ll take you to the nation’s longest-running country fair, the Jacktown Fair. Our county seat, Waynesburg, is home to much of the service and retail businesses of Greene County, and an area exploding with industrial parks and technology corridors. In our “river culture" or historical zone, you can visit the historic Monongahela River. You’ll see the W.A. Young Foundry, where operations were driven by an interconnected system of belts and pulleys all powered by a single motor, a system that remains exactly as it did when operations ceased in 1965.

For more information about county attractions and events, contact the Tourism Office located in the Fort Jackson Building at 19 South Washington Street in downtown Waynesburg / Phone: 724-627-TOUR (8687) or 877-280-TOUR (8687) / Email: tourism.

For general information, please contact the Information Services
at 724-852-5399 / Toll Free: 1-888-852-5399
Greene County Office Building, 93 E. High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370

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