Current & Past Appointed Chief Clerk's for Greene County Government, Pennsylvania

Chief Clerks Office

Greene County Office Building
3rd Floor
93 East High Street
Waynesburg, PA 15370
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Chief Clerk's . . . 1916 to present day
for the County Commissioners and all County Departments, Greene County Government, Pennsylvania

Public Request Persons: Charlotte Popielarcheck, Assistant Chief Clerk

Greene County Office Building, 3rd Floor
93 East High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370
Phone: 724-852--5210 / Fax: 724-852-5327
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m.—4:30 p.m., Monday—Friday

The Greene County Chief Clerk is appointed by the county commissioners.

The responsibilities of the chief clerk are to keep the books and accounts of the board of county commissioners, the salary board, and the pension board; to record and file all proceedings and papers from meetings; to attest all orders and voucher checks issued by the county commissioners; and to perform all other duties pertaining to the office as chief clerk. The chief clerk ensures that everything is done legally under the county code, finalizing documents with the county seal.

The chief clerk has the general power to administer oaths and affirmations, pertaining to the business of the office of the county commissioners.

Past and present — Chief Clerk's:
The following is a listing of past to present appointed chief clerks and their assistants:
Chief Clerks:
  • Albert King (1916—1919)
  • Russell I. Lemley (1920—1935)
  • Edward Wood (1936—1940)
  • William Meighen (1940—1943)
  • Russell Lemley (1943—1948)
  • William Meighen (1948—1974)
  • Ellen F. Biery (1974—1977)
  • Herbert A. Cox (1977—1989)
  • Gene Lee (1989—December 31, 2010)
  • Jeffrey Marshall (January 1, 2011—present )

Assistant Chief Clerk:
  • Charlotte Popielarcheck (2011—present)

Gene Lee
, Chief Clerk (retired)
1989—December 31, 2010

Jeffrey Marshall
, Chief Clerk
January 1, 2011— present

For general information, please contact the Information Services
at 724-852-5399 / Toll Free: 1-888-852-5399
Greene County Office Building, 93 E. High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370

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