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Magisterial District Judge's . . . 1975 — present day
Department of Law and Order for Greene County Government, Pennsylvania

Greene County historical facts date back to 1796, and shows that District Justices were first created in 1969, and in 2005 their titles were changed to Magisterial District Judges. Greene County is divided into three (3) magisterial districts... where district judges hear cases for crimes that occur within their districts.

Greene County has three Magisterial District Judges, covering western, the central and eastern Greene County. District Judges have jurisdiction over the following items: summary cases; landlord/tenant cases; civil cases up to $8,000; vehicle code violations; and criminal code violations. They preside over arraignments and preliminary hearings; set and accept bail; issue search and arrest warrants; and preside over dog, fish and game violations.

Greene County first created District Justices in 1969, and in 2005 their titles were changed to Magisterial District Judges. In Greene County, our District Judges hear cases for crimes that occur in their districts. A guilty person can receive fines in district court of up to $1,000 along with court costs; the District Judges can also send people to jail. Most of the charges brought to the district court have sentences of up to 90 days. The maximum sentence to be issued is six months for certain violations.

Past and present — Magisterial District Judges (previously called District Justices):
The following is a listing of those who have held the position of County Magisterial District Judges:

  • District I / 13-3-01 (Western District):
    • 1/2018—present: David Balint, District 13-3-01
    • 2000—1/2016: Lou Dayich, District 13-3-01
    • 1975: John C. Watson, District I (re-elected in 1981, 1987, 1993)
    • 1969: John L. Daily, District I

  • District II / 13-3-02 (Central District):
    • 2005—present: Glenn Bates, District 13-3-02
    • 1987—2004: Neil Canon, District II (re-elected in 1993)
    • 1975: Ruth Hughes District II (re-elected in 1981)
    • 1969: Joseph Rapchak, District II

  • District III / 13-3-03 (Eastern District):
    • 1995—present: Lee Watson, District 13-3-03
    • 1991: Jack K. Waggett, District 13-3-03
    • 1979: Emil Bertugli, District III (re-elected in 1985)
    • 1975: Joseph Rapchak, District III
Source of Information: History of Greene County, PA by G. Wayne Smith, published by the Cornerstone Genealogical Society, Waynesburg, PA, 1996, pg. 1125) & courtesy of Tom Headlee

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