June 8, 2017 News Release: Regional Transportation Alliance of SWPA's endorsement, Greene County Commissioners, Greene County Government, Pennsylvania

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News Release

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Regional Transportation Alliance

FOR RELEASE — June 8, 2017

WAYNESBURG, PA — The Greene County Commissioners approved a resolution at their regular meeting on June 8 for the endorsement of the Regional Transportations Alliance of Southwestern Pennsylvania’s seven principles for a better transportation future and better mobility for all.

The Regional Transportation Alliance of SWPA is a public-private partnership formed in 2015 to build a vision for the ten-county region’s transportation future and to work together on mobility issues that will benefit residents and communities in every corner of the region.

"The partnership is working together as a region for the better,” said Carly Dobbins-Bucklad, Regional Transportation Alliance of SWPA project manager. “The goal is to discover the missing connections and improving the existing connections."

The seven principles are: optimize our existing assets; prioritize connections to jobs and education; embrace new operating models; make flexible, future-proof investments; adopt best management practices; support multiple mobility options; and operate as an integrated system.

Pictured, from l. to r., Commissioner Dave Coder; Carly Dobbins-Bucklad, Regional Transportation Alliance of SWPA project manager; Commissioner Blair Zimmerman; and Commissioner Archie Trader.

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