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2018 Proclamations, Resolutions, and more
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The Greene County Commissioners have proudly proclaimed several proclamations this year, describing each of the following proclamations along with a group picture, we hope you enjoy reading and honoring each of the proclaimed causes. The proclamation notices are listed by decending date order.

June 2018 Proclamation — " Commissioners recognize school retirees with PASR Day Proclamation "

During their June 21 regular meeting, Greene County Commissioners proclaimed June 28 as Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees (PASR) Day and presented the proclamation to representatives of the Greene County Association of School Retirees (GCASR), the PASR’s local chapter. The proclamation was presented to recognize the PASR and GCASR’s contributions as well as the PASR’s 80th anniversary, which took place last December. GCASR President Myleen McCollum thanked the Commissioners for the proclamation, introduced the local chapter’s other representatives in attendance – President-Elect Lorie Greene, Secretary Joyce Fortney, Treasurer Colleen Valosen and Publicity Director Barbara McMillen – and stressed to the board that the GCASR does not just represent retired teachers. “We proudly represent all retirees who are connected with education in any way,” she said.

Commissioner Blair Zimmerman said the proclamation is a well-deserved honor. “The board proudly recognizes the PASR, and particularly this local chapter, for their dedicated efforts in improving the well-being of our public school retirees,” he said. “We encourage all residents to join in and recognize this special observance.” GCASR currently has 268 local members that include retired teachers, administrators, secretaries, aides, custodians, cafeteria workers and bus drivers.

McCollum said the GCASR’s Retirement Planning Committee volunteers help active school employees prepare for retirement and welcome them into this season in their lives. The committee also serves as an advocate for all seniors. She added that the Greene County chapter also believes in supporting public education by providing a $1,000 scholarship each year to six local students seeking to pursue a career in a post high school institution. They also give six education support grants annually to recognize outstanding educators and school support professionals, and to help finance innovative educational programs developed in area public schools.

Retired school employees also contribute many volunteer hours to local communities, according to McCollum, in a variety of settings – such as schools, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, libraries and political environments. In addition, the chapter’s RECREO committee is very active and coordinates five to six travel events each year. PASR, which was officially established on December 28, 1937, is a pioneer of non-profit voluntary membership organizations nationally, having helped establish both the National Retired Teachers Association and then the American Association of Retired Persons. For more information about PASR and/or the local GCASR chapter, visit or call Myleen McCollum at 724-499-5467.
June 2018 Proclamation — " Children and Youth Services Appreciation Month "

The Greene County Commissioners today proclaimed the entire month of June as “Children and Youth Services Appreciation Month” in recognition of the commitment that Greene County’s Children and Youth Services (CYS) agency has to children and to keeping them safe. The proclamation coincides with Governor Tom Wolf proclaiming the week of June 4-8 as “Child Welfare Professionals Appreciation Week” to recognize the efforts of child welfare professionals serving the children of Pennsylvania.

Greene County Commissioner Blair Zimmerman said the men and women who work for the county’s CYS deserve the recognition. “This proclamation is for the qualified staff in CYS who are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of children,” Zimmerman said. “These are definitely not easy jobs, but they are very important jobs, and their commitment to serving our children should be applauded.”

Zimmerman said the recognition is especially important because of various factors that have impacted CYS over the recent years, including changes to the Child Protective Services Law that have significantly expanded the state’s definition of child abuse – which, in turn, has resulted in increased workloads for caseworkers and greater demands on staff and management. For Greene County CYS, Commissioner Dave Coder said the board of commissioners has been, and continues to be, focused on agency improvements that are necessary for its child welfare staff, including administrative, fiscal, social services, casework and management. “These are certainly very difficult jobs, but they are critically important for the protection of our children,” Coder said. “That is why we recognize them with this proclamation, and why we as commissioners will continue to internally assess the agency, work to increase recruitment efforts and identify and implement needed improvements.”

Commissioner Archie Trader said the county’s CYS workers deserve to be recognized. “They are tasked with protecting the children of Greene County, often with long hours, tremendous demands and possible threats to their safety,” Trader said. “We are grateful for the work they do, behind the scenes, day after day, to make the world a better place for our children and families.”

Currently, the agency has vacant caseworker positions. Anyone interested in learning more about applying can visit the county website at or by calling the Human Resources office at 724-852-5200

May 2018 Proclamation — " World No Tobacco Day "

Greene County Commissioners proclaimed May 31, 2018 as World No Tobacco Day in Greene County. The proclamation recognizes that the global tobacco epidemic kills more than seven million people each year, of which close to 900,000 are non-smokers from second-hand smoke.

“Tobacco use and second-hand smoke exposure contribute to approximately twelve percent of all heart disease deaths,” said Shanna Meyers, Drug and Alcohol Services prevention specialist. “Tobacco use is the second leading cause of cardiovascular disease (CVD), after high blood pressure.”

Public knowledge and awareness that tobacco is one of the leading causes of CVD is low, despite the availability of solutions to reduce related death and disease. The Commissioners encourage everyone to educate themselves about the impact tobacco use and exposure to second-hand smoke has on cardiovascular health.

Pictured, from l. to r., are Commissioner Dave Coder; Kara Sisk, Drug and Alcohol Services director; Commissioner Archie Trader; Shanna Meyers, prevention specialist; Commissioner Blair Zimmerman; and Tracie Sypin, prevention specialist.
May 2018 Proclamation — " Foster Parent Appreciation Month "
Greene County Commissioners proclaimed the month of May 2018 Foster Parent Appreciation Month amidst Greene County Children and Youth Services (CYS) staff, advisory board members and care providers. The proclamation recognizes foster and kinship families who unselfishly give love, security and guidance to 110 Greene County children. CYS has a strong network of foster families, and these parents work closely with the agency to prepare children to meet the challenges they will face in daily life.

“Without the foster parents, we would not be able to do our jobs,” said Sarah Braddock, CYS caseworker supervisor. “The agency appreciates all of the foster homes and their ability to step up every time we need them.”

Currently, there are five foster homes and 25 kinship homes in Greene County. Michele Robinson, a foster parent for the past 18 years, was present to accept the proclamation and to encourage others to consider opening their hearts to become foster parents.

“We appreciate and thank all foster and kinship families for their love and support of the youth in Greene County,” said Commissioner Blair Zimmerman.

Every child needs and deserves the stability and hope of a loving and nurturing home where he or she feels cared for, safe and supported. Sometimes, children must be removed from their homes where they were neglected or abused. They have learned that adults cannot always be trusted to keep them safe, and they desperately need someone to help them heal.

Anyone able and willing to open their heart to a child in need and would like additional information to help you decide if fostering a child is right for you, call Greene County Human Services at 724-852-5217 to speak with the foster care/adoption caseworker.
May 2018 Proclamation — " Mental Health Awareness Month "
Greene County Commissioners proclaimed the month of May 2018 as Mental Health Awareness Month and May 10, 2018 as National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day.

Mental health is an essential part of overall health. By increasing the public awareness of severe mental illness, the promotion of greater access to effective treatments increases for those who suffer from the potentially disabling symptoms of these disorders.

Two awards from Value Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania (VBH) were announced during the Commissioners meeting. Debbie Conard is the recipient of the Leadership in Recovery Award.

“Debbie strives daily to not let her illness define her,” said Brean Fuller, mental health director. “She takes pride of her progress and encourages others.”

Teresa Ferguson, not in attendance, was announced as the recipient of the Exceptional Family/Caregiver Award.

Addressing the complex mental health needs of children, youth and families is fundamental to the future of Greene County. To celebrate families and link families to mental health services, the fifth annual Children’s Mental Health Awareness Picnic was held on Thursday, May 10 at the Waynesburg Lions Club Park.

Pictured, from l. to r., are Commissioner Dave Coder; Commissioner Archie Trader; Debbie Conard, VBH Leadership in Recovery Award recipient; Natalie Dotson, peer specialist; Brean Fuller, mental health director; Commissioner Blair Zimmerman; and Jodi Berry, Value Behavioral Health/Beacon Health Options.
April 18, 2018 Proclamation — "Child Abuse Prevention Month"
The Greene County Commissioners proclaimed the month of April 2018 as Child Abuse Prevention Month. The proclamation recognizes that child abuse, in its many forms, is a growing family tragedy in Greene County and victimizes many of our children each year. It is the leading cause of placement out of the home into substitute care.

“Our office investigated or assessed 1,287 incidents with 772 families and 1,499 children from April 2017 to April 2018,” said Michelle Howard, Children and Youth (CYS) casework supervisor.

Child abuse is a tragedy of the worst kind, causing lasting damage to a child and society. Many organizations and individuals work together to convey a message of care and concern to communities and families that need help.

Stacey Courtwright, CYS director, recognized and thanked kingship caregivers. Commissioner Blair Zimmerman also expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the staff, board members and kinship providers on behalf of the Board of Commissioners.

Commissioners Blair Zimmerman, Dave Coder and Archie Trader, President Judge Farley Toothman, and CYS advisory board member Thelma Szarell, are pictured with employees of Children and Youth Services, Court Administration and the Sherriff’s Office.
April 18, 2018 Proclamation — "Alcohol Awareness Month"
Greene County Commissioners proclaimed the month of April 2018 as Alcohol Awareness Month. This proclamation recognizes that kids who have conversations with their parents and learn about the dangers of alcohol and drug use are 50 percent less likely to use alcohol and drugs.

Alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in the United States and excessive drinking is responsible for more than 4,300 deaths among underage youth each year. Kids who drink are more likely to be victims of violent crime, to be involved in alcohol-related traffic crashes and to have serious school-related problems.

The Greene County Commissioners call upon all citizens, parents, governmental agencies, public and private institutions, businesses, hospitals, schools and colleges to support efforts that will provide early education about alcoholism and addition and increase support for individuals and families coping with alcoholism. Through these efforts, together, we can provide “Hope, Help and Healing” for those in our community who are facing challenges with alcohol use and abuse.

Pictured, from l. to r., are Commissioner Dave Coder; Commissioner Archie Trader; Kira Sisk, Greene County Department of Human Services drug and alcohol director; and Commissioner Blair Zimmerman.
April 19, 2018 Proclamation — "Sexual Assault Awareness Month"
Greene County Commissioners proclaimed the month of April 2018 as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The proclamation calls attention to the fact that sexual violence is widespread and impacts every person in this community.

The theme for this year’s campaign is “Embrace Your Voice.” The campaign informs individuals on how they can use their words to stop sexual violence before it happens by promoting safety, respect and equality.

“People do not like to talk about sexual assault,” said Joanna Dragan, Sexual Trauma and Treatment and Recovery Services (STTARS) program supervisor. “We need to make sure we are having conversations.

Individuals can embrace their voices to show their support for survivors, stand up to victim blaming, shut down rape jokes, correct harmful misconceptions, promote everyday consent, and practice healthy communication with kids.

Pictured, from l. to r., are Commissioner Dave Coder; Commissioner Archie Trader; Joanna Dragan, STTARS program supervisor; Kristen Hohing, STTARS program team leader; and Commissioner Blair Zimmerman.
April 19, 2018 Proclamation — "Pastor John Dorean"
Greene County Commissioners presented Pastor John Rich Dorean with a certificate of appreciation for his service to the Redevelopment Authority Board of Directors.

Pastor John Rich Dorean has made a tremendous difference in Greene County with his dedication, knowledge and passion. From serving as Pastor of the Jefferson Baptist Church for over thirty-six years, to his strong and passionate involvement with the Habitat for Humanity, he was a vital leader on the Redevelopment Authority Board of Directors for many years.

The Commissioners thank Dorean for his passionate involvement and dedication to Greene County, and wish him and his family well on the next chapter in Norman, Oklahoma.

Pictured, from l. to r., are Commissioner Dave Coder; Commissioner Archie Trader; Pastor John Dorean; and Commissioner Blair Zimmerman.
April 5, 2018 Proclamation — "National National Library Week"
Greene County Commissioners proclaimed the week of April 8-14, 2018 as National Library Week. The proclamation recognizes that libraries have long served as trusted and treasured institutions, and library workers and librarians fuel efforts to better their communities, campuses and schools. The Eva K. Bowlby Public Library in Waynesburg and Flenniken Public Library in Carmichaels offer a variety of programs for all ages such as story classes, reading competitions, arts and crafts, and online Gale Courses for personal, professional and career development. Library-by-Mail also offers homebound residents that are homebound access to library materials through the mail.

“There is a different program a day at our libraries,” said Amy Ryan, Greene County Library System administrator.

Greene County libraries are also connected to libraries in Washington and Fayette County through the WAGGIN Network. Residents have access to nearly one million materials including best sellers, DVDs, audiobooks, video games, magazines, newspapers, databases, online courses and eBooks.

The Greene County Commissioners encourage residents to visit their local libraries and explore all libraries have to offer.

Pictured, from l. to r., are Commissioner Dave Coder; Commissioner Archie Trader; Amy Ryan, Greene County Library System administrator; Nicole Mitchell, Flenniken Public Library director; and Commissioner Blair Zimmerman.
April 5, 2018 Proclamation — "National Grange Sesquicentennial Anniversary"
Greene County Commissioners issued a proclamation for the National Grange Sesquicentennial Anniversary. The proclamation recognizes the legacy and service of the Grange and Grange members across the nation for the past 150 years.

Greene County Commissioners issued a proclamation for the National Grange Sesquicentennial Anniversary. The proclamation recognizes the legacy and service of the Grange and Grange members across the nation for the past 150 years.

Greene County has three granges, the Harvey-Aleppo Grange, Carmichaels Grange and East Franklin Grange. In addition, the Greene County Pomona Grange is a county grange for everyone.

“We are active in legislation,” said Mary Jane Kent, master of the Harvey-Aleppo Grange. They are currently working with legislation to obtain Wi-Fi for rural areas she informed.

Pictured, from l. to r., are Commissioner Dave Coder; Commissioner Archie Trader; Mary Jane Kent, Harvey-Aleppo Grange #1444 master; Mary Dinsmore, Greene County Pomona Grange #63 master; and Commissioner Blair Zimmerman.
April 3, 2018 Proclamation — "National Service Recognition Day"
Greene County Commissioners proclaimed April 3, 2018 as National Service Recognition Day. The proclamation recognizes that service to others is a hallmark of the American character and central to how we meet our challenges.

Blueprints received the Senior Corps’ Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) grant in the summer of 2017 to develop a network of volunteers and service opportunities in Greene County. Since then, 46 RSVP volunteers have enrolled to serve in Greene County. The volunteers provide vital support to residents and improve their quality of life.

“By issuing a proclamation today, the Commissioners highlight the importance of citizen engagement, recognize the dedication of national service members, and inspire more residents to get involved in their communities,” said Jill Peth, Blueprints RSVP coordinator.

In addition, Perth recognized and thanked Bonnie Taylor, of Americorps, serving as Blueprints project communications coordinator and Joe Cook and Chris Sheldon, RSVP volunteers and Home Delivered Meals Drivers.

Pictured, from l. to r., are Commissioner Dave Coder; Jill Peth, Blueprints RSVP coordinator; Commissioner Archie Trader; Joe Cook, RSVP volunteer; Stacy Stroman; Blueprints director; Bonnie Taylor, Blueprints project communications coordinator; Chris Sheldon, RSVP volunteer; Nancy Riggle, Southwestern PA Area Agency on Aging Greene County supervisor; Commissioner Blair Zimmerman; and Bridget Dennison, Blueprints center service manager.
February 8, 2018 Proclamation — "Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month"
During their Feb. 8 regular meeting, Greene County Commissioners proclaimed the month of February 2018 Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month.

According to the proclamation, females between the ages of 16 and 24 are more vulnerable to intimate partner violence, experiencing abuse at a rate almost triple the national average. By providing young people with education about healthy relationships and by changing attitudes that support violence, dating violence can be prevented.

We want to educate teens on healthy relationships and red-flag relationships,” said Andrea Foster, prevention/education specialist for Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern Pennsylvania (DVSSP).

DVSSP will also host "One Billion Rising" at the Greene County Fairgrounds 4-H Building on Saturday, Feb. 17 from 10 a.m. to noon. The public is invited to the free dance and encouraged to wear something red, pink or black to show solidarity against exploitation of women.

For more information on teen dating violence awareness and prevention, call the Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern Pennsylvania’s Greene County satellite office at 724-852-2463.

Pictured, from l. to r., are Commissioner Dave Coder; Commissioner Archie Trader; Andrea Foster, DVSSP prevention/education specialist; Cheryl McCready, DVSSP Greene County satellite office coordinator; and Commissioner Blair Zimmerman.

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