Greene County Prison

Greene County Prison's Mission

It is the mission of the Greene County Prison to serve and protect the County’s citizens with safe, humane, and lawful incarceration of offenders, by providing treatment programming and structure to support inmate accountability and successful community integration.

We provide our employees with training and support which promotes and develops highly-skilled and motivated corrections professionals.

We maintain a partnership with human service agencies, volunteers, religious groups, and service providers in order to respond to the multiple needs of offenders and the challenges they meet in their return to the community. As a team, we strive to facilitate the successful reintegration of offenders into the community as responsible and productive citizens.

Contact Information

Greene County Prison
855 Rolling Meadows Road
Waynesburg, PA 15370
Hours of Operation: Facility: 24 Hours / Business: M-F 8:00AM to 4:00PM

Department Contacts:

Anthony Gumbarevic
Jerad Cline
Deputy Warden
Virginia Cain
Administrative Assistant
Robin Lantz
Lieutenant / Shift Commander
Brian Kirby
Lieutenant / Shift Commander
John Nilson
Lieutenant / Shift Commander
Bill Strope
Lieutenant / Shift Commander
Zack Phillips
Lieutenant / Shift Commander
Pamela White
John Struble
Monte Keys
Corrections Officer
Kelly Rishell
Corrections Officer
Alison Tenney
Corrections Officer
Tyler Cummins
Corrections Officer
Nicole McGrady
Corrections Officer
Tina Smith
Corrections Officer
Jamie Maher
Corrections Officer
Rhonda Watson
Corrections Officer
B.J. Tedrow
Corrections Officer
Ryan Baker
Corrections Officer
Allison Gerhardt
Corrections Officer
Shad Hixenbaugh
Corrections Officer
Samantha Sokol
Corrections Officer
Tanner Six
Corrections Officer
Hunter Wasson
Corrections Officer
Richard Henderson
Corrections Officer
Corey Supan
Corrections Officer
Charity Bennett
Corrections Officer
Levi Fox
Corrections Officer
Burke Sheets
Corrections Officer
Josh Galbraith
Corrections Officer
Robert Rush
Corrections Officer
Jonathan Davis
Corrections Officer
Misty Lewis
Food Service Supervisor
Sharon Phillips
Food Service Worker
Deana Anderson
Food Service Worker

Prison Information

Inmate Lookup Click the logo to search for an inmate by name or identification number. Be advised the inmate locator will not function properly with Internet Explorer. Please use Chrome or Edge as your web browser. 



Add Funds Online You can add funds to an Inmate's Account online by clicking on the logo

Inmate Commissary Account:
The Prison maintains an individual commissary account for each inmate.  All cash held by an inmate at the time of commitment is credited to their account. The inmate will use an automated money kiosk to deposit their cash onto their Inmate Commissary Account. The inmate will also be able to use a Debit/Credit Card to deposit additional funds to their account during the intake process. While at the Prison, inmates may utilize funds from their commissary account to purchase items from the Prison commissary vendor.  Upon written request, funds may be sent out to individuals.  The Warden or his designee shall make a decision on a case by case basis.  Inmates may pay fines, costs, or Act 96 and 139 fees from their account by making a written request to the Deputy Warden or Warden.

Inmates are permitted to receive funds while incarcerated.  Money can be deposited on an inmates account by friends and family 3 different ways. They can deposit money through the Greene County Website by clicking the link on the Prison’s page or going to They can deposit cash using the automated money kiosk in the Prison’s Lobby. They can deposit money using a Debit/Credit card using the automated money kiosk in the Prison’s Lobby. The depositor can only deposit $300.00 per week. There is a fee associated with each deposit. A fee of $3.25 will be assessed for cash deposits. A fee of $3.25 will be assessed for Debit/Credit deposits of $1-$25. A fee of 10% will be assessed for Debit/Credit card deposits of $26-$300.  Negotiable items will NOT be accepted through the mail or at the Administrative Assistances window.

Inmates are permitted to spend no more than one hundred dollars ($100.00) per week on commissary purchases.  Commissary items must be ordered by phone, utilizing an assigned Personal Identification Number (PIN), between Tuesday 6:00 a.m. and Sunday 9:00 p.m.  Orders cannot be placed on Mondays.  Commissary orders are usually delivered on Wednesday and are distributed as soon as possible without interfering with other ongoing activities, but no later than Saturday.  Holidays may affect the delivery and distribution day.

Upon release, inmates are issued a debit card for the remaining balance in their account. Inmates transferring to another facility will have their monies refunded by check.

NOTE:  Inmates housed in disciplinary, restricted or segregated housing are permitted to purchase only hygiene items and writing materials. Fifty percent of monies received will be withheld to cover debt incurred (i.e. haircuts, indigent items, re-imbursement for damages etc.) Monies owed (debt) will be re-activated at re-commitment(s) until the debt is satisfied.

Indigent Inmates:
Inmates are considered indigent when they have a commissary account balance of less than $2 for seven (7) consecutive days. Indigent inmates may request an indigent packet (contains toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, deodorant, paper, pen, and stamped envelopes) or selected hygiene items as needed. The cost of this packet will be deducted from any future funds received. All inmates, regardless of need, will be given access to body wash/shampoo to maintain their personal hygiene.



Sign up for Emergency Notifications
To receive emergency notifications from AMG Alerts, sign up by clicking the logo.
AMG Alerts is a mass emergency notification system that will inform subscribers of any type of prison emergency that has the potential of affecting the community. This service is free to the public. County residents, especially those living within one to two miles of the prison on Rolling Meadows Road in Waynesburg, are encouraged to register for the alert system.


To opt out of receiving notifications from Greene County Prison's alert database, you may opt out of the general program via the removal link you receive in any Email alert or Update Request. You may also reply with 'STOP' to any Text notification you receive. You may also contact the prison at 724-627-7780 and request to be removed from the AMG Alert notification list.


VINE is a solution that lets victims of crime and other concerned citizens access timely and reliable information regarding offenders. It is offered free of charge to registrants, is completely confidential, and features multiple language support.

Offering peace of mind, the VINE service lets victims call toll-free at 1-866-277-7477 (option 2), visit, or use the VINELink™ mobile app to anonymously check on an offender’s custody status.

Victims can also register to receive automated notifications about changes in that status via their choice of format: phone, email, or text. TTY (hearing impaired) service is also available.

For more information about VINE visit HERE


Connect With Your Friends and Family To stay in contact with an incarcerated inmate, visit CIDNET's website to set up an account or recieve further information by clicking the logo. Click HERE for a reference guide.
Telephone Calls:
Upon completion of the initial processing, inmates are permitted to complete collect or debit calls from their assigned housing unit. If they are unable to complete calls, inmates will receive paper, pen and envelope to make notification of their whereabouts. Postage will be provided by the Prison.

All housing units have telephones that can be accessed from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. daily for the unlimited use by inmates for outgoing calls. The telephones are provided with an on-site cutoff that may be utilized during meals, medication distribution and other times as deemed necessary to ensure the security of the Prison. The telephone system allows for calls to be collect or for the cost to be automatically deducted from the inmate’s commissary account. Inmates are given a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access the phone system. This number shall not be shared with other inmates. Inmates should request a new PIN if they believe their current PIN has been compromised.
The Prison inmate telephone system is equipped with a computerized monitoring system to record, track calling patterns, prevent telephone fraud and enforce the Prison's rules for telephone use.
 Any action that is intended to bypass or overcome the Prison's telephone security system is prohibited. The following acts are prohibited and may result in loss of phone privileges:
  • Three-way calls.
  • Threats.
  • Contact with witnesses (or potential witnesses.)
  • Using another inmates PIN.
  • Stealing another inmates PIN.
  • Letting another inmate use their PIN
  • Damage or attempting to damage the phone system.
  • Criminal activity.



When an inmate first arrives for commitment, he/she is administratively and physically processed. The inmate is interviewed by the intake officer to determine the offender's medical and mental condition. The inmate is required to provide basic routine information necessary to complete the intake process. During the intake process, inmates are subject to a pat-search and/or unclothed search, depending on the offender's charges and/or demeanor and/or past record. The inmate will be subject to being photographed and fingerprinted. The inmate will go through a medical screening which includes a delousing protocol.

Bail is set by the District Magistrate at the time of arraignment. During  business hours, bail may be posted at the office of the arraigning Magistrate. During non-business hours bail can be posted with the On-Call Magistrate, time and location will be at the Magistrates discrestion. Bail can also be arranged with a professional bail company.

Click HERE for a list of approved bond companies for Greene County

Sentence Computation:
Inmates who are sentenced to serve incarceration time at Greene County Prison are informed of their projected minimum and maximum release date upon initial receipt of the sentencing order by the Prison. Since, in most cases, actual release authority must be received from other agencies, these projected dates are subject to concurrence and, therefore, may be changed. If a change occurs, the inmate will be informed. Prison personnel are not responsible for resolving discrepancies that an inmate believes may exist in any sentencing order or other type of detention authority. Therefore, Prison personnel are prohibited from contacting judicial authorities on behalf of an inmate. Inmates must pursue legal matters concerning their detention and/or sentence either personally or through their counsel. Only Prison personnel the rank of Shift Commander and above are authorized to calculate and inform inmates of their projected release date.

A Detainer is a lawful hold from another County lodged against an inmate. It is the Prison's policy to inform inmates when a detainer is lodged against them. Inmates are given a copy of the detainer when it is received by the Prison. Inmates will be released to the detaining authority when their local legal obligations are met.

Inmates receiving a sentence with a minimum and maximum release date must make application for parole. Prison personnel shall initiate the application process approximately 10 days prior to an inmate's minimum release date. Inmates applying for parole are responsible for payment of Acts 96 and 139 fees ($60 combined) prior to a parole application being completed and subsequently submitted. The Prison requires a receipt from the Clerk of Courts office verifying payment of the same.
Generally, it takes one to two weeks for parole applications to be processed through the parole/probation office, district attorney and the sentencing judge. Inmates should, therefore, ensure these costs are paid as soon as possible. Inmates will not be released on their minimum release date if parole has not been granted by the sentencing judge.Those incarcerated for Parole/Probation Violation(s) do not have to re-apply for parole. They will be released upon completion of their sentence. District Magistrates issue flat sentences with no probation period following incarceration. Inmates are released upon completion of the sentence. NCIC (National Crime Information Center) checks are conducted on all inmates prior to release. Inmates will be detained if a detainer or "person wanted" status is discovered, regardless of sentence completion.



Click to Register an Video Visitation Account Account

Click the CIDNet Logo to register an account for Video Visitation

Inmates are permitted no designated number limit on approved adult persons (18 years of age or older) for video visitations. Religious advisors that the inmate wishes to have video visitation while incarcerated are permitted to register for video visitation. (See section C for registration) 
Video Visitation:
  • This type of visit is through advanced technology that allows a visit between an inmate and an approved visitor to occur through audio and video enabled devices.
  • This type of visit is monitored and recorded. 
  • Inmates are permitted 10, 15, or 20-minute visitation periods if a remote video visit is scheduled. 
  • Inmates are permitted 30-minute visitation periods if an onsite video visit is scheduled.
  • Inmates may receive multiple visitors and visitation periods per day; however, limited time slots may be available depending on the number of visits scheduled per day.
  • Visitors must be approved before they are permitted to participate in visiting periods. 
  • Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent or guardian and the adult must be an approved visitor.  

Inmate’s visitors are required to register an account with our contracted phone company by using one of two methods to register. 

Visitors with internet access:
  •      Create an account on the contracted phone company’s website and provide the information listed in below.
  •      The registration website link is located on the Prison’s Webpage.
Visitors without internet access:
  • Shall report to the Facility Monday through Friday, between 0800-1600 and request to be registered for a Video Visitation account.  The person must provide the information listed below.
They must provide: 
  • Valid email address
  • First and Last Names
  • Current Address
  • Cell Phone Number/s
  • Landline Phone Number/s
  • Valid State/Federal ID
  • Relationship to inmate
Administration Staff shall approve or deny newly registered accounts.
New visitors can register a new account at any point during the Inmate’s incarceration period.
Previous Greene County Prison inmates will not be approved if an account is created to visit a current inmate unless they have received written permission from the Warden or it has been a minimum of 6 months since their last incarceration.
Only the Administrative Assistant, Shift Commander or above are permitted to input visiting information into the Jail Management System.

Male and Female Inmate Video Visiting Hours:
  • Remote Video Visiting: 0830-2100
  • 7 Days a week
  • On site Video Visiting: 0830-1530
  • 5 Days a week: Monday through Friday (including holidays)
Scheduling A Video Visit
All Video Visits have to be prescheduled. 
  • Visitors that have access to the internet can schedule a remote or onsite visit by going to the contracted phone company’s website and schedule a visit by logging into their registered account. (See above for Registering Information)
  • Visitors that do not have access to the internet can schedule an onsite visit by calling the Facility at (724) 627-7780. The caller shall be required to answer a security question to confirm the caller’s identity. If the visitor’s identity can be confirmed an onsite visit will be scheduled. 
Video Visitation Specific Rules (Remote and Onsite)
  1. Nudity or lude behavior is prohibited 
  2. 3-way video calls, using another video device is prohibited. 
  3. Dress appropriately (no short shorts or skirts, no see-through clothing.  Undergarments are required) No low-cut shirts.
  4. The visitor account holder that scheduled the visit is responsible for the content that is displayed during the video visit.

Contact visits:
This type of visit is a face-to-face meeting in the secured portion of the conference room where the Inmate can have physical interaction with biological or adopted child/ren under the age of 10.
Contact Visits shall only be approved when the visit is initiated by a CYS Caseworker or through a court order.
A CYS Caseworker shall be present during the totality of the contact visit.
Inmates are permitted (1) 30-minute contact visit, per week, with their child/ren. The minor must arrive with a legal guardian and/or CYS Caseworker. 
Proof of the inmate's legal relationship with the child/ren must be presented at each visiting period (i.e. Birth Certificate or Legal Court Documents). 
The children will NOT be permitted to bring in coats, food, drinks, or toys. One (1) diaper, one (1) bottle, a small container or plastic baggie of diaper wipes, and one (1) pacifier will be allowed for infants and/or toddlers. These items shall be inspected for contraband.
The Parent, Guardian, or Caseworker that brought the child/ren in must turn out every pocket within the child/ren’s clothing prior to a visit.
The inmate is responsible for the child’s behavior. 
Any attempt to introduce contraband with the child will result in termination of the visit and denial of future visits. Criminal charges may also be filed against all responsible parties.
All visitors entering the Prison may be subject to a pat search if reasonable suspicion is present that they are in possession of contraband. 

General Visitation Rules
  1. Display proper photo identification if 16 years of age or older
  2. Dress appropriately (no short shorts or skirts, no see-through clothing.  Undergarments are required) No low-cut shirts.
  3. Cell phones, cameras and recording devices are NOT allowed inside the building.
  4. Vehicle keys and photo ID are the only items allowed in the visiting room (no purses, bags etc.)
  5. Smoking or the use of tobacco products is prohibited
  6. The attempt or introduction of medications or controlled substances is prohibited.
  7. Drugs and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  8. Chewing gum is prohibited 
  9. Bringing in food and/or beverages is prohibited
  10. Disruptive behavior and/or the use of obscene or belligerent language is prohibited
  11. Nudity or lude behavior is prohibited 
  12. Visitors must obey all instructions of Prison staff members
  13. Children must be supervised.
All visitors entering the Prison are subject to a metal detector screening.
The Shift Commander and/or Administrative Assistant may deny entry into the Prison or eject a visitor who violates any of the above rules or at any time that he/she believes such action is in the best interest for the safety and security of the Prison. If the rules are violated, the violator may be banned from being permitted on prison grounds for an undetermined amount of time.
Inmates or Visitors that display any nudity or lewd behavior shall be immediately banned from using the video visitation system for a period of time determined on a case-by-case basis. 
Inmates will be given visiting information upon commitment by being shown the Inmate Orientation Video and having a copy of the Inmate Handbook available to them.
Approved visitors’ names cannot be released to the public. Callers asking to determine if they are registered to visit an inmate shall be directed to the contract phone companies webpage to register an account. 
  • If the caller doesn’t have internet access, a security question shall be asked to confirm the caller’s identity to determine if they are registered or not. (See section I.C. on Registering a visitor without internet.)
Special inmate visits may be authorized when extraordinary circumstances exist to justify such visits.  Written requests for a special visit must be submitted to the Warden or Deputy Warden for approval. ALL VISITS ARE RECORDED BOTH AUDIO AND VISUAL. Inmates must enter their phone pin to begin a visit.
Restrictions may be placed on visiting, including denial of a visit, when, in the discretion of the Warden or Designee, restrictions are necessary to maintain the safety or security of the prison.



Legal Representation:
Inmates are responsible for obtaining the services of an attorney to represent them. Inmates who are indigent or have a low income may qualify to be represented by an attorney from the office of the Public Defender at no cost. Applications are available at the Prison and may be requested from any staff member.
Click HERE for a blank, printable Public Defender Application.  Click HERE for a  fillable, printable Public Defender Application.
Inmates who wish to contact the office of the Public Defender may do so by the telephone located in the cell block. The telephone number is 724-852-1258. A call to this number is NOT recorded.

Law Library:
The Prison maintains a Electronic Law Library for use by inmates. Inmates who desire to utilize the Law Library must submit a request form to the Counselor or request the use of the Law Library at 8:00 a.m. or 4:00 p.m. The Counselor will schedule the inmate to attend the Law Library. Approval will be based on whether scheduled activities requiring the use of the library are in process. Library time will be approved in an equitable manner. The assistance of another inmate may be approved. Such approval requires that the requesting inmate demonstrate a legitimate need for assistance and the requested inmate has the ability to provide assistance. Inmates who have a legitimate need for legal materials that are not readily available may obtain such material upon request to the Counselor or Warden. The Warden or Counselor will determine if the request is legitimate. Inmates must submit an Inmate Request form indicating the specific legal resource needed.

Legal Mail:
All incoming legal mail (courts, attorneys or public officials) is logged and must be signed for by the inmate. The mail will be opened by a staff member, in the inmate's presence. The mail will be inspected for contraband (not content) and given to the inmate. If the inmate refuses to sign, the legal mail will be returned to the sender. The Inmate may also send out legal mail. Legal mail may be sealed by the inmate prior to sending it out. The recipient and the address must match a person or department with official legal authority before the mail will be sent with the "legal" designation.



Work Release:
Inmates who have been granted work release as a condition of their sentence through the Court of Common Pleas shall adhere to the following work release rules:
  • Work release is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. Your work release privilege may be suspended for violation of any of the rules or for cause as determined by the Warden or his designee.
  • Work release inmates shall relinquish their paychecks to the Prison for deposit in the Inmate Welfare Fund. Disbursements shall be made for payment of board, travel expenses, support, court costs and fines and/or others as permitted under 42 PaCSA 9755.1 (see attached). This does not apply to work crews sponsored by the prison.
  • Inmates are responsible for arranging transportation to and from their work site. VEHICLES ARE NOT PERMITTED TO BE PARKED ON PRISON PROPERTY OR ANY COUNTY PROPERTY.
  • Inmates are permitted to bring three sets of work clothes with them when reporting to the prison. Clothing and work shoes will also be accepted at the front office. A locker will be provided for storage of clothing and shoes. Clothing will be washed in the prison laundry. Footwear SHALL remain in the locker.
  • ALL work release inmates MUST provide the prison administration with a work schedule to include name of the inmate, date, days and hours of work, company name, address and telephone number of employer and supervisor. Your supervisor must sign the letter. Work release shall be allowed no more than 12 hours per day, unless specifically authorized by the sentencing court.
  • Inmates are to go directly to and from the work site. No stops in between are permitted unless prior approval has been given by the Warden or his designee, his/her Adult Probation Officer or the court of record. An exception shall be made for the purpose of obtaining a money order to pay the required fees. Inmates are not permitted to leave the work site except for job related reasons.
  • Inmates must be at their job site. If work is cancelled the inmate is to report back to the prison immediately.
  • Inmates are not permitted to bring any items into the prison except work clothes. Shoes, coat and hat shall remain in the locker. Monies for commissary must be mailed into the prison as a money order.
  • Any inmate attempting to bring any contraband into the prison shall have work release privileges revoked.
  • Inmates are subject to drug and alcohol screening at any time. Returning to the prison under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited. If you test positive for any prohibited substances your work release privileges shall be suspended. You may petition the court for a hearing on the matter
  • Inmates are not to have contact with any victims of their crimes or the public unless it is job related.
  • Inmates are not permitted to pass or deliver mail, or make personal phone calls while at their job site(s).


For a printable version of the Work Release Rules click HERE

Partial Confinement/Weekend Sentence:
Individuals who have been sentenced to the Prison with the condition that the sentence be served in increments of less than seven (7) days will be partially confined or will serve on weekend status. The Prison's policies and procedures apply to these inmates. In addition to the standard policies and procedures, partially confined inmates have to adhere to the following rules:
  • The administrative fee of $40.00 must be paid with a money order only. You will not be released at the end of your weekend incarceration unless the fee is paid.
  • Any monies for commissary must added to the inmates funds using the automated money kiosk in the front lobby prior to the inmate being processed in. Commissary is ordered via the phone system and will be delivered during your next incarceration period.
  • You are to arrive at the prison at the court ordered time. You must report to the front lobby. You will be out-processed as close to your report time as possible.
  • You are NOT permitted to park a vehicle on Prison property or the Corner Cupboard Foodbank. Transportation is your responsibility.
  • You will be detained if you report to the facility with alcohol on your breath or obviously under the influence. You are required to submit to drug screening when ordered. A positive drug screen will result in detention and suspension of weekend privileges.
  • Attempt to introduce or the introduction of contraband will result in a misconduct and suspension of weekend privileges.
  • You are NOT permitted to bring cell phones, weapons, wallets, purses, cameras, tobacco products or excess jewelry when reporting. You may retain a watch and wedding band only. You will be assigned a locker for storage of your street clothes and footwear.
  • You will be subject to a delousing showering procedure which will include removing all make-up.
  • You will NOT be permitted visitation privileges.
  • You are responsible for providing prescribed medications. You will be permitted to bring the proper dosage of each medication (in its proper packaging) for only the number of days you are incarcerated. Medications must be current.
  • You will NOT be issued a razor.
  • You will NOT be permitted to receive mail.
  • You are responsible for all items issued to you. You will be charged appropriately for the replacement of lost or damaged items.
  • You will be permitted to bring in one pair of socks (white), one t-shirt (white), one underwear (white) and one bra (white, no wire) for each day of incarceration.
  • You are expected to follow all prison rules and be familiar with the contents of the inmate handbook. A misconduct may result in suspension of your weekend privileges.
  • You are responsible for paying the Act 96 and 139 fees ($60) at the Clerk of Courts office prior to making application for parole. You must continue to report to your weekend commitment until parole has been approved by the Probation office, District Attorney and Judge of Common Pleas (for sentences with a minimum and a maximum term.)


For a printable version of the Weekend Rules, click HERE

There is no restriction concerning the number of letters an inmate may send. Outgoing mail must contain a complete return address as follows: Inmate's name, Greene County Prison, 855 Rolling Meadows Road, Waynesburg, PA 15370. Letters not containing a proper return address will not be accepted for mailing. Outgoing mail is to be forwarded for processing UNSEALED. Inmates are prohibited from sending mail to a former Greene County Prison inmate or another inmate of any prison or correctional facility except when prior approval has been granted by the Warden via an Inmate Request form.

There is no restriction concerning the number of letters an inmate may receive. Incoming mail must have a return address indicating the sender and must have the inmate's name indicating the intended recipient. All incoming mail and incoming publications shall be opened and inspected for contraband by the Shift Commander. Contraband will be confiscated and held as evidence for any disciplinary action.  Negotiable items will NOT be accepted through the mail. If cash, money orders, or checks are discovered in the incoming mail it will be resealed and returned to the sender. Money can be deposited on an inmates account through the county website or with the use of the automated money kiosk located in the Prison’s Lobby.  All letters, cards, photos, postcards, and envelopes will be forwarded to the Administrative Assistant for photo copying on the next business day from which the mail was received. The recipient inmate will receive the photo copied item(s). The original items will be placed in the inmate’s personal property.  The Prison will not accept any packages with items that the inmate may purchase from commissary (i.e. clothing, hygiene items, snacks, games, reading glasses, or over the counter medication.) This is not an all-inclusive list and the Prison reserves the right to deny any mail containing anything that is considered an unauthorized item. Incoming mail may be read by the Warden or designee if reasonable grounds exist to believe that receipt of the mail is likely to jeopardize Prison security, public safety and welfare, or both. Letters/cards must not contain crayon, marker, colored pencil, glitter, glue, gel, or perfume. Greeting cards shall not contain batteries or music playing devices. These items will be considered contraband and will be placed in the Inmate's property without being photocopied. Polaroid type photos will not be accepted. Photos shall not contain nudity or vulgar material.

The Prison does not read or censor mail in any form except when there is reason to believe that it contains information that would jeopardize the security of the Prison.  Inmates are prohibited from sending mail to or receiving mail from a former Greene County Prison inmate or another inmate of any prison or correctional facility except when prior written approval has been granted by the Warden or Deputy Warden, via an Inmate Request Form.  Abuse of mail privileges may result in the loss of said privilege.
The Prison does not accept responsibility for cash sent through the mail.

Inmates have the ability to receive and write electronic mail messages via the Video Visitation Kiosks located on every Housing Unit. 
To and From registered and approved contacts only. (Register by Clicking HERE)
  • Inmates have the ability to receive pictures from registered and approved contacts.
Photos must not contain:
  • Nudity or lewd actions.
  • Gang/Crime/Weapon related content
  • Discriminatory imagery
  • Or any other imagery that could be a security risk
Photos violating this policy shall result in the permanent ban for the registered user that sent the photos.
All other regular mail rules also apply to Electronic Mail. 
To and From messages are paid by the Registered Contact and not by the Inmate. 
Electronic mail is monitored and reviewed by staff and software programs to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations. 
  • Flagged mail will be held and reviewed. If it is determined not to violate rules and regulation it will be sent to the intended recipient. If it is determined that it violates rules and regulations Disciplinary action may take place to include the issuance of a misconduct and the ban of Electronic Mail use for an undetermined amount of time on a case-by-case basis. 

Magazines and Books:
Inmates are permitted to have only two (2) personal magazines and/or books in their possession at any given time. Nudity is not permitted. Books and magazines in excess of two (2) are considered contraband and will be confiscated and disposed of accordingly. Such books WILL NOT be placed with the inmate’s stored property. All books, magazines and newspapers MUST be sent directly from the publisher.



Inmate Personal Property:
Personal property is inventoried and documented on an Inmate Property Inventory form. Inmates are required to sign the form indicating agreement with the inventory. The inmate is issued a copy of the inventory as a receipt for their property. An additional receipt is issued for negotiable items when applicable. The receipts should be retained by the inmate as they are his/her only record of property received by the Prison. Inmates are permitted to retain certain personal property upon commitment into the Prison.
Items permitted to retain: 
Religious material (subject to approval)
Eye glasses, contact lenses and related paraphernalia
Dentures and denture storage cases
Pictures (no more than 10)
Personal letters
Jewelry (wedding ring, chain with religious medallion no larger than a 50-cent piece, wrist or pocket watch, medical alert bracelet or necklace. These items cannot contain any type of stone or gem.)
All legal material (restrictions in quantity may be made)
Six (6) pairs of socks, white only
Six (6) pairs of underwear, white only
Six (6) T-shirts, white only (must be sleeved)
Two (2) thermal tops and bottoms, white only
Other items as specifically authorized by the administration
All other items (including shoes) are placed in storage for safekeeping. Property considered dangerous or contraband by the Prison administration shall not be stored. (i.e. cell phone, knives, batteries, vaporizers, etc. This is not an all-inclusive list) The inmate must arrange for these items to be removed from the Prison within three (3) days, or they will be disposed of in an appropriate manner. Inmates are permitted to store only one (1) set of clothing and a reasonable amount of small items. Inmates are required to dispose of excessive stored property at their own expense or have the item(s) released to a visitor. The inmate should request a Property Release form from Prison staff. This form is to be completed before any item is released to a visitor. Inmates are required to take all of their property with them when they are released. It is the responsibility of the inmates to ensure that they have had all property returned to them. Property that is not removed and remains unclaimed will be disposed of at the end of three (3) days.
INMATES ARE NOT PERMITTED TO SELL, TRADE, GIVE OR TRANSFER, IN ANY MANNER, PROPERTY TO ANOTHER INMATE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Disciplinary action may be initiated against an inmate found in possession of property that is not legitimately obtained. Such property will be considered contraband and confiscated for subsequent disposal.



Counseling Services:
The Counselor assists the inmate population with a number of different professional services that help the rehabilitation of the offender and re-integration into the community. Some of the major services provided by the Counselor are listed below.
Counselor Provided Services:
- Prison work release programs.
- Referral to C.A.R.E. (drug and alcohol counseling) and the GED programs.
- Obtaining information regarding employment, continuing education and available community resources.
- A parole plan to address upcoming release needs such as housing, transportation, drug/alcohol treatment and other supportive services.
- Emergency clothing for those who will be released without proper attire to ward against exposure to elements.
- Having documents notarized.
- Obtaining PennDOT and public assistance forms.
- General information which could be easily obtained on the internet.
- Grant special phone privileges. (This is conducted on a case-by-case basis and is not an inmate right.)
- Collaborates with Human Services programs in obtaining appropriate services.
- Schedules Electronic Law Library use.
The Counselor DOES NOT:
- Provide mental health treatment. (However, the Counselor does assist in arranging mental health and drug evaluations.)
- Provide advice on legal matters. (However, the Counselor does assist in arranging communication with professional legal counsel.)
- Provide character and/or behavioral evaluation to submit to the court.

An inmate must fill out an Inmate Request Form made out to the Counselor to requests for any of the services.

The inmate population have access to a number of different types of groups ranging from religious groups, support groups and educational groups. Groups, meeting times, and days are all subject to change and a schedule will be maintained at the County Prison.



The Greene County Prison adopts and follows policies and procedures that are in keeping with existing Commonwealth of Pennsylvania laws.
Click HERE to view a current printable version of Title 37 Chapter 95 Pennsylvania Code.
Click HERE to view the current Title 37 Chapter 95 Pennsylvania Code website.



Central Booking Center:
The Central Booking Center is located within the Greene County Prison and is a law enforcement processing center for those who have been charged with a crime within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and are required to be photographed and fingerprinted in accordance to Title 18, Crimes Code, Section 9112.

Detainees will be held until the time of arraignment and will be conducted by a Magisterial District Justice. Detainees will be photographed and fingerprinted. Detainees will then be committed to the Greene County Prison or released.

Self-Reporting Fingerprint Orders:
Self-Reporters must arrive at the Greene County Prison with a valid photo ID and a Fingerprint Order from a Common Pleas Judge or Magisterial District Justice. Self-Reporters will be photographed and fingerprinted and then free to go. Self-Reporters shall follow the below instructions.

  • Address: 855 Rolling Meadows Road, Waynesburg, PA 15370 (Get Directions)
  • Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  |  Monday - Friday (Closed on Federal or County Holidays)
  • Instructions: Report to the lobby of the Prison and notify the Administrative Assistant or Central Control that you are here for fingerprinting. No items other than a valid photo ID and the Fingerprint Order will be permitted in the Central Booking Center, so all other items must be secured in your vehicle or a locker provided by the Prison. You will be escorted into the facility and processed. You will then be escorted out of the facility.


Click HERE for a printable version of the instructions.

There is an administrative fee of $175.00 to be assessed with the court costs and fines if the individual is found guilty for the crime/s they were accused of.

Public Fingerprinting Service:
If you are a member of the public that needs your fingerprints taken for employment, licenses, or any other reason please visit our Public Fingerprinting Webpage for more information on how to get fingerprinted.


Meetings are held every third Thursday of each month at 11:45 a.m. following the Commissioners Public Meeting in the first-floor meeting room of the Greene County Office Building, 93 East High Street, Waynesburg. The last meeting of each quarter is held at 12:00 p.m. at the Prison, 855 Rolling Meadows Road, Waynesburg.
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