21 April 2022

ATLAS Telehealth coming soon to Greene County

ATLAS Telehealth coming soon to Greene County

WAYNESBURG – The Greene County Commissioners, Veteran Service Office in Greene County and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers in Pittsburgh and Clarksburg have teamed up to provide Veterans with VA care closer to home. Our Office will soon provide a private appointment room for Veterans to connect with their VA care team remotely. This is part of an initiative called ATLAS (Accessing Telehealth through Local Area Stations).
ATLAS sites are in communities where Veterans may face challenges in receiving care. This includes unreliable internet connection or long travel times to the nearest VA facility.

Our Office’s ATLAS site will be equipped with telehealth technology and a high-speed internet connection. Veterans can meet with their VA providers through VA Video Connect, VA’s secure videoconferencing app.
Veterans can visit our Office’s ATLAS site to receive a wide variety of clinical services that do not require hands-on exams.

These services include, but are not limited to:
Primary care
Mental health counseling
Other specialties to be announced

These services should be available to our Veterans in June 2022.  More information will be shared as it is available.