Acting Controller Carol Gooden

Carol Gooden, Acting Controller

Carol Gooden, of Waynesburg, was appointed Acting Controller January 1st of 2018 when Controller Dave Balint was elected to fill the vacant District Justice position. Carol has worked in the Controller’s Office since 2004, starting as an Auditor. She was promoted to Director of Audits in 2008 and appointed Deputy Controller in 2010.

Carol was born and raised in Greene County and graduated from West Greene High School in 1983. She attended Waynesburg College and received her Bachelor’s in Accounting with a minor in Finance in 2003. She became a Certified Public Accountant in 2013 and completed her MBA at Waynesburg University in 2014. She is married to Mike Gooden, owner of Gooden Auto Repair, and they live in Franklin Township, just south of Waynesburg.

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