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Case No. Case Participants Attorney Property Address Judgment Status
ED-44-2023 AD-7-2023 US Bank National Association not in its individual Capacity but Solely as Indenture Trustee for the CIM Trust 2020-R6
Cettin, Christopher Joseph
Friedman Vartolo LLP
313 North Willis St
Bobtown, PA 15315
Dunkard Township
UPI#: 06/08/486//
$0.00 Cancelled
( 4/29/2024 )
ED-53-2023 AD-441-2023 US Bank Trust National Association, as Trustee of Treehouse Series V Trust
Brock, David E
Friedman Vartolo LLP
121 Hoy Run Rd
Spraggs, PA 15362
Perry Township
UPI#: 20/03/126/C
$59,577.75 Postponed
( 8/16/2024 )
ED-1-2024 AD-592-2023 Citimortgage Inc.
The Unknown Heir of Alice L Ready Deceased
Stern & Eisenburg PC
107 Maple St
Rices Landing, PA 15357
Jefferson Township
UPI#: 15/11/208
$58,080.40 Active (P)