The Greene River Trail

The Greene River Trail is a rail trail that runs adjacent to the Upper Monongahela Water Trail greenway providing a tranquil view of the river for its users.

The trail was designed to accommodate those individuals interested in walking, jogging, and bicycling. A twelve-foot right-of-way with fencing along most of the periphery provide a variety of trail users and adjacent property owners with a sense of safety and security.  The trail has smooth crushed gravel surface that is very well maintained by the recreation department.

The beautiful Greene River Trail parallels the Monongahela River as it winds through the coal mining region of Greene County. The 7.24 mile trail starts in Millsboro at the Greene Cove Yacht Club trailhead in Jefferson Township. From there, the trail runs south along the river through a stretch of peaceful, scenic woodlands. Please Note: The Greene Cove Trailhead portion of the Trail is closed.

No motor vehicles are permitted. This is a nature trail and warns of steep slopes potential for falling or sliding materials and exposure to poisonous plants and animals native to the region.

Rices Landing Trailhead located near Rices Landing United Methodist Church at 125 Main Street, Rices Landing PA  15357. The Southern Trailhead parking lot is located near Jessop Boat Club at 201 River Lane Carmichaels Pa 15320. The northern Trailhead is closed

All mail correspondence should be addressed to 107 Fairgrounds Road, Waynesburg, PA  15370. For more information, contact the Department of Recreation at 724-852-5323, or email the Department of Recreation.