Septic Systems

Construction of a new septic system or renovation of an existing system can only be carried out after obtaining a permit from the Perry Township office.
Timothy D. Neil, SEO 03174
176 Gwynn Rd.
Jefferson, PA 15344
724-880-0914 (cell)
Or his  Alternate SEO Brian Sokol -724 833 4376

New single family home sewage system. Site evaluation to include up to 4 test pits, one percolation test, one design review, one contractor consultation, one interim and one final inspection. $650.00 . Add $200 for each unit on multiple lot subdivisions if done on same visit). PASS OR FAIL WILL BE AFTER SITE SURVEY.

Repair single Family Home Sewage system. $450.00
Pit evaluation (separate o over 4 for new application) $200
Percolation test (without application or 2nd site on app.) $200
Preliminary site evaluation (without permit app.) $200
Interim or final inspections (without permit app.) $200
Dye tests for home sales or malfunctions or Lot Splits $200.
Malfunction investigation (any testing or reviews required will be billed at listed rates) $45 / hr.
10 acre exemption review $200 flat rate (over 4 hours billed at hr. rate)
System design review $35 / hr.
Any additional work not listed above $45 / hr.

Water samples (when required) to be billed to the local agency.




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