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Greene County Sheriff's Office
Department of Law and Order for Greene County, Pennsylvania

Brian Tennant, Greene County Sheriff

Public contact person(s): Marcus Simms, Chief Deputy Sheriff
and Deborah Stockdale, Department Clerk

Greene County Courthouse, 1st Floor
10 East High Street, Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 15370
Phone: 724-852-5218 or 724-627-7207 / Fax: 724-852-5318
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m.—4:30 p.m., Monday—Friday

Meet Brian Tennant
The Sheriff's Office is a law enforcement agency sworn to serve and protect the citizens and property of Greene County. The mission of the Sheriff’s Office is to enforce the laws of the Commonwealth, administer the civil process, serve and enforce court orders, issue licenses to carry firearms and provide security for the courthouse and all county property. The Sheriff’s Office also assists local, state and federal agencies in the pursuit of justice.
Brief Office Overview:
The office is committed to diligently strive to enforce all the laws of the Commonwealth and serve and protect the citizens of Greene County to the best of the office’s ability.

Each deputy by state law must complete a 760-hour training school. The Sheriff's Training Institute is conducted through Penn State University and is located on the main campus at State College.

Monthly Press Releases and Activity Reports:
  • 2018 Press Releases:

    • coming soon

  • 2017 Press Releases:

    • Greene County Sheriff's Sheriff's Deputy, Marshall Simmons, graduates
      | May 20, 2017 | Press Release

    • Greene County Sheriff's Dupties arrest man on drug warrant/additional drug charges pending
      | April 7, 2017 | Press Release

    • Greene County Sheriffs Office arrest wanted woman, find drugs | February 16, 2017 | Press Release

    • Greene County Sheriff's Office to continue late hours for Gun Permits | January 13, 2017 | Press Release

    • Greene County Sheriff's Office arrests wanted man
      January 5, 2017 | Press Release
  • 2018 Activity Reports:

  • 2017 Activity Reports:

  • 2016 Activity Reports:

  • 2014-15 Activity Reports:

Little girl with a big heart and hand-made crosses!
On September 20, our Greene County Sheriff's Office received a care package from Arianna's Cross Mission, with a note that read:

"Hello, my name is Arianna, I am 8 years old. I make crosses to spread God's word. God's word is peace, kindness, love, joy, patience, hope and faith. I am also Catholic and religious and loving and caring. I am a very happy girl. I hope my crosses inspire people to pray and love Jesus. I also hope my crosses protect you. — Love Arianna"

Arianna Nichols, from Illinois, has been hand-making crosses out of Perler beads and sending them to police departments across the United States; tapping into her creativity in trying to keep police officers safe across the country.

So far, the little girl who wants to "spread God's word" has sent 6,087 crosses to 90 departments in 30 states, and even one department overseas, in Sydney, Australia, Nichols said. "I am hearing most officers carry the crosses in their shirt pocket nearest their heart, in the wallet with their badge and in their bullet-proof vest," Nichols said. Arianna "is very excited and overwhelmed with gratitude." Read more about Ariana's Cross Mission.

Pictured on right are Greene County Sheriff Deputies Amanda Stauffer and Marshall Simmons showing off their handmade pocket crosses, a reminder of a little girls's, and God's love. (Photo of sheriff's deputies courtesy of GreeneSaver)

— Thankful and appreciated, Sheriff Brian Tennant, Greene County, Pennsylvania

Office Functions & Responsibilities:
  • Warrants: The Sheriff's Office is responsible for all of the Bench Warrants issued by the Court of Common Pleas of Greene County. These include warrants issued for failure to appear in criminal cases, probation and domestic relations warrants. The Sheriff’s Office is also responsible for the completion of fugitive from justice extraditions for Greene County. When a fugitive is found outside the county or state, deputies are assigned the task of retrieving the fugitive and bringing them back to Greene County for disposition of the Courts.   Click here for the Sheriff's ten (10) most wanted list of offenders.

  • Firearms: Pennsylvania law requires the Sheriff’s Office to process all applications for a license to carry firearms. Contact the Sheriff's Office for additional information.   Click here for Gun Permit Information and Application form. . For hours and late gun permit dates, click HERE for January 13, 2017 press release or call the sheriff's office at 724-627-7207.

  • Civil: The Sheriff's Office has the responsibility for the physical service of a wide variety of civil processes such as court orders, writs, executions, summons, tax liens, subpoenas, divorce complaints, landlord/tenant orders and orders of possession, mortgage foreclosures and Sheriff's sales.

  • Protection from Abuse: A Protection from Abuse Order is a court order issued based upon a petition filed under the Protection From Abuse Act (PFA) which provides limited protection for persons who have been threatened, harassed, or physically abused by a spouse, former spouse, parent, child, or person with whom you have a child in common. The Sheriff's Office is responsible for service of the Protection from Abuse Order, if granted by the judge, upon the defendant.

  • Courtroom Security: The Sheriff's Office is responsible for security in all of the courtrooms in Greene County. Our deputies are assigned to protect judges and courtroom personnel to ensure their safety. Defendants, witnesses, attorneys, jurors and spectators fall under the watchful eye of our deputies.

  • County Building Security: the Sheriff's Office is now patrolling the uptown county office buildings with two security guards three times daily. Click here for additional information.

  • Prisoner Transport: The Sheriff's Office is responsible for the transportation of individuals incarcerated or sentenced by the Greene County courts.
Office Forms:
Sheriff Sales:
  • Greene County Sheriff’s Sale Online Listings.

    We do not have deadlines for filing Writs. Sale dates are scheduled in the order the Writs are received. Real Estate sales are held at 10:00 AM in the Greene County Courthouse, Main Hall, 10 E. High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370 on the day the sale has been scheduled.

  • Terms and Conditions: Anyone interested in bidding on a property must appear in person at the Sheriff's sale. The amount of the debt on individual properties can be obtained from the real estate department in the Sheriff’s Office.

    All sales are posted in the Sheriff's Office at least 30 days prior to the day of the sale. Sheriff’s sales are published for three successive weeks prior to the sale in local newspapers. Sheriff’s sales also are published by the Greene County Bar Association in the Greene County Reports.

    The purchaser must pay 10 percent of the bid price in cash or certified check. The balance of the bid price is due 20 days after the sale. Sheriff’s poundage is based on 2 percent of the bid price.

  • Attorney's Checklist:
    • Advance fee of $1,000.00 made payable to the Greene County Sheriff
    • Original Writ of Execution
    • Provide physical address of real estate to be sold
    • Long description of the property in HTML or .txt format sent to Deborah Stockdale
    • Short description of the property for advertising; must have deed or record book and page number, parcel number and street address
    • Lien Creditors Affidavit, Rule 3129.1
    • One copy of Notice of Sale for each defendant with date left blank
    • Two self-addressed stamped envelopes
Note: Handbill will be posted upon the real property no later than 30 days prior to sale date.

Community Service - Sheriff Outreach:
  • K-9 Program: If you would like to schedule a K9 Demonstration for your school or group please call the Sheriff’s Office at 852-5218 or 724-627-7207. Click here for more information about Dagen, or here for original news release (2012).
  • Read Across America: The annual event focuses on motivating children to read. Each year, the Sheriff can be found in a local school joining in Read Across America by reading to a classroom of children.
  • Project ChildSafe: As part of the nation’s largest firearm safety education program, the Sheriff’s Office promotes firearm safety by distributing Firearm Safety Kits.
  • Senior Safety Programs: The Sheriff’s Office has a variety of senior safety programs to help seniors with such issues as safety in the home, the work place and the highway.
  • Habitat for Humanity: The Sheriff’s Office provides a deputy for the annual Habitat Rain Day 5K.
  • Substance Abuse Programs: The Sheriff’s Office presents substance abuse programs, with the aid of L. A. W. Publications, to local schools and other organizations.
  • Scouts and School Resource Programs: The Greene County Sheriff's Office is an active supporter of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and is a proud supporter of all area schools. In addition to substance abuse programs, internet safety, stranger danger and various other programs are available.
Anyone who would like to invite the Sheriff’s Office to participate in an upcoming event or program may call the office at 724-627-7207.

Frequency Asked Questions:
The following questions are frequently asked of our office:
  • Does the Sheriff Office issue a license to carry a firearm?
    ANSWER: Yes, application packages can be picked up during regular office hours 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM — applications are accepted from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM except for the last day of the month, when hours are 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM. The Sheriff's Office will have extended hours on the 3rd Thursday of every month till 6:30 PM. Click here for a copy of the "PA License to Carry Firearms" Application.

  • How old do you need to be to obtain a concealed weapon?
    ANSWER: 21 years of age or older, residing in the County of Greene, may apply for a Pennsylvania License to Carry through the Greene County Sheriff's Office.

  • Does the Sheriff's Office also do renewals of firearms permits?
    ANSWER: Yes, renewals are treated the same as new permits... the applicant must complete the application package, and must show their current or expired gun permit when renewing.

  • Is there a fee for processing the application to carry a firearm?
    ANSWER: Yes, applicant will need to bring his/her Driver's License or Pennsylvania ID card along with the application into the Sheriff's Office, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOU WILL NEED TWO REFERENCES WITH ADDRESS AND PHONE FOR YOUR APPLICATION, if all paperwork is in order, your application package will be accepted and you will be required to pay a $20 (Cash or Check WE DO NOT TAKE BANK CARDS) processing fee at the time your application is processed. Your picture will be taken and background check processed on the day you submit your application.

  • How long does it take to receive the firearm permit?
    ANSWER: Once your application is processed at the sheriff's office, it typically is completed same day; however, the Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to take up to 45 days to complete the background check as provided by law.

  • Does the Sheriff's Office notify the applicant if the application is put into review?
    ANSWER: If application is put into review by the Pennsylvania State Police, upon approval the applicant will receive license by U.S. Mail. If Denied for a Pennsylvania License to Carry, the Sheriff’s Office will send a copy of your application and a denial form by U.S. Mail to the address listed on your application.
Support Staff: (updated 02/27/2018 Salary Board notes)
  • Ryan Koffler, Captain/Chief Detective
  • Marcus Simms, Chief Deputy Sheriff
  • Amanda Stauffer, Deputy Sheriff 2
  • Jesse Caldwell, Deputy Sheriff 1
  • Patrick Martin, Deputy Sheriff 1
  • Marshall Simmons, Deputy Sheriff 1
  • Jonathan Grabiak, Casual Deputy Sheriff
  • Michael Gyurke, Casual Deputy Sheriff
  • Bradley Meyers, Casual Deputy Sheriff
  • John Weaver, Casual Deputy Sheriff
  • James Zimmerman, Casual Deputy Sheriff
  • Mark Grimes, Security Officer
  • Nicholas Gustovich, Security Officer
  • Lisa Jordan, Security Officer
  • Robert Lahew, Security Officer
  • Joshua Sifuentes, Security Officer
  • Deborah Stockdale, Department Clerk 3
  • Lesia Moore, Department Clerk 2

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