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Greene County Government Office Buildings
Greene County, Pennsylvania

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Greene County employs over 200 individuals, which are housed in different county office buildings, most of which are in downtown Waynesburg, i.e. the courthouse, county office building, Ben Franklin building, Fort Jackson building, the 911 EM center, etc. However our county prison, transportation office, and maintenance shed & office are located outside of the borough in Franklin Township. Following is a listing the county office buildings, and a terse history about those buildings.

Greene County:
Greene County's location and topographic features can be briefly stated; it is situated in the extreme southwestern corner of Pennsylvania, and is bounded on the north by Washington County, on the east by the Monongahela River which separates it from Fayette County, on the south by West Virginia, and the western extremity of the Mason and Dixon's line forming the dividing boundary, and on the west by West Virginia, known as the Panhandle. Greene County is considered the cornerstone of the keystone state.

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Greene County Courthouse — 10 East High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370

The present courthouse was built in 1850 after the November 1849, and February 1850, grand juries had recommended the same to the county commissioners. It was completed and occupied by the Court in September of 1851. It is worthy of note that the bell in the present courthouse was taken from the first courthouse, it having been remolded in 1926. The building is considered a classic specimen of colonial architecture.

The former jail and sheriff’s residence, annexed to the south side of the courthouse was constructed 1880-1881, to replace the sheriff’s house and the old stone jail (circa 1800) at a cost of $29,000. The jail consisted of ten cells constructed of iron and four of brick as well as two cells for females adjacent to the lobby, jailor’s room and bathroom. The jail was in service until 1980 when the new county prison on Rolling Meadows Road in Franklin Township was occupied.

Minor Changes: In 1939, a third story was added to the jail and sheriff’s residence to the rear of the courthouse to accommodate the grand jury and serve as the jury deliberation room. Around 1935, the courthouse was painted white over the red brick. It was thereafter completely restored and renovated in 1952-53 on the outside, all the paint having been removed, and the original brick, the hand made product of county clay, exposed and cleaned. The courtroom remained very much the same in basic form as when the courthouse was originally constructed, having been redecorated in 1968, with only routine maintenance since that time. A stainless steel roof replaced the tin roof in 1988, with renovations to the front portico, columns, windows, soffit, and facia completed in 1992.

Significant Upgrades: As the twenty-first century approached, it was evident that the court facilities must be expanded significantly to accommodate efficiency of service to the public, record preservation, accessibility, and facilities for a second judge.

In 1997 a project costing approximately $4.1 million was undertaken to raze the old jail and a portion of the old sheriff’s residence annexed to the courthouse of the purpose of housing an elevator, public restrooms, a second courtroom, judge’s chambers, law library, and other necessary facilities and offices. The project also included renovation to the original courthouse with an attempt to maintain the historical integrity of that building to the extent possible while complying with current regulations.

Following approximately 15 months of temporarily being housed in the former Fort Jackson Hotel Building, the courts and the related offices moved into the new and renovated facilities. The formal dedication took place on October 28, 1988 with the Honorable Thomas Ridge, Governor of Pennsylvania, providing the keynote address.

In August 2007, metal-detector, X-ray Machines were installed. For more details on our courthouse, open here or for the clock/bell tower, click here. (Read the 2013 article on condition of General Greene's statue on top of the courthouse... click here).

Greene County Office Building — 93 East High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370
The current county office building was constructed in the mid-50's; and in mid-2011 it suffered a non-structural fire caused by the backup generator... there was significant smoke and water damage throughout the building but no major repairs were required; which allowing the building to remained open for use even while the cleanup crews were actively working long hours. Cleanup, repairs, new construction, carpets replaced, painting, etc. occurred for several weeks. The Greene County Commissioners and their staff are located on the third floor of the current county office building. The second floor is occupied by the Assessment Office employees, while the first floor offices include the Treasurers Office, the Tax Claim Bureau, the Controllers Office, and the Elections Office.

The county office building has two large conference rooms, and a small conference on the third floor in the Commissioners Unit.

Ben Franklin Building — 22 West High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370
The Ben Franklin Building was once the home of the old GC Murphy Company (5-10 cents general store).

The Veterans Affairs Office is located on the first floor of the Ben Franklin Building in Suite 100. While the second floor houses both the county coroner's office, as well as part of Human Services CCIS offices.

Fort Jackson Office Building — 19 South Washington Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370
The Fort Jackson Hotel Building was originally built in 1926, resulting from the tragic Downey House fire in Dec, 1925; replacing the destroyed three-story brick Downey House, directly across from the courthouse. The building was designed by the Pittsburgh architectural firm of Bartholomew & Smith. Construction contract was awarded to Baker & Coombs of Morgantown, WV. With steel beams arriving in the summer and construction continuing throught the fall and winter, and int eh the spring of 1927. It soon became an impressive and attractive addition to downtown Waynesburg. Built of red brick and trimmed with Indiana limestone. The hotel lobby was constraucted in the Italian Renaissance style with a high-beamed ceiling. On the mezzanien floor was a main dining room seating a hundred. As well there was a private dining roon that seated 40. The seventy-room hotel had thirty-five rooms on each of the second and third floors, served by two elevators. The 60-x 180-foot structure housed seven local businesses on its ground floor (three on High Street and four on Washington Street). The initial businesses included the Ullom & Baily Drugstore, the Fort Jackson barber Shop and the H.C. Schreiber Jewelry Store. (Source: The History of Greene County by G. Wayne Smith, Part VI, pg. 865-866)

After several years, the building was acquired by the county and converted into office space housing several county workers within the Department of Human Services, such as:

Also in more recent years, the Department of Economic Development offices reside on the first floor (lower door) at 49 S. Washington Street; with the Greene County Conservation District occupying the Mezzanine level of the 2nd floor.

The Fort Jackson Office Building is also the current home for the Greene County Tourist Promotion Agency.

Emergency Management Center — 55 West Greene Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370
In 2004, the 911 Center & Emergency Medical Services were moved to Waynesburg, and its current location at the corner of Morris and West Greene Street. It originally shared the building with Altel Telephone Company, and continues co-occupancy with another company.

Greene County Magisterial Offices ... Eastern, Central & Western Magisterial Districts of Greene County
Greene County first created District Justices in 1969, then in 2005 their titles were changed to Magisterial District Judges throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Greene County has three magisterial districts with a magisterial district judge representating each district... the eastern, central, and western sections of the County. In order to best serve their magisterial areas, their offices are located within their specific district as follows:

  • Eastern District — 100-D Park Avenue, Carmichaels, PA 15320
  • Central District — 417 East Roy Furman Highway, Waynesburg, PA 15370 (office resides in upper level of the Greene County Airport building)
  • Western District — 144 West High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370

Greene County Airport — 417 East Roy Furman Highway, Waynesburg, PA 15370
The Greene County Airport is located on Route 21 east of Waynesburg (Exit 14 from I-79); the airport is on the left.

The airport was purchased by the county commissioners in 1936 for the price of $15,054... and activited in December 1937. In the years following its purchase, there were numerous improvements made. In 1958, the main runway (3,500 feet long and 75 feet wide) was paved; lights were added in the early 1960's. During 1972-73, taxiways were constructed and the apron expanded at a cost of about $324,600. A master plan was completed in 1974, and in 1977 the turf runway was abondoned. An access taxiway was built to the T-hangers in 1979-80; and in 1983, a bituminous overlay was applied to the runway, and additional taxiways were built to a new T-hanger.

In 1992, the county commissioners completed the construction of a new airport administration building which in 1996 housed the airport office, a restaurant, the office of the Magisterial District Judge for Central Greene County, the 911 Center, Emergency Medical Services and Eagle I Aviation. In 2004, the 911 Center & Emergency Medical Services were moved to Morris Street in Waynesburg, and the Greene County Tourism Office took over their suite of offices.

In 2011, the local National Guard Unit (now based at the EverGreene Industrial Park, located behind the airport runways) occassionally conducts air mobility training at the airport. The guardsmen practice quickly boarding and deboarding military helicopters to simulate what they may have to do on the battlefield. For safety reasons, the execise is closed to the public, although spectators often observe the maneuvers from the airport parking lot; but are asked not to approach the helicopters or the solders on the airfield.

In 2013, groundbreaking was held to construct new T-hangers at the Greene County Airport, the first phase of a business development project at the airport, click here to read more.

Greene County Transportation Office — 190 Jefferson Road, Waynesburg, PA 15370
The Department of Human Services occupies the garage and office trailor for their Transportation Office which is located on off Jefferson Road near the fairgrounds in Waynesburg, PA.

The Transportation Services program transports eligible riders to and from destinations in and around Greene County. Services are available to anyone living in Greene County, as long as they have pre-registered. Services are shared-ride transportation, and all vehicles are wheelchair accessible.

Funding for the Greene County Transportation Services program is provided by the Greene County Board of Commissioners, the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s Shared-Ride Program.

The transportation offices are located in mobile trailors near the maintenance building off Jefferson Road in Franklin Township, Greene County, where their offices have resided for more than a decade.

Greene County Maintenance Office — 186 Jefferson Road, Waynesburg, PA 15370
The county maintenance office, shop, and vehicles are located off Jefferson Road in Franklin Township, Greene County.

Greene County Jail/Prison — 855 Rolling Meadows Road, Waynesburg, PA 15370
Located on the hill off Rolling Meadows Road in Franklin Township, Greene County, is the newer county prison, initially opened and filled with prisioners in 1980. Since that time, additions have been made to accommodate additional prisioners; and in 2012-13 a new kitchen was constructed.

Greene County Fairgrounds — 107 Fairgrounds Road, Waynesburg, PA 15370
The greene county fairgrounds are located on Roy Furman Highway (between Route 21 and Route 188) in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. There are three (3) entrances to the fairgrounds; one off of Route 188 (Jefferson Road), and two off of Route 21 (one on the eastern side of the grounds & one on the western side). The initial fairground site was originally located on the east end of Morgan Street, near the Crawford Bridge over Ten-Mile Creek on what is now the Waynesburg University Football Field in Waynesburg.

To drive to our fairgrounds, from I-79, take Exit 14 to Waynesburg and head west on Route 21. The fairgrounds are less than a mile ahead on the right. The fairgrounds have three entrances, two from Route 21 (Roy Furman Highway) and one from Jefferson Road.

The Greene County Fairgrounds covers approximately 40 acres consisting of 12 buildings, two outside arenas, one baseball field and one half-mile track. The office is attempting to maximize the usage of all facilities, specifically ensuring consistent and regular usage of all buildings, the horse barns, the baseball field and the track.
Naturally, the fairgrounds is noted for it's annual Greene County Agricultural Fair. The initial fair was held about 1867 in Waynesburg and was sponsored by the Waynesburg Central Fair Association. It took place on the fairgrounds, which was then located on the south side of Waynesburg (in the area where the current Waynesburg Universtiy Football Stadium).

In 1901, the fairgrounds had been sold and divided into building lots, and no fairs where held in Waynesburg from 1902-1910. By 1911, the new Waynesburg Fair and Agricultural Association had formed and purchased the 60-acre farm of R.S. Sayers located 1/2 miles east of Waynesburg. The first fair was held at it's present sight on October 3-6, 1911.

The office on the fairgrounds is currently used by the Department of Recreation to house the administrative staff for the fairgounds and other park facilities, but was originally the blacksmith shop/caregiver residence,

Fairground Structures include:
  • In 1912, the mammoth Grandstand, which seated 2,500 people, along with the Race Track were built with the help of mules and wagons.
  • After the war ended in the 1945's, the wooden bleachers were condemned and torn down.
  • The present grandstand, with the seating capacity of 1,800, was erected at two separate times with the first half, next to the Agriculture Building, being built in 1987. The second half of the grandstand and the roof were constructed in 1990 by the Dant Corporation. The funding to build the grandstand came from a bond issue and the Fair Board donated twenty-two thousand dollars ($22,000) to complete the job.
  • In 1940, the County Commissioners purchased the 41-acre fairground for the exact amount of $12,500. They sponsored only one fair in 1941, until after the war. After the war ended in the 1945's, the wooden bleachers were condemned and torn down.
  • In 1946, and the grounds featured two new cattle barns. Since then, a new addition has been made to the cattle barn; two new pole buildings have been added and the grounds have been restructured to be multi-purposed.
  • Other buildings include a Grange Hall, an Exhibition Hall, a two-story Community Building, an Electric Building and an office for the Fair Secretary. The softball field was built in the late 1940's, early 1950's.
  • The Greene (Race) Barn, which houses harness horses, and has fifty-eight (58) stalls was built in 1971 at the cost of thirty-five thousand dollars ($35,000) financed by the county. An additional fourteen (14) outside stalls were attached to the west side of the barn in 1993. The barn that originally stood on this site burned down several years before.
  • The office on the fairgrounds was originally the blacksmith shop. In the late 1940's, it was renovated into a residential house for a grounds caretaker. Since then, it has been used as the office for the fairgrounds.
  • In 1974, an Agriculture Building with an indoor arena measuring 100 feet by 190 feet, and a grandstand with the seating capacity of 500 was built to replace several other small barns on the same location. These smaller barns were housed by cattle, sheep and pigs. The funding for this barn was financed from revenue sharing.
  • In 1975, the 4-H Barn was built and has one-hundred-four (104) stalls. Prior to 1975, there was a wooden barn with approximately fifty (50) stalls on this site that was torn down in order to build a larger barn. The funding for this barn was financed through revenue sharing. By 1978, there were so many horses stabled there, that in order to rent a stall, your name was placed on a waiting list and notified when an opening occurred.
  • There are six (6) barns that were equipped to stable approximately two-hundred-forty (240) horses. Two of these barns (the L-Barn and Sonny Barn) were originals. The Orndorff Barn, formerly known as the Draft Horse Barn, was originally an all wood structure that was renovated sometime in the late 1940's—early 1950's, and then again in the late 1970's-early 1980's to its present state.
  • The second show arena in the infield was built in 1986-1987.
  • The ball field was relocated to its present location since it was where the horse rings are now. The original show rings were in front of the grandstands and when anyone would have an event they would have to tear out the ends of the rings to do any shows. So people decided that to move the ring and add an additional ring to its present location would be the only solution for having multiple usage as doing an event in front of the grandstand and doing something in the horse rings and even having a ball game or soccor game and even using the buildings a multi-purpose facility.
  • A Race Trailer, purchased by the Fair Board and the County, was installed around 1990-1992 to replace a small wooden building.
  • In 1994, two pole barns were built for the purpose of housing rabbits and goats during the Greene County Fair week. The cost to construct these pole barns was partically funded through grant money to the Fair Board, with the county contributing the remaining costs. The construction of these barns was done by employees of the fairgrounds.
  • On April 23, 1996 a severe windstorm hit the fairgrounds causing major damage; completely destroying the L-Barn and rendered the Sonny Barn inhabitable. The Blacksmith Shop was partially destroyed, 87 trees were lost, the caregiver's house was slightly twisted and minor damage was sustained to other buildings within the grounds. There were no injuries to either humans or animals present on the grounds during the storm, which lasted approximately three (3) minutes. The Blacksmith Shop was refurbished the summer of 1996.
  • In November 1996, the office was moved to Building #6 (the former Blacksmith Shop) and a security guard was moved into the house (the building that is now known as the Blacksmith aka Building #6).
  • On August 11, 2009, the Greene County Commissioners dedicated a newly constructed building at the fairgrounds in honor of John Gapen, a former Greene County extension agent for Penn State Cooperative Extension. Earlier in 2009, the county completed construction on the 4,000-square foot pre-stressed fabric building, located on the eastern end of the fairgrounds. The new building will house the county’s emergency response vehicles and trailers, emergency lighting equipment and other supplies to be used in the event of an emergency or disaster. A Red Cross trailer will also be housed in the building, which was paid for with a combination of funds from the Greene County 911/Hazmat fund, the Greene County Fair Board and the county.

For general information, please contact the Information Services
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