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Public Schools & Education in Greene County
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Carmichaels School District — 724-966-5045
Central Greene School District — 724-627-8151
Jefferson Morgan School District — 724-883-2310
Southeast Greene School District — 724-943-4065
West Greene School District — 724-499-5183

After passage of school district legislation in 1963 and 1965, the number of school districts diminished radically. Authorities, born as local units during the depression years of the 1930s, have proliferated at a phenomenal pace since then. Greene County is divided into five (5) area School Districts.

Greene County is divided into five (5) public school districts. Our goal for each of our School Districts is to provide a safe and drug-free environment while encouraging academic excellence and social responsibility in our students so that they may become knowledgeable, productive, and lifelong learners in a rapidly changing technological and multi-cultural society.

Greene County School Districts:
Following are the municipalities within the five school districts:
  1. Carmichaels School District — Carmichaels Borough and Cumberland Township

  2. Central Greene School District — Waynesburg Borough and Franklin, Perry, Washington, Wayne and Whiteley Townships

  3. Jefferson-Morgan School District — Jefferson, Clarksville and Rices Landing Boroughs, and Jefferson and Morgan Townships

  4. Southeastern Greene School District — Dunkard, Greene and Monongahela Thownship, and Greensboro Borough

  5. West Greene School District — Aleppo, Center, Freeport, Gilmore, Gray, Jackson, Morris, Richhill and Springhill Townships
Central Greene has the largest enrollment while Southeastern Greene has the lowest. Geographically, West Greene is the largest of the districts and operates four schools.

Additional schools within the five above School Districts also include:
In order to stay current with our school information, the following links will guide you to each of our individual schools:
  1. Carmichaels School District:
  2. Central Greene School District:
  3. Jefferson—Morgan School District:
  4. Southeast Greene School District:
  5. West Greene School District:
District School Boards:
Local Technical, Business, & Higher Education Opportunities:
Our Greene County Career & Technology Center (CTC) is located in the Central Greene School District, near the Waynesburg High School at 60 Zimmerman Drive in Franklin Township. CTC is an extension of the home school available for all five school districts; and provides one of the finest faciltiies of its kind. CTC emphasizes high work standards, scholarship, ethics, and safety. The mission of CTC is to prepare every student for the world of work with the technical competencies, academic skills and attitudes that are necessary for both entry level employment and continuing education. Student organizations are an integral part of the instructional program at Greene County CTC. Students are encouraged to participate, as these groups help students develop excellence in scholarship, craftsmanship, leadership and personal development. The CTC curriculum offers a wide range of studies to focus on, including: Automotive Technology, Building Construction Skills, Business & Computer Information, Child Care Servics, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Drafting & Design, Electrician Occupations, Health Assistant, Welding/Fabrication, etc.

Following are some area institutions to assist in providing information about business and/or technical schools. Please note: This may not be a comprehensive list:
  1. Greene County Career & Technology Center in Waynesburg, PA | 724-627-3106
  2. Penn Commerical Business & Technical School in Washington, PA
  3. Waynesburg University
  4. Westmoreland Community College - Waynesburg Campus
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