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The Greene County Family Center stands as a dynamic catalyst, proactively addressing the diverse needs of our community's families. We are dedicated to linking county residents with essential services, encompassing vital provisions like sustenance, clothing, housing, and educational opportunities. Our range of comprehensive programs, detailed below, is tailored to empower each and every household within Greene County. The most remarkable aspect? All of our services are not only free of charge but also available to every resident of Greene County, without any eligibility prerequisites.

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At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to partnership and cooperation. We take immense pride in our ongoing collaborations with esteemed organizations and local businesses. We regularly partner with the Greene County Human Services, Greene County CASA, CYS, Waynesburg University, and Walmart. As we steadfastly pursue our mission of uplifting families throughout Greene County, we extend a warm invitation to explore future collaborative opportunities with you. Your input and engagement are crucial in our collective endeavor to enhance the well-being of our community.


It all comes down to you – because you truly matter. Whether your concerns revolve around educational attainment, navigating limited resources and financial challenges, addressing behavioral health needs, overcoming socio-economic barriers, dealing with substance abuse issues, or even securing reliable transportation – the Greene County Family Center is at your service. Our passionate and expert team is adept at guiding you towards the optimal resources precisely when they're needed most. Empower us to be your ally in navigating life's challenges – reach out and let us assist you today!


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Ben Franklin Building
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Hours of Operation: M-F, 8:30AM to 4:30 PM

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The Greene County Family Center has the objective is to preserve the unity of the family by establishing clear objectives or milestones through partnering with the parents or caregivers of the children. Offering activities, education, literature, and hand-outs that promote family well-being and involvement. 

To assist in providing for the care, protection, safety, and wholesome expansion of mental, emotional, and physical development of the household members through the facilitation of an evidence-based curriculum. Offering engaging activities, reflection, handouts, and parent-child interaction opportunities. Parent Educators and Family Center staff have a commitment to improving circumstances and obtaining quality improvement for the families.

To promote independence and self-reliance for families by eliminating the need for expensive, laboring external community resource usage. Consistent with the protection of the public interest, eliminating the need and preventing the family from dependency on remaining resources. Offering assistance and independence for the participants by connecting and navigating them through the use of supplemental or required services and support. Parent Educators and Family Center staff make informed decisions with their roles, ethics, and boundaries in mind.

To establish balance and stability within the home by promoting accountability and commitment to family well-being. Working on the development of competencies to enable parents or caregivers to become responsible and productive members of the community. Offering not only school readiness for the household member children, but also, providing their parents the opportunity to participate in their development.  Showing the parents, the importance of appropriate engagement, in an effort to obtain a favorable educational outcome. Parent Educators and Family Center staff practice skill development and self-care for every involved participant with each interaction.

To provide every family with the opportunity to achieve: education and employment, basic essentials, recreation and enhancement, relationships with family and friends, early care, mental health, wellness, and physical health. Offering community mapping, building relationships within resource networks, and directory Parent Educators and Family Center staff improve quality standards through partnering, facilitating, and reflecting to build appropriate working relationships between professionals and the family.

To create awareness on the importance of strengthening families and the overall impact on the brain development of children. To help parents or caregivers understand the importance of meaningful interactions between them and their children. Offering information on a wide array of topics such as developed-centered parenting skills and family well-being. Parent Educators and Family Center staff Implement enrichment and quality of life improvement opportunities with participation in community events, group connections, presentations, parent café, family activities, and ongoing valuable groups.

To achieve integrity in the family unit by encouraging strong ties to external resources and support. Prioritizing appropriate responses to household parental stressors by working with the family on modeling, preparation, and partaking in deeper, reflective conversations. Offering a safe space to interact and participate by working within the family’s home environment. Parent Educators and Family Center staff focus on meeting families where they are, doing what they can to provide direction, and reaching measurable and favorable outcomes.

Parents As Teachers

Parents As Teachers

Parents as Teachers 

At the Greene County Family Center (GCFC), in harmonious partnership with the Supportive and Effective Family Education (SAFE) program, we are unwaveringly committed to upholding the Parents as Teachers (PAT) evidence-based model. This steadfast dedication has been our guiding principle for three decades. Notably, the GCFC has diligently pursued and achieved Blue-Ribbon status, attesting to our unwavering fidelity to the PAT model and its essential standards. Through personalized home visits, enriching group interactions, valuable resource networks, and comprehensive child screenings, our commitment extends seamlessly to vibrant community engagements.

Our ultimate goal revolves around empowering parents to comprehend and embody the profound role they play as their child's first and most vital educator. Through dedication, diligence, and interventions, we can make that happen.

Spanning from expectant caregivers (prenatal/pregnant/in-utero) to families with children through kindergarten age, this program champions home-based services. Our unwavering focus rests on early detection of developmental and health milestones, cultivating school readiness, and equipping parents with comprehensive knowledge about their child's growth and effective parenting techniques. Visits, occurring twice a month and lasting approximately one hour, seamlessly integrate the PAT evidence-based model, both in the home environment and through engaging playgroups across the county.

The Greene County Family Center offers both in-person and virtual interactions, when needed. The Greene County Family Center's profound impact persevered, enhancing developmental and health outcomes for countless county families and their children.

Central to our approach is the empowerment of families and the mitigation of socioeconomic household challenges, with an emphasis on proactive measures and the alleviation of parental and child stressors. Our Parent Educators have masterfully elevated county resource referrals, dismantling barriers and opening doors to vital services throughout Greene County. This seamless transition promotes an environment of comfort and confidence.

The transformative influence of the Parents as Teachers program reverberates through vibrant group connections, fostering robust social bonds among families. With regularly scheduled playgroups in two county locations, these interactions cultivate literacy, social acumen, and collaborative problem-solving skills, offering a strong foundation for pre-school children as they prepare for kindergarten.

Central to our mission is the cultivation of school readiness, and the GCFC's unyielding commitment to both the PATS and SAFE programs has manifested in a remarkable increase in family unit cohesion and healthier parent-child relationships. Evidently, the number of Greene County children placed or adjudicated as dependents has significantly diminished, a testament to our partnership with the Greene County Children and Youth Agency.

Our knowledgeable Parent Educators employ a comprehensive array of milestone assessments to deftly navigate household stressors, facilitate vital connections to resources and providers, and offer the essential assistance you seek. Employing a robust toolkit encompassing Depression Screening, Parent-Child Interaction, Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Screening, Developmental Screenings (such as Ages and Stages), Substance Abuse, lactation consulting, and vision/hearing screenings, we are dedicated to your holistic well-being.

At the Greene County Family Center, we stand as a beacon of unwavering support, empowering families and their precious children through every developmental milestone.

Safe and Affective Family Education (S.A.F.E.)

Safe and Affective Family Education (S.A.F.E.)

S.A.F.E. Parenting

S.A.F.E. Parenting is a program designed to help parents who struggle with substance use. The goal of SAFE is to support these parents in keeping their families together or reuniting them as soon as possible if they've been separated. Participation in this program is voluntary and is intended for parents who are currently dealing with addiction or have had addiction issues in the past.

The program involves group sessions and in-home visits for families. These visits use five proven evidence-based approaches to parenting: Nurturing Parenting, Parents as Teachers, Making Parenting a Pleasure, BrainWise, and SMART Recovery. The specific approach used is chosen based on the ages of the children and the family's needs.

S.A.F.E. often gets referrals from the legal system or the CCYA, but people can also refer themselves. Additionally, S.A.F.E. works with the Greene County Jail to provide classes that help inmates reintegrate into their communities after release. The Families in Recovery Curriculum is especially designed for participants who have faced the challenges of recovery and stigma.

SAFE Specialists collaborate with individuals on their CCYA Services Plans and SAFE Goals, which they create together. Through weekly visits, the program aims to prevent crises within families, reduce the likelihood of Child and Youth Services (CYS) involvement, and help families make better decisions.

The program starts with a 7-week group course led by SAFE Specialists. These sessions, lasting about an hour and a half, focus on addressing the various challenges that parents in recovery commonly face. This includes identifying strengths, needs, and resiliencies; finding a healthy balance between parenting and recovery; improving communication; and learning effective coping skills.

As families make progress and their involvement with CCYA decreases, the frequency of visits from SAFE may also decrease. Visits could change from weekly to bi-weekly and potentially even monthly in the future. Families can choose to continue with the SAFE program for ongoing support if they have concerns about relapse or other needs.

Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes
Parenting Classes

Parenting Enrichment: At the heart of the Greene County Family Center's mission is a resolute commitment to preventing child abuse and neglect by offering essential support and empowerment to caregivers and participants during the critical early years of child development. Our aim is to stand as a guiding light for anyone seeking guidance, providing accessible and enriching classes tailored to enhancing parenting skills and knowledge. We proudly extend free parenting classes to all county residents. These classes are thoughtfully designed to nurture caregivers' understanding of effective parenting strategies and techniques.

Flexibility and Accessibility: Recognizing the diverse challenges that individuals may face, our Parenting classes are conducted in flexible settings to ensure accessibility for all. Sessions can be held in the comfort of participants' homes or in neutral, convenient locations throughout the county, alleviating potential transportation concerns.

Tailored Learning: Our classes cater to various stages of child development. For those with infants (ages 0-1), the "Incredible Infants" program focuses on fostering infant development, nurturing early learning, and understanding developmental milestones. "1,2,3,4 Parents" (ages 1-4) equips caregivers with tools to promote self-esteem, responsibility, and cooperation in their children, along with techniques for positive discipline. "Parenting Now" (ages 5-12) addresses common challenges faced by parents and provides practical strategies for effective communication and positive discipline, setting a strong foundation for the teenage years. "Active Parenting for Teens" (ages 12-17) delves into contemporary issues teens encounter and equips parents with strategies to address topics like drugs, alcohol, violence, and teen sexuality.

Co-Parenting Support: We recognize the complexities of family dynamics, and our offerings extend to co-parenting classes for families navigating custody-related concerns or adjusting to new family structures. Whether through referrals or self-initiation, our Parenting Instructor adapts to meet individual needs.

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Whether you're a new parent, a teenager learning to navigate parenthood, or seeking ways to harmonize parenting across various circumstances, the Greene County Family Center is your resource. Reach out to us to embark on a journey of skill enhancement, empowerment, and enriching your household dynamics. Your path to effective parenting begins with us – contact the Greene County Family Center today!


FREE opportunites to get connected socially and build relationships:

The Greene County Family Center recognizes that importance of peer interaction. By creating local shared-groups with similar life-experiences the Family Center promotes support and development of families by fostering an environment of empowerment and connection. With this deepened sense of local bonding, families can move forward.  Resource connections (case management) is only a small portion of what we can do for you. We provide social connection opportunities for Greene County residents of all ages. If you want to learn sign language, enjoy art therapy, assistance with employment through resume building, or just long for connecting with community members that understand, allow the Greene County Family Center help you in that pursuit.

Group Connections
The Greene County Family center continues to offer Parents as Teacher group connections within the county. There are currently regularly scheduled playgroups in two locations within the county. The group connections activities are offered to the communities to increase awareness and involvement, connect families and children to their natural and community supports by creating strong social ties with other parents. This program has also been able to increase literacy, social interaction opportunities, and problem-solving skills. These exercises and activities allow pre-school and school-aged children to become better prepared for kindergarten. Parents are able to understand the importance of being their child’s first and most important teacher, therefore, increasing their child’s success in school. Some group connection activities included: Community Movie Night, Trunk or Treat event, Roller rink Skating Party, Community Baby Shower, Fishing Derby, Splash Parties and more.  Statistics showed improved outcomes for households that have father engagement, therefore, the Family Center actively pursues innovative ways to engage fathers in the community. 

Playgroups have been updated with more parent-child interactive and STEM activities. Playgroups will be hosted in various locations throughout the county. The Family Center engages regularly with  organizational leaders, key-stakeholders, business members, and board members to provide the most up-to-date, relevant informatoin to our clientele. The Family Center staff and Parent Educators will continue to collaborate with other Human Service Departments to engage the community in outreach and program awareness. Attend our free playgroups today, get connected. Contact the Family Center for more information.

Kindergarten Club
The Greene County Family Center also offers a unique experience to each individual child that is going to be attending kindergarten in any of the five local county school districts in the fall. This program assists the children and the parent with the anxiety and preparation of sending their students to primary school for the first time. Parent Educators utilize the Parent’s as Teachers model to assist with this program by having the activities be parent-child interactive, literacy, and child development focused. The Parent Educators and school staff simulate a traditional instructional school day; allowing the new student to become familiarized with arriving at school and routines. The Family Center collaborates with the Transportation Director of each of the school districts to arrange a school bus to be on location for the child/student to onboard, discuss riding etiquette, take a short trip, and practice exiting the vehicle. The events have also used a tool for enrollment into the (PAT) Parents as Teachers program.