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Register and Recorder Donna Tharp

January 2, 2014 to present — Donna J. Tharp of Wind Ridge has been the Register and Recorder for the past year (initially acting in the position, but elected in 2015 as permanent). Donna previously held the position of first deputy in the register and recorder's office for 17 years under then-Register and Recorder Thomas M. Headlee. Upon Headlee's retirement on December 31, 2013, Tharp became the acting Register and Recorder.

In February 2015, Donna announced her bid for the Democratic nomination for register and recorder in the upcoming May primary; and elected to the position in the 2015 primary and general elections.
As register of wills, Tharp''s duties include probating estates and filing all papers in conjenction with wills and estates. The register is also accountable for the collection of inheritance taxes for Greene County.
As the recorder of deeds, Tharp is responsible for recording all land transactions, including deeds, morgages, leases and rights of way, and for filing military discharges, uniform commercial code documents, mine subsidence maps and highway maps. Her duties also include the collection of reality transfer taxes on recorded documents.

In addition, Donna is responsible for maintaining and preserving copies of all original documents for future use by the public. For the most part, records are digitalized and available from 1796 to the present time and also are accessible over the internet.

Donna is a member of West Greene Lions Club, Pennsylvania Recorder of Deeds Association and Pennsylvania Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans Court Association.

She and her husband, Sonny Tharp, reside in Wind Ridge; they have three adult children, Ryan, Tasia, and Tyler Tharp; two adult stepchildren, Bronwyn and Randy Tharp, and three grandchildren.

Register & Recorder

The office offers help with probate estates and filing and collecting Pennsylvania inheritance tax.


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