Assessment Office

Office Overview

In the assessment process, the office's objective is to regard property owners, taxpayers and others with dignity and respect. The office’s fundamental ambition is to find ways to help and lend a hand to resolve questions and concerns of taxpayers, property owners and others.

The Assessment Office is to arrive at the Fair Market Value of all taxable property within the county. The Fair Market Value represents the amount for which one could willingly sell property to a willing purchaser/buyer. If the property owner feels that the Fair Market Value arrived at by the Assessment Office is a fair estimate of the property’s selling potential, then the Assessment Office has met its duty under the law.

Contact Information

Greene County Office Building
93 East High St.
Room 201
Waynesburg, PA 15370
Hours of Operation: M-F, 8:30AM to 4:30 PM

Department Contacts:

Lisa Main
Chief Assessor
Rhonda Glendenning
Field Assessor III/Mapper
Miranda Morris
Administrative Assistant
Charlotte Sabol
Administrative Assistant

Services Provided

  • Appraise real estate for property taxation using Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal software utilized by licensed, state certified real-estate evaluators (CPE).
  • Keeps all mailing addresses up-to-date so assessment information and tax notices are delivered in a timely manner.
  • Assist people finding information on property such as assessed values, deed book/page reference numbers, tax parcel numbers and tax control numbers, using the assessed value estimating property taxes based upon tax rates (millage) at the time, providing building infomration such as year built, square footage, lot size or acreage.
  • Maintain and provide updated Tax Parcel Maps that show property boundaries, roads and municipal boundaries. These maps are on either hard-copy or electronic format (PDF files).
  • Maintain historical records of property ownership and assessments.
  • Manage and administer the Clean-and-Green program for agricultural property owners.
  • Administer the approval/denial of Homestead/Farmstead applications and prepare reports to be distributed to the taxing authority.
  • Assesses and values coal properties within the county.
  • Transfers ownership of property based upon recorded deeds, distributions and agreements and updates assessment records accordingly.
  • Assist property owners in understanding their real-estate taxes and the assessment appeal process.
  • Produce property record cards in either hard-copy or can be scanned and either faxed or sent via e-mail.
  • Provide data information about property, owner information and tax maps.
  • Property Card Website is administered by the Greene County Department of Economic Development at 724-852-5300.
  • Tax Abatement Program is administered by the Greene County Department of Economic Development at 724-852-5300.
  • Property card website:

 Why are my taxes so high?
Taxes are based on a millage rate set by the individual taxing bodies according to the funds needed to support their budgets. This millage rate is multiplied times the assessed value of your property. Your assessment seldom changes and you are notified in writing before any changes take effect.

What is my control number and where do I find it?
The control number is a unique tax identification number for your property. The control number allows for a more accurate identification of your property rather than a parcel identification number that shows the property on a map. Control numbers are found on your tax bill. The number is required by Tax Claim Bureau and Treasurer's office to identify your property. If you can't find the number, call the Assessment Office at 724-852-5211.

What is Homestead Exclusion?
Homestead provides a tax reduction of the school taxes on property accepted into the Homestead program. To qualify, the property must be the owner-occupied home of the applicant. Homestead does not apply to rental property or second homes. The amount is based upon the gambling revenues received from the Commonwealth and determined by the school district in which you live. The exclusion is a reduction in your school taxes, not a rebate.

What is Clean and Green?
The Clean and Green program is a preferred assessed value on the land only based upon the soil use or potential for use. One must own 10 or more acres to qualify except when extraordinary conditions exist. For complete information and application, contact the Assessment Office at 724-852-5241. Applications and details are also contained in this website in the forms section.

Is there an application fee for Homestead or Clean & Green?
There is no application fee to apply for the Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion. The Clean & Green application fee is $67.50 ($50.00 application fee and $12.50 recording fee).

Can the Assessment Office look up the owner of perperty if all I have is the street address?
The Assessment Office can not look up a parcel by address at this time (June 2013).

How do I challenge the assessed value of my property?
The assessed value may be appealed by filing a Notice of Intent to Appeal with the office before September 1 to have consideration for the next tax year. In the case where the assessment changes during the year, the property owner is sent a Notice of Change letter and the property owner may appeal this change within 40 days of the mailing of the letter. This is explained in the body of the letter.

Can I look at my neighbor's property assessment?
All information in the Assessment Office is deemed public information except in specific instances where information is deemed confidential (social security numbers, financial statements, and other).

How do I access this information?
The Assessment Office has a room of computers for use by the public to make inquiries into property. The tax maps are also available for review. Photocopies are available upon request and may have a small fee attached.

Am I required to allow field data collectors onto my property?
The Assessment Office has no legal basis to traspass on your property. If there are no signs forbidding entrance, we do come onto the property to take measurements and photographs of the structures. Although you do not have to allow an assessor on your property, it is recommended to do so to make sure the information is correct and a fair assessment can be made.

How can I change my address?
Address changes must be made in writing with the property owner's signature. Include the tax parcel number (found on your tax notice), your old address and the new address. A change of address form is located in the forms section of this website. you may call 724-852-5211 with questions.

How Property Taxes are Determined

Many property owners believe that the Assessment Office establishes the taxes on a property. This is not true; the Assessment Office establishes the Fair Market Value of the property only. The taxing authority (county, municipality or school district) establishes the taxes. The taxing authority takes the total of ALL taxable real estate value in the authority’s district and divides this amount into the budget requirements for revenue for the district. This simple mathematical calculation results in the tax millage rate.

As property owners and taxpayers consider the tax rates set by the taxing authorities, they should give close attention to tax rates or "millage" changes of those taxing authorities. The millage or tax rates are set by the various taxing authorities within whose jurisdiction the property is located.

For example, if the Assessment Office determines the total of all taxable property in a certain school district to be $120,000,000, and the school district requires $5,000,000 in revenue from property taxes, the school district would make the following calculation: $5,000,000 (revenue needed) divided by $120,000,000 (total taxable property in the district) = .04167.

Therefore, the property rate for that school district will need to be 41.67 mills to receive the needed $5,000,000 in revenue. A person owning a property assessed at $50,000 will pay $2,083.50 in property taxes (.04167 X $50,000).

If, in the above example, the school district increases the budget to $7,500,000 needed in revenue from property taxes, then the following mathematical calculation produces the tax rate: $7,500,000 divided by $120,000,000 = .0625, or 62.5 mills.

The owner of the $50,000 assessed property will pay $3,125 in taxes (.0625 X $50,000). Property taxes increased by $1,041.50, even though the assessed value remained the same.

2023 Millage Chart

Assessment Appeal Hearings

Assessment Appeal HearingsAssessment Appeal Hearings are held on the last Tuesday of the month starting in April through October, as needed.  All appeals must be heard and acted upon by the Board of Assessment Appeals by October 31st of each year.  The appeal hearings are held on the 2nd floor Conference Room of the County Office Building.  These hearings are open to the public.


Appeal Form

Parcel Improvement Notification Ordinance


 Greene County Ordinance 2022-2 County of Greene known as the Parcel Improvement Notification Ordinance. A Building Application MUST be obtained from the Greene County Assessment Office for ANY AND ALL, improvements and demolitions regardless of the requirement for “Building Permits’ from the Municipalities.

Failure to comply with this Ordinance may result in a civil penalty of $50.00 to the property owner and $100.00 to the Municipality for non-compliance.

The Ordinance in its entirety and a copy of the Building Application is attached.