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The mission of the Recreation Department is to develop and implement policies and procedures that will enhance the county’s recreational staffing to better serve the residents of Greene County in a more timely fashion. In doing so, the Recreation Office will then be able to intensify efforts to continue established programs in addition to the introduction of a variety of new programs throughout the county, so as to accommodate all persons and county residents as well as tourists.

Specifically, Parks and Recreation will provide adequate facilities and programs that will create a variety of activities enabling the general public to spend their leisure time within Greene County; Tourism will enhance the existing attractions and develop nuances that will entice non-residents to visit Greene County; Fairgrounds Administration will create a clean and safe environment that will enable the facilities to be fully utilized to maximum potential; and the Airport Administration will continue existing measures to provide the aviation community a clean, safe and efficient environment enhancing the recreational and/or working relationship with the county.

The Department of Recreation Director reports directly to the Greene County Commissioners. The director of Greene County Department of Recreation is charged with the direction and overall administration of the operation, planning, development and maintenance of all County parks and recreation facilities and programs. The Director is also in charge of overseeing the Parks and Recreation Manager, Recreation Facilities Manager, Office Secretaries, Recreational Associate Program Coordinators, Working Supervisors, Custodians and other Park Maintenance and Recreation Services.  

Greene County Recreational Development Grant:  To support municipalities and organizations in the process for construction or enhancement of existing recreational facilities.  Deadline for grant submission is March 1, of the current year.  Click here for recreational development grant.

Email general inquiries to Department of Recreation.

Contact Information

Greene County Department of Recreation
107 Fairgrounds Road
Waynesburg, PA 15370
Hours of Operation: M-F, 8:30AM to 4:30 PM

Department Contacts:

Mario Barchesi
Recreation Facilities Manager
Traci Sokol
Secretary 2
Debbie Riggi
Secretary 2
Charlene Pagac
Recreational Associate
James Scott Jr
Working Supervisor 2
Steve Shultz
Working Supervisor 2
Joseph Ayersman
Working Supervisor 2
Joseph Howard
Maintenance Worker 2
Brandon Cumberledge
Custodial Worker 2
Raymond Lockart
Maintenance Worker 1
Shawn McManis
Custodial Worker 2

Facilities and Programs

The Recreational facilites and programs within Greene County are as follows:


It is our intent to be as creative as we can to bring information about Greene County to our area residents, as well as those passing through for a visit. In fact, if the 576 square miles of Greene County could talk, they would explain the northern charm that has shaped this corner of Pennsylvania. They would tell you the rich history of stately churches that housed reverent worship services and touching family events; of distinguished homes that housed the prominent and not-so-prominent families, all of whom shaped our culture; and of quiet country roads where covered bridges sheltered travelers from blustery weather. Greene County Historical Facts date back to 1796.

So hopefully, these brochures will provide helpful information and in-site to our beautiful corner of the keystone state.  Inquiries can be emailed to the Department of Recreation.
(DISCLAIMER: The information within these brochures may not be a comprehensive listing. Our brochures are a work-in-progress and are constantly being updated).

Informational Brochures

Department Directory

Mario Barchiesi, Recreation and Facilities Manager - Debbie Riggi, Secretary 2 - Traci Sokol, Secretary 2 - Charlene Pagac, Recreational Associate  - Paul Garrison, Working Supervisor 3 - Jimmy Scott, Working Supervisor 2 - Steve Shultz, Working Supervisor 2 - Greg Ayersman, Working Supervisor 2 - Raymond Lockart, Maintenance Worker 1 - Joe Howard, Maintenance Worker 2 - Shawn McManis, Custodial Worker 3 - Brandon Cumberledge, Custodial Worker 2