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Office Overview

January 1, 2024: Our fee schedule has changed. The changes affect:
Custody Complaint
Custody (As an Additional Count in a Divorce)
Divorce with Additional Count for Custody

Click HERE to see the most recent fee schedule.

Our records are now accessible online 
Please see our FAQ section for more information.

The Prothonotary is the keeper/clerk of records of the Court of Common Pleas' civil division. The Prothonotary is responsible for maintaining accurate indices, case dockets, record-keeping services, and providing user-friendly access to the public.

Some of the services the Prothonotary's office offers are
filing civil cases (torts, liens, judgments,etc), custody cases, or divorce cases, providing computer access for public access searches, filing Protection From Abuse Orders (contact Domestic Violence services at 724-852-2463 to begin this process), and Passport Processing.

To learn more about the Prothonotary, Jennifer Maas, click HERE.

Contact Information

Prothonotary of Greene County
10 East High Street
Room 105
Waynesburg, PA 15370
Hours of Operation: M-F, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Department Contacts:

Jennifer Maas
Tyler Christy
First Deputy Prothonotary
Josephine Weingardt
Family Court Coordinator
Kristina Scott-McKay
Administrative Assistant

Fee Schedule, Forms, and Information

Current Fee Schedule  (Last updated January 1, 2024)
Civil Complaint Cover Sheet
Self Represented Litigant FAQ
Criminal Record/Abuse History Verification (Instructions)
Notice to Attend Trans-Parenting Seminar

Custody Information
Divorce Information
     Affidavit of No Assets (Not available on above website but is required for no asset divorces in Greene County)

Please be aware that our office CAN NOT give legal advice, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Recommending which attorney to speak to
  • Advising how to proceed in your case (including what needs filed or when to file it)
  • Providing paperwork to file (except for those listed above)
  • Advising how to complete any paperwork provided
  • Looking up a case, judgments, or liens for you


1. Can you help me get a divorce?
The office does not employ an attorney as a staff member. Therefore, it cannot provide legal advice nor can it provide forms used for filing a divorce case. Due to the nature of this filing, we do recommend you engage an attorney to represent your interests. However, if you choose to represent yourself in a divorce additional information about representing yourself can be found HERE and HERE

The only other form that may be required for your divorce that isn't available above is an Affidavit of No Assets, which can be found HERE.

2. Can you help me with custody?
The office does have forms that can be used to open a custody case or to modify an existing Custody Order. However, the staff is not at liberty to assist in the completion of these forms, nor can staff members dispense legal advice. Additional information about representing yourself in a Custody Case can be found HERE and HERE.

3. Does the Prothonotary's Office perform lien and judgment searches over the telephone?
Due to liability concerns, lien and judgment searches must be made in person via the public computers or online search. Our staff will assist you with instructions on performing a search, but will not complete the search for you.

4. Can I perform a record of lien search online? 
Yes! As of September 2020, our records are searchable online at

The same restrictions that apply to our public computers in the office apply to the online search:
  • The earliest available records are from 1996. You will still need to come to our office to search anything before that time.
  • Any docket entry with a paperclip on the far-right side has an attachment that can be viewed.
    • Cases are made available for viewing pursuant to availibity of office resources and compliance with the Public Access Policy of the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania, viewable HERE.
  • Abuse and Mental Health cases will not show up in the search at all.
Access is free until further notice.

5. How do I access records prior to 1996?
To access these records, you will need to come to our office and search our miscellaneous indices.

6. What is the process to see an actual file?
Certain files are housed in our office and can be viewed during regular business hours. If a file is older than 2006 (or later, depending on case type) it will need to be pulled from archives. Archived files are pulled by request every Wednesday morning and remain in the office for a week. 

7. Are your filing fees available online?
Yes. Click here for the current fee schedule.

8. I need a copy of my divorce decree. How can I obtain one?
You can visit the office and obtain a copy within a few minutes or you can send a request by mail along with a check for $7.00 made payable to the Prothonotary of Greene County. If mailing a request, please provide the names of both parties and approximate year the divorce was granted.

9. I need a copy of my marriage license. How can I obtain one?
The Clerk of Courts is responsible for issuing marriage licenses. Their contact information can be found HERE

10. Do I need an appointment for processing a passport application?
Yes. We require appointments for all passport applicants. 

11. Can I obtain a copy of my birth certificate in your office?
No. You can obtain a birth certificate from the Pennsylvania Department of Vital Records. Click HERE for more information. 

12. What are your local rules? When is motions court?
The Court maintains a separate website with information on local rules, motions court dates, and other Court functions. Their website can be found HERE

13. What is a Prothonotary?
The Prothonotary is the keeper/clerk of records of the Court of Common Pleas' civil division. The Prothonotary is responsible for maintaining accurcate indices, case dockets, record-keeping services, and providing user-friendly access to the public.

The Prothonotary supports the Court of Common Pleas' civil division and provides records assistance by maintaining the civil caseload for the court system; operating and maintaining the civil division; swearing in public officials;  preparing budget materials annually; reconciling and maintaining escrow accounts and checking accounts for filing fees and draft payments; and reviewing and implementing new policies and procedures in accordance with the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure.

The Prothonotary also supervises office personnel, monitors daily staff activities and productivity, and serves the needs of the general public.

Filing duties are set by Pennsylvania statutes, the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure and the Greene County Local Rules of Court. Work is generated from the Court and through filings from both attorneys and the general public. 



The Prothonotary’s Office processes passport applications for international travel and related matters.

- Passport Applicants MUST have an appointment. We DO NOT take walk-ins.

- Our office DOES NOT ACCEPT CASH for the Passport Fee. All fees paid to the U.S. Department of State must be a check or money order.

- Prothonotary’s Execution Fee ($35.00) can be Cash, Check, or Money Order.

- We DO NOT offer on-site photo services.

For passport applications and forms, application processing times, passport laws, locations and hours of processing centers, or for more information about obtaining, replacing, changing or renewing passports, visit the U.S. Department of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs (

Passport Hours:

- Tuesday from 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., by appointment only                           
- Wednesday from 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., by appointment only
- Thursday [Emergencies ONLY] from 10:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., by appointment only