Tax Abatement

Tax Abatement Program

Tax Abatement

The Greene County Tax Abatement Program is a tax exemption for new development within Greene County. In order for the program to be applicable, all three of the elected bodies (county, municipality and school district) must adopt the program to benefit their own residents and to promote growth in their jurisdictions.

The governing bodies believe a system for tax exemptions will improve many facets of community including employment rate, land value, and an increase in business opportunities.

DO NOT begin construction until you apply. If construction begins prior to filling out an application you WILL NOT be eligible for Tax Abatement.

  1. Obtain a Building Permit — from your local municipality and bring a copy of the permit with you when applying. If your township does not issue permits, you will need to bring a letter signed by at least two municipal officials.

  2. Copy of your Deed — showing ownership of the land; the person who signs the application must be one of the names on the deed.

  3. Photograph — of where construction will take place prior to construction. DO NOT begin construction until you have received conditional approval!

  4. Floor Plans or a Hand-drawn Sketch — noting size and measurements of the new construction or building.

  5. Driver's License to verify Signature — this is for the notarizing of documents.

  6. Be Aware — if you begin construction it will jeopardize your ability to receive approval.

Click Here for the Tax Abatement Application form.

Contact person: Jeremy Kelly, Tax Abatement Coordinator (Phone: 724-852-5300)
Greene County Department of Economic Development
49 South Washington Street, Fort Jackson Building, Waynesburg, PA 15370
Office Hours: 8:30am — 4:30pm weekdays only

  • Taxes will continue to pay on the land, 3 Year Abatement on Residential Improvements and 5 Year Abatement on Agricultural or Commercial Improvements.

  • YOU MUST APPLY PRIOR TO CONSTRUCTION!! If you construct prior to filling out an application you are NOT eligible for the program.

  • Renovations within your home may be eligible-contact the Greene County Department of Economic Development office.

  • PA One Call - “Call before you Dig” — 1-800-242 -1776

  • Allegheny Power — 1-800-255-3443 or **TDD For the Hearing Impaired 1-800-955-9445

  • Equitable Gas — 1-800-654-6335

  • Windstream — Repair Service-1-800-782-6206 "Call before you dig" | Billing Information- 1-800-843-9214

  • Southwestern Pennsylvania Water Authority — 724-883-2301 (Sewer and Water)

  • Comcast — 1-800-266-2278

  • Veolia Environmental Services — 1-800-437-1759
    "Mandatory carrier for Waynesburg Borough" trash pick-up days are Thursdays for residences. Business trash pick up is as needed. If this pick up day falls on a holiday trash will then be picked up the following day.

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