Redevelopment Authority of County of Greene

What is the Redevelopment Authority?

  The Redevelopment Authority of the County of Greene (RACG) is a statutory agency of the Commonwealth which operates within Greene County, Pennsylvania. RACG was activated to increase affordable housing and home ownership opportunities, redevelop blighted areas and, in conjunction with other County, State,and Federal entities, provide for community revitalization in Greene County. The Redevelopment Authority operates under the Urban Redevelopment Law of 1945 as well as the Redevelopment Cooperation Law of 1945.
"To assist the Greene County community with economic development,
community revitalization, affordable housing initiatives,
and home ownership opportunities"

The Redevelopment Authority meets at 1:00p.m. on the second Monday of each month (excluding Mondays designated as a federal holiday) at the County Offices, located at 93 East High Street, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Waynesburg, PA . Please click here for dates for the 2023 meetings. 

Contact Information

Greene County Office Building
93 E. High Street
Room 220
Waynesburg, PA 15370
Hours of Operation: M-F, 8:45AM to 4:30 PM

Department Contacts:

Warren Dickerson
Housing Specialist
Nikki Mickens

Quality of Life

In conjunction with the County Commissioner’s Housing Task Force, RACG is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all of the County’s residents by advancing housing development and potential redevelopment sites across the County. Housing development includes senior housing, market rate housing, affordable housing, low income and special needs housing.


Redevelopment Authority News and Information

If interested in donating any properties to the RACG please contact Nikki Mickens, Director for the Redevelopment Authority of Greene County at 724-852-5306

 Please call 724-852-5306 (or email  if you would like to obtain an application for the Land Installment Purchase Contract program (LIPC). 

The LIPC program can assist low to moderate income Greene County residents who are not yet able to qualify for a mortgage by acting as the bank for a set period of time (usually 1-4 years) while the buyer works with a housing counseling agency (Blueprints) to improve their credit and other factors to become mortgage ready. The buyer lives in the house, and makes one monthly payment to the RACG for the duration of the LIPC contract. Typically, the RACG makes all property tax and homeowners insurance payments during the contract, and any remaining amount of the monthly payments is allocated to principal and interest. The principal payments reduce the amount owed on the home. At the end of the LIPC contract, the buyer is expected to obtain a mortgage through traditional means for the balloon payment (balance remaining on the home). The LIPC Program is available on a first come, first serve basis as houses become available.  To qualify, potential homeowners must have steady income, meet with housing conselors as directed, and be able to afford the monthly payment and maintenance on the home.  The program is available to homeowners meeting income requirements, which may vary by funding source used to rehabilitate the home prior to selling. 

To begin the process of qualifying for a mortgage, contact Irene Keirsbilck, Housing Counselor Family Economic Success, with Blueprints at 724-225-9550 ext. 421 (management 431).

Click HERE for the Greene County Housing Market Report.

Greene County Housing Plan & Policy (Jan. 30, 2012): Click HERE for copy.

For more information on the Redevelopment Board, click HERE.