Community Service

Community Service

The Greene County Community Service Program is available to provide labor or services for your civic or non-profit organization. Some of the local entities that we have helped recently include: Several townships, two fire departments, two food banks, three churches, the United Way, the 4H Rabbit Club, the Greene County Historical Society, the Whiteley Covered Bridge Festival, Greene ARC, Meadowlark Park, Connect Housing, the Domestic Violence Center, both the Jacktown and Greene County Fairs, and the PA Department of Environmental Protection.

If your organization needs help for a special event or project, contact Bret Moore at 412-874-5246 or email Bret at

Our mission is to implement court-ordered community service hours that enhance traditional sentences to include educational and job training opportunities when appropriate. In addition to providing services and labor to local non-profit organizations, we hope to reduce recidivism by giving people an opportunity to improve their lives in a sustained and meaningful way.

The idea is to make the completion of assigned hours easier to accomplish for people with transportation problems or driver's license suspension.

Both our website and Facebook pages were created to help spread news about court-ordered service in Greene County, PA. On our website, you can see some of the special alternative programs such as the Greene Alternative Program, Mined Minds, and the Walking Trail. For more information, call 412-874-5246.

Partner with us — to find out more, visit our Facebook page. Clients can also earn community service credits by completing educational, counseling, and job training activities in addition to performing traditional service hours.

Traditional Projects — Greene County, township and borough government agencies, fire departments, food banks, service organizations, the Waynesburg Chamber of Commerce, the Greene County and Jacktown fairs, the Covered Bridge Festival, Greene ARC. At the beginning of 2017, our program was averaging approximately 300 hours a week, and we are hopeful that as the weather improves, we will increase that number of additional partners. It allows all areas of the county to benefit from the program.

Alternative Programs — We now allow juvenile offenders to complete credit recovery courses and receive tutoring on Saturday mornings at our alternative school. Mined Minds - we work with this group to allow our clients to get computer training to enhance employment skills. Mined Minds is a non-profit computer training to enhance employment skills. Walking Trail - we are laying out and mowing a cross-country walking trail at the airport that will connect with the new REC center at the Greene County Industrial Park in Waynesburg.

Personnel — James Bret Moore, Director Community Service, (412-874-5246) and Mark Zieler, Community Service Foreman, at 724-852-5389