Commissioner Blair Zimmerman

Blair ZimmermanOur Greene County Board of Commissioners are elected to serve for a term of four years. During this time the Commissioners are responsible for the fiscal affairs of Greene County including the annual budget, levying of real estate taxes and the investment of county funds.

Office Location: 
Greene County Office Building 
3rd Floor 
93 East High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370 
Phone: 724-852-5210 / Fax: 724-852-5348 

Party Affiliation: Democrat

About Commissioner Zimmerman

Blair Zimmerman took the oath of office as Greene County Commissioner on Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012 from President Judge William Nalitz. Holding the Bible for Zimmerman was his daughter, Abby Bilinsky, who also was holding her son, 13-month old Jackson. Watching the process was Zimmerman’s other grandson, Grayson, 4.

Zimmerman received the appointment to the board on Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012, when Nalitz and Judge Farley Toothman selected Zimmerman to serve the remaining three-year term of former commissioner Pam Snyder. Zimmerman was one of 16 people who sent letters to the court expressing interest in the position. Snyder resigned Nov. 30 after being elected in the general election to represent the 50th Legislative District. Zimmerman took his seat on the three-member board on January 1, 2013.

While serving as mayor of Waynesburg Borough, Blair Zimmerman was appointed by Greene County Court Dec. 11, 2012 to serve the remaining term of former county Commissioner Pam Snyder.

(Reprinted with permission, Observer-Reporter 12/12/2012).

  • Appointed as Secretary of the Greene County Board of Commissioners (Jan. 2, 2024)
  • Appointed as Secretary of the Greene County Board of Commissioners (Jan. 6, 2020)
  • Appointed as Chairman of the Greene County Board of Commissioners (Jan. 4, 2016)
  • Elected Nov. 3, 2015; sworn into Office: Jan. 4, 2016 (4-year term) through January 2020
  • Appointed as Secretary of the Greene County Board of Commissioners (Jan 2013)
  • Appointed Dec. 11, 2012; sworn into Office: Dec. 12, 2012 (Served through: Dec. 31, 2015) 

  • January 2024 — Appointed Secretary for the Greene County Board of Commissioners
  • January 2020 — Appointed Secretary for the Greene County Board of Commissioners
  • January 2016 — Appointed Chairman for the Greene County Board of Commissioners
  • 2013-currently — Greene County Retirement Board
  • 2013-currently — Greene County Salary Board
  • 2013 — Greene County Prison Board
  • January 2013 — Appointed Secretary for the Greene County Board of Commissioners
  • 2013 — Appointed as member of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, the SPC Board
  • He has served as a president of Greene County Habitat for Humanity
  • He Is a former board member of Relay For Life and the Greene County United Way
  • He is a member of the United Mine Workers for 40+ years (Local 2300)
  • He also is a retired member of the Waynesburg-Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Co.
  • He was men's and women's cross-country coach and track coach at Waynesburg University and director of fitness and wellness for 11 seasons.

Blair is a lifelong resident of Greene County. He recently retired from Cumberland Mine, where he was a mine worker (always on the surface) after 40+ years of service. He is the father of three (two sons and a daughter) and has three grandchildren.

He served as Mayor of Waynesburg for many years, where he helped secure federal and state funding for the Streetscape project and for other projects including the borough skate park, Waynesburg Commons and for the street and police departments. He also worked to try to obtain money for borough streets and sidewalks damaged by heavy trucks serving the natural gas drilling industry.

Zimmerman has always been active in the community. He is an avid runner and cyclist, with an interest in recreation and speaks of its importance especially in attracting new people to the county.

"I might not be able to fix everything," Zimmerman said. "But I’m the kind of person that if somebody has a problem I will always make the effort to see what it is and if there is anything I can do to help."

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