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Please understand that while we feel the site is at a point that it is ready to launch, there is still work to do and it is, and will be, a work-in-progress. If you see any issues on the site, or would like to see additional information added to a particular section, please tell us via our contact form.


GIS and Mapping

Greene County GIS and mapping capabilites include large dataset sales of various layers, in Shapefile or Tab, local government access to, and private sale of, our Pictometry aerial photography libraries, paper tax maps, and access for professionals to our online property assessment database system.

Greene County GIS

Greene County GIS and Mapping functions are distributed among various departments within the county. Greene County IT serves as the single point of contact for layer storage, translation & multi-layer query dataset sales as well as Pictometry Online access and aerial photography sales. The GIS Coordinator in the Economic Development office provides GIS mapping services related to planning, access to the county's online property assessment database and is responsible for the 911 Center response mapping. Contact information for the various functions are:
When the benefit of a product or services accrues to an individual or for-profit organization, the county will charge for that product or service. When the benefit accrues to a local government or authority, a school district, or the county itself, the county normally will not charge. Specific cost determinations will be made by Mr. Scott Kelley, Chief Financial Officer. 


Eagleview/Pictometry Online

Greene County has contracted with Pictometry International Corporation© since 2006 to provide aerial imagery of the county. Datasets every 2 years, starting with 2006, are available. This data is in use in our county offices and our licensing agreement with Pictometry allows us to give web access to view the imagery and layers to the county and any of the county subdivisions (i.e., municipalities, school districts, authorities, etc.). We provide this access free of charge. 

Our license agreement allows us to sell the imagery as well but prohibits us from giving access to private individuals, the State/Federal Government, or for-profit entities. Engineers and Solicitors for subdivisions of the county may access this information with the written permission of the subdivision. 

Online Property Assessment Database

The Greene County Online Assessment Database is available to licensed professionals at a fee. Greene County reserves the right to change the fee and/or the way the site is accessed, as well as the content of the site, at any time. The current fee structure allows for unlimited access for up to two concurrent users in an organization. First time applicants must request an Application for Access from the Department of Economic Development of Greene County (724-852-5300). For more information, please click here.