Clerk of Courts Crystal Walters

Crystal D Walters was sworn into the position of Clerk of Courts/Clerk of Orphans' Court for Greene County on December 29, 2023, replacing the retiring Sherry L Wise. She started in the office as Department Clerk 1 in August 2016. In December of 2020 she advanced to the position of 1st Deputy Orphans' Court. She has cross trained in the office with multiple desks, attended multiple conferences and gained a lot of experience and knowledge to help her succeed as your elected Clerk.

In Crystal’s new role as Clerk of Courts/Clerk of Orphans’ Court,she is responsible for criminal, juvenile and dependency court cases as well as orphan's court, adoptions, marriage licenses, first and final accounts and the closing of estates. She is also responsible for the balancing of accounts for monies collected by both offices and for appropriately distributing monies to the correct entities.

Crystal plans on continuing in all training sessions available to help ensure the smooth operations of the office.

Clerk of Courts Department

Learn more about The Clerk of Courts’ Office encompasses the criminal, juvenile and orphans’ divisions of the Court of Common Pleas.

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