Elections Office Announcement: The state voting system has erroneously sent out duplicate e-mail notices to voters stating that their ballots have been mailed. Individuals should ignore the duplicate notification. This is simply a computer-generated e-mail issue and there is no reason to call the Greene County Elections Office. See the full announcement Here.

In accordance with the provisions of the Pennsylvania Election Code, notice is hereby given to the electors of Greene County, Pennsylvania, that the Plan for Absentee and Mail-In Ballot Return Site for the 2020 General Election is available. Please Click to View the Plan HEREFor an updated listing of Precinct Locations please click HERE.

Magisterial District Courts

The Magisterial District Judges are regulated by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and the office of District Court Administration. See for more information. 


In Greene County, there are three magisterial districts strategically located throughout the County. Each district is served by an elected Magisterial District Judge who serves a six-year term. The Magisterial District Judges are regulated by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and the office of District Court Administration. 

Criminal cases heard by Magisterial District Courts include summary offenses, preliminary hearings,  DUI cases,  third-degree misdemeanors, local ordinance violations, and dog, fish, and game violations. Judges in Greene County Magisterial District Courts are referred to as "Magisterial District Judges,". The minor courts are the first level of Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System and are a non-record court. 

Magisterial District Judges decide whether the defendant is guilty or innocent in all cases except criminal cases. In criminal cases, the Magisterial District Judges hold preliminary hearings and determine whether there is sufficient evidence to hold the case for further proceedings at the trial court. 

Magisterial District Judges hear Civil cases up to $12,000, landlord/tenant cases;and  vehicle code violations. The Magisterial District Judges can also perform a marriage ceremony. 

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