Family Resources


The Greene County Family Center offers the following programs at NO COST to residents of Greene County

For More Information
Contact: Lisa Milan
or call 724-852-5276 Ext. 402
22 West High Street,
Waynesburg PA 15370

Parents as Teachers (PAT)
Home Base services to pregnant moms to Kindergarten age children.   The focus is on the early detection of developmental and health delays, school readiness skills, and to educate parents about their child’s development and parenting skills.  
Visits occur twice monthly and each family receives a book at the end of each visit.

Offered to children ages 0-5 to promote socialization and offer learning activities for children in a classroom like setting.
Playgroups are offered:
West Greene at the Springhill Community Center
Carmichaels at the Park View Knoll Community Center.

Parenting Classes
Classes are offered for parents to assist them in the parenting process and learn more about their child.  Classes are offered at various locations and hours.  
The classes are offered based on ages of your child:
Incredible Infants (ages 0-1),   
1,2,3,4 Parents (ages 1-4),
Parenting Now (ages 5-12),
Active Parenting for Teens (ages 12-17)


High Fidelity Wraparound

Contact: Lisa Milan
724-852-5276 Ext.402
22 West High Street,
2nd Floor
Waynesburg Pa 15370

Who should be referred?

    Youth between the ages of 6-18 years of age.

    The youth has current involvement with mental health services, or is at risk of involvement with Children & Youth Services and/or Juvenile Probation.

    The youth may be at risk or already placed outside of home.
**This includes JPO, Detention Center, Foster Care, RTF, Hospitalization, CRR etc. **

What is High Fidelity Wraparound?
    Supports families to identify and build problem solving and coping skills.
    Helps families to work with system provides to assure that everyone is on the same page.
    Support and work towards completion of all goals set in all plans with families and services
    Case management services
    Reduce reliance on services, to help the youth and family work independently
    Utilize lived experience to support and help families and youth.