13 May 2022

Children's Mental Health Awareness Day Proclamation

National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

WHEREAS, addressing the complex mental health needs of children, youth, and families today is fundamental to the future of Greene County;

WHEREAS, the need for comprehensive, coordinated mental health services for children, youth, and families places upon our community a critical responsibility;

WHEREAS, it is appropriate that a day should be set apart each year for the direction of our thoughts toward our children’s mental health and well-being;

WHEREAS, Greene County, through its unique approach to serving children and adolescents, is effectively caring for the mental health needs of children, youth, and families in our community;

NOW, THEREFORE, WE, THE GREENE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS, DO HEREBY PROCLAIM MAY  5th, 2022, GREENE COUNTY CHILDREN’S MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS DAY and urge our citizens and all agencies and organizations interested in meeting every child’s mental health needs to unite on that day in the observance of such exercises as will acquaint the people of Greene County with the fundamental necessity of a year-round program for children and youth with mental health needs and their families.

Pictured: Commissioner Betsy McClure, Commissioner Mike Belding, Brean Fuller, Melissa Ewart, Donna Calvert, and Commissioner Blair Zimmerman