25 October 2019

Commissioners issue proclamation for Agent Orange awareness

Pictured (l. to r.): Commissioner Dave Coder; Renee Imhoff, administrative assistant for the county Veterans Affairs office; Commissioner Archie Trader; Kathy Cipcic, director of the Veterans Affairs office; and Commissioner Blair Zimmerman.
Greene County Commissioners issued a proclamation this week recognizing the month of October 2019 as Agent Orange Health Awareness Month.

The proclamation was presented to Kathy Cipcic, Veterans Service Officer and director of the Greene County Veterans Affairs Office; and Renee Imhoff, administrative assistant for the office, during the Commissioners’ regular meeting on Thursday.

The proclamation states that the awareness is being made “in recognition of (the United States military veterans) who were exposed to Agent Orange and as many as five future generations who may also suffer from a number of deleterious health effects associated with the toxic dioxin in Agent Orange.”  

According the proclamation, awareness also needs to be made “in recognition that because more than 19 million gallons of herbicide were sprayed throughout South Vietnam (during the Vietnam War), with Agent Orange accounting for approximately 11 million gallons, causing the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to presume that all veterans who served in Vietnam were exposed.”

In presenting the proclamation, Commissioners commended all veterans for their service and called this service and the significance of the proclamation to the attention of all residents.

“Greene County is the proud home of many veterans, including Vietnam veterans, who bravely served their country,” said Commissioner Blair Zimmerman. “This proclamation is significant because the health and safety of the county residents is important to the happiness, prosperity and well-being of town’s families and communities.”

Commissioner Dave Coder said the proclamation recognizes the contributions of veterans as well as the importance of Agent Orange awareness.

“With Veterans Day right around the corner, this is another opportunity for us to shine a spotlight on our veterans who served and the health issues they sustained while serving,” Coder said.   

Commissioner Archie Trader said it is important that residents “never forget the sacrifices made by our veterans, and the issues they faced, or are facing, caused by factors such as Agent Orange.”

Cipcic thanked the Commissioners for the proclamation and for recognizing the significance of Agent Orange Health awareness. She also thanked every veteran for their honorable service to the United States.