21 June 2024

Community Initiative: Pillowcases for Foster Children in Greene County

Community Initiative: Pillowcases for Foster Children in Greene County

In an inspiring community effort, Embroid’em is spearheading a heartwarming project to provide personalized pillowcases for children in foster care in Greene County. This initiative aims to offer comfort and a sense of ownership to children who are in the custody of Child and Youth Services (CYS) during emergency situations.

The pillowcase project was initiated after Sherry Ullom of Ruff Creek read the article about the Emergency Overnight Housing provided by Growing Up Greene. Sherry then reached out to Commissioner McClure and wanted to donate over 100 yards of material to add to the project. Bethany Tanner of Embroid’em is diligently sewing pillowcases, ensuring that each child has the opportunity to pick out their favorite design. She even recruited her grandmother Carol Patterson, to help in the effort.

Jarrell Rodriguez of Greene County CYS emphasizes the importance of providing children with something they can call their own during difficult transitions. "Having a personalized item like a pillowcase can empower children, giving them a sense of control and comfort in uncertain times," said Rodriguez.

The initiative also includes the creation of drawstring bags to accompany the pillowcases, further enhancing the children’s sense of belonging and security. "This small act of kindness can have a lasting impact on these children," said Betsy McClure, Greene County Commissioner.

The project has garnered support from various community members and organizations, including Aaron Houser of Growing Up Greene, who was able to secure the pillows for the pillowcases from My Pillow at a significant discount.

Embroid’em is currently seeking additional volunteers to help with sewing and material donations. Those interested in contributing to this meaningful cause can contact Embroid’em for more information.

For more details or to volunteer, please contact Embroid’em at 724-833-9138 or info@embroidem.com