WAYNESBURG, PA. – Greene County Commissioners have announced that several county departments and programs are relocating to different office spaces and buildings and/or expanding, in an effort to better serve residents.

The Greene County Children and Youth Services program is expanding to the entire second floor of the Fort Jackson Building; according to Commissioner Blair Zimmerman, “additional space is needed by CYS as the program continues to provide more and more necessary services to children and families.”

The need for additional CYS office space coincided with the fact that CareerLink moved to another location, vacating the building at the corner of High and Washington streets in downtown Waynesburg.

Commissioner Dave Coder said CareerLink’s vacancy “opened up valuable real estate that we knew the county could use for departments needing additional office space.”

Once the county received access to the former CareerLink space, county officials and the county court system agreed to relocate the Domestic Relations and Probation offices there; they then agreed to move the Public Defender’s office to the office space previously used by the Probation office, on the first floor of the county courthouse.

Officials also agreed to relocate the Veterans Affairs office to the former Public Defender’s office, on the basement floor of the Greene County Office Building. Zimmerman said this move is beneficial because there is accessible parking for area veterans right next to the county office building, and also because the VA office may also correlate with services provided by its neighboring office, Southwestern Pennsylvania Area Agency on Aging.

Meanwhile, the space previously used by the Veterans Affairs office – located at 22 West High street, Suite 100, in the Ben Franklin Building – will now be used by Greene County Coroner Gene Rush. Before this move, the Coroner did not have a public office in downtown Waynesburg, and Rush requested to have an office. 

Commissioners said this recent influx of office relocation is a “win-win” for the county.

“All of these moves and relocations will ultimately better serve our residents, and provide greater benefits for them to receive the different services being offered by these offices,” Coder said.  

For more information about the relocated offices, call 724-852-5210. You may also find out more information about all of the different departments and services provided by the county by visiting the county’s official website, www.co.greene.pa.us.