24 May 2023

EQT Foundation Donates $100,000 for Greene County Fairgrounds Improvements

The Greene County Fairgrounds is undergoing significant facilities upgrade thanks to a $100,000 donation by the EQT Foundation. Increased use of the grounds and aging facilities has created a need to modernize and improve the infrastructure, buildings, and other facilities at the Fairgrounds.

 “The fairgrounds are a destination for many throughout the year, said Ellen Rossi, President of the EQT Foundation. “We are pleased to provide support to improve the space so community members and visitors can continue to enjoy the Fairgrounds and its hosted events for years to come.”

The grant was administered by the Community Foundation of Greene County and will be used for multiple projects, including: an HVAC system for one of the larger buildings, a landscaping plan created by the Master Gardeners group, interior upgrades for the arena barn, and a facility-wide security system.
According to Bret Moore, the Director of Parks and Recreation, “These improvements were vital to improving the aesthetics and safety of the facilities. Those who use the fairgrounds represent a very diverse cross-section of our residents. We also feel these improvements will attract programs and events from surrounding areas.”  

Greene County Commissioner Betsy McClure also expressed her gratitude for the contribution. “The goal is to have activities at the fairgrounds continuously and create a source of economic income for the county and the community. We have been investing in the grounds to create the atmosphere and the climate that is welcoming to create a draw here to Greene County. An internal study completed by the county revealed that we have accessibility to over a million people in a 60-mile radius. We are working to make our area an attraction.”