23 October 2019

Greene County Commissioners announce 70-Megawatt Solar Facility

An artist's rendering of the proposed 70-megawatt utility grade solar facility. (Courtesy of Longview Power)
WAYNESBURG, PA – The Greene County Commissioners announced that Longview Power and its affiliates are in the development phase for building a 70-megawatt utility grade solar facility on 300 acres on the Pennsylvania-West Virginia border. 

The estimated $76 million dollar project is expected to be commissioned in late 2021. 

"Since the day I took office, I have always supported development in Greene County," said Chairman Blair Zimmerman. "We have experienced growth in the natural gas industry while our coal resources continue to be part of our community. This solar project is a great addition to our story as we make Greene County energy center of Pennsylvania." 

"You heard me say it before," said Commissioner Dave Coder. "Supplying the growing energy needs for our communities will take an all-of-the-above approach. This is a great project that puts words into action. I am excited to support this development." 

"This is exciting for Greene County,” said Commissioner Archie Trader. “Anytime we have local development, the communities really benefit from the economic impact." 

The size and scale of the project will be one of the largest solar facilities in Appalachia. The solar project will be built near the existing clean coal-fired power plant and the proposed 1,200-megawatt combined cycle natural gas-fired unit. 

Longview Power has operated one of the cleanest burning coal units in the United States since 2011. Adding a modern high efficiency natural gas combined cycle generating unit with solar generation defines Longview as a premier all-of-the-¬above clean energy center. 

State officials joined the Commissioners in sharing their excitement in the project.

"Energy production has long been rooted in Greene County's history,” said State Representative Pam Snyder. “In order for America to be energy independent, we must have a diverse energy portfolio. I'm excited that Longview and its affiliates have chosen to enhance Greene County's energy production."

"Continued investments, like Longview, in Greene County is key to our combined success,” said State Senator Camera Bartolotta. “The energy industry continues to make great strides in the region, and we are prepared with our solid workforce and can-do spirit." 

For more information on the company and project, visit the project website at  www.longviewpower.com, or contact Bryan Brown at 304-546-5500.